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The 1935 Mindset

By Brigadier Samson Simon Sharaf

Political stability has evaded Pakistan since 1947. Bureaucratic intrigues, repeated military interventions and exclusion of popular governments have fortified the role of elites. They have directly and indirectly toppled governments to ensure that Pakistan’s political clock clocks what they want. These elites have exploited the many gaps in political structure of Pakistan for entrenchment, wherein even apparently popular governments once in opposition adopted a similar approach. According to Rafay Alam: “There has been no revolutionary exertion of rights in this part of the world; it is not difficult to conclude that the Pakistani state did not acquire a fresh personality at its birth and that instead, it inherited the worst possible mindset for running a country.” Similarly, Dr Mubashir Hassan has often made slanted references to this invisible force capable of paralysing political governments. Continue reading



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Desperation Time?


Two speeches by President Obama within a span of one week have shown how incredibly superficial arguments are being made by the US administration to continue the war in Afghanistan. The Obama administration does not even appear to be convinced of the necessity of the Afghan war. In his next speech in Oslo, Norway he presented the Obama’s doctrine of “just wars”. After more than eight years in Afghanistan, does the “Just war” doctrine really apply? Continue reading


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