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Mann o Mullah (The Mullah And I)

Poet: Gul Nasir Khan

Language: Balochi
Translation SOURCE:

Mullah sunbahith pa waaz aa
Reesh aa dasth jathag pa naaz aa
Cho gushth pa buland awaaz aa
“Yakkay waajag inth, yakkay meer
Yakkay Haakim inth, yakkay peer
Yakkay pa gham inth, yakkay seer
Yakkay much kanth zarraan dayr
Yakkay gushing inth, yakkay sayr
Yakkay sar biranth, yakkay chayr
Yakkay swaar beeth aulaakaan
Posheeth jwaantharain poshaakaan
Jaan aa dhrhanz danth laalthaakaan
Yakkay gon shapaadain paadh aa
Looch o langarh o barbaadh aa
Zindh aa girr kanth naa shaadh aa
Amar inth Qaadir i bay shakkain
Athkag maan kithaab aa hakkain
Raahay baarag o baaz sakkain Continue reading


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LAL Theater Performs “Machine” In Lahore

(As a tribute to Late Jyoti Basu we are posting this brilliant performance by Lal Theater in Lahore- YLH)

‘Machine’ of Jana Natya Manch (Janam – Safdar Hashmi’s group).

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Hazaron Khawaishain Aisi …

The author of this brilliant gem of an article is an Indian.  It is not as much a prediction or reflection of events to come as it is of the broader Indian uber-nationalist psyche (which I discussed in detail in my last piece on the bigger picture of IPL decision) which is so terribly obsessed with the idea of smashing Pakistan to bits that it seems most of their energies – when not professing “India shining”- go to thinking up such notions.   There are a lot of psychological theories for the kind but I’ll let the readers decide what is the more appropriate one in their opinion.  What I find tragic is how many people around the world actually think of Indians as a peaceloving lot -YLH

The great four-way split happened five years ago, in 2015, but the impact is still being felt, what with the latest Pashtoonistan crisis.
BY Ninad D. Sheth
time travel
Kashmir has been witness to dramatic changes after the country formerly known as Pakistan was transformed into a loose federation. There are now four ISIs, often shooting at each other in the Valley.
Five years into its formation, the Islamic Commonwealth has called an emergency meeting of the state formerly known as Pakistan. This, loosely described, is a loose federal set-up of Baluchistan, Sind, Punjab and Pashtoonistan. The last of these entities includes a large chunk of what was once Afghanistan. The remaining territories include the US held enclaves of Islamabad, Sargodha, Kabul and Murree, where the US Eighth army is in permanent possession of a nuclear arsenal.

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Poem: Walking With Wordsworth

The lands we have traversed
Different and diverse,
Strange and beautiful, in arrival
The long walks and drama
Lend me your ears, lend me your heart
As the words cry out
From the poet’s heart and its echoes

I am not off from this land,
Strange lands I have traversed
But here I walk with you briefly
Beside those rivers and landscape
Where words, born and decimated
The old hearts and moments of inspiration
In your thoughts and rhymes
Somewhere else, strange n fine
And here, walk I with you briefly

Outside your cottage, as I abide by the lakes
Through those distant woods,
As I walked through the countryside,
The old books and shots of language
Forgetful and distant, as time flies away
Walk I with you briefly, for a while
Not from this land, only the words I recognise
From a distant time, as desert sweeps its storms
From dusk till dawn, arrives from these old cities
These caravans of words, and its infusion
In display, the tales of distance and echoes!


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