The tragedy is that there are some fools who actually buy this crap-  God save Pakistan from such fools-YLH



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  1. yasserlatifhamdani

    Ridiculous… creating false religious frenzy. This is the last thing Pakistan needs… a crooked nerd running about with grand plans of world domination….

  2. Majumdar

    Yasser Pai,

    I dont have access to video at office. Can you explain to me in a nutshell what this is all about- who plans to conquer whom etc.


  3. vajra


    No, no, no, by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin. It cannot – must not! – be explained to you in a nutshell (have you heard the French phrase ‘bon mot’?) what this is all about. You must, you must, you must see it and hear it for yourself.

    Be warned, however, that you are likely to suffer from a lifelong feeling of inferiority hereafter. It is impossible to match this class act in our stupid, lack-lustre country, devoid of talent as we are.

    When you do get around to seeing it, remember Beniamino Gigli. There was the famous case of an aria that both he and Caruso sang; Gigli was considered superior because of the catch, the sob in his breath which blended into the singing. In no way are this artiste’s pauses to overcome his tear-drenched vocal chords inferior. This is high art!


    I am seriously wondering about the commercial possibilities of running a video series on the adventures of our caped superhero. There has to be money in such talent.

  4. Ali Abbas

    ZH is one of the top conspiracy theory mongerers who blame all of Pakistan’s problems, on, you guessed it, Hindus-Jews-Christains. However, he has a growing following amongst the urban elite and fashion designers like Maria B and ex-Rock star, Ali Azmat of Junoon are amongst his devotees.

  5. Hayyer

    Too good to be true.

  6. Natasha

    lol – Dramaybazi is the perfect title.

    I am reminded of the Sakina of the move Gadar.Sunny Deol fought for her with the Pak army , defeated them and fled to India with his lady love 😀

  7. Natasha

    lol – Dramaybazi is the perfect title.

    I am reminded of the Sakina of the move Gadar.Sunny Deol fought for her with the Pak army , defeated them and fled to India with his lady love!

  8. yasserlatifhamdani

    vajra sb, don’t underestimate Indian talent either.

  9. Shahbaz Ali

    oh man this is brilliant….love the reference to sick kid being healed by “dum” of Pakistan. This dude uses all the tricks in the book, eh 🙂

  10. hoss

    Is the video here for some serious discussion or it is just a filler and a bad one too? Do we really need to see him on PTH?

  11. Aliarqam

    When I watch a glimpse of Zaid Hamid…..It reminds me of all the wall chalkings of Hakeems…(who uses every trick to appeal the people having their concept of Halal entertainment in sexual discourse…from Greek to Islamic and China and German Dawaa Khana to enhance the powers required for such entertainment) and Junk emails about Viagra and others…….
    On the other side all the Non muslim powers are planning against our gifted powers through Iodized Salt and Polio Vaccine and nude contents(movies and web stuff etc)…….

    Now in this context hear Zaid Hamid…….He is always threatening us of all the Non Muslim powers planning to steal our Nuclear genitals……a symbol of pride for Us….
    Long Live Our Manhood and Long live The Nation manhood……

  12. verming

    I am an Indian and a big fan of Zaid Hamid, for he is one of the finest comic artist in the entire subcontinent he really makes us laugh while dicussing the most serious topic of the day….keep up Zaid bhai we need laughter in the troubled times that we live in

  13. yasserlatifhamdani

    Uncle Hoss,

    This is to wake those fools who are actually beginning to take this idiot seriously.

  14. yasserlatifhamdani

    Ali Arqam,

    He reminds me of the bomber from Deja vu

    Zaid Hamid comes from an army family. My guess is that he failed in ISSB and that shocked him out of his wits.

    He joined Ahmad Shah Masood’s guerillas in Afghanistan (he is right that Pakistan should have supported Masood)…

    It is claimed (by Dr. Jawwad Khan no less) that for a brief period he was associated with Yusuf Ali’s Prophethood in Lahore. When Yusuf Ali was assassinated in 1999, Zaid allegedly went underground and re-surfaced only a few years ago … under a slightly altered name.

    He is Pakistan’s verion of Eric Prince ladies and gentlemen… though far less successful but equally crazy.

  15. Aliarqam

    he was not associated to Yusaf Ali for a short time….
    He was the right hand of him until his death….he appeared in all the court proceedings aginst Yusaf Ali andafter the verdict against Yusaf….he condemned the court decission….as reported by the Dawn.
    He was on the position of Ist caliph of Yusaf Ali(was called as Siddiq Akber)
    After the death of Yusaf….Zaid Zaman became Zaid Hamid and now the Eklawya…the royal guard of our Nuclear………………..

  16. Hayyer

    Is Zaid Hamid for real? Does he actually believe what he talks about, or does he say it in pursuit of a cause he believes in, not caring about the means if the ends are achievable?

  17. B. Civilian

    he is making a good living. he needs no bigger cause to believe in than that.

  18. Ron

    Its pure business meri jaan!!!

    Conspiracy theories are like sex.

    It “sells” .

    🙂 🙂

    This guy must be a rupee millionaire by now.

  19. Junaid

    By ridiculing this idiot, you guys are only giving him more credibility.

    He needs to be confronted openly and a proper rebuttal needs to be given.

    Scoffing and laughing at him would only strengthen his and his followers resolve.

  20. Punjabi

    This fellow is scary. He is also quite ridiculous. He’s a little hitler.

  21. Israr

    What is his source of information.

    He should better be in India as he can make up theories fast. Remember his show after mumbai attacks!

  22. chacha

    I never watch his show….but a few days back just for a moment i saw him , for comic relief after too much discussion on Aashora carnage, arson and target killings in karachi,…….I heard him saying that a day will come when….delhi Radio will announce..’it is Radio Pakistan Delhi”…..this man is amazinginly amusing….
    and BTW…..what is Yousuf Ali’s prophethood story I missed that …….

  23. @YLH

    In English the title should read ‘Zaid Hamid The Drama Queen of Pakistan’, mind you he can be a ‘drag queen’ with a little effort and he can claim the title of ‘first Islamist drag queen of the world’.

  24. YLH


    Ali Azmat is a talented musician who was better off sticking to music.

    Unfortunately Ali Azmat is really fighting Salman Ahmad in his dreams…. Salman Ahmad is a first humanist, democrat and a progressive Muslim.

    So Ali Azmat is also trying to find his own.

    Far cry from the boy who went to India and said “As a musician I have lost my nationality”… and who was banned by Nawaz Sharif’s regime for being anti-Pakistan.

  25. PMA

    Zahid Hamid is entertaining. I guess that is why he is on TV. But in the interest of ‘Big Tent’ let every nut from the ‘left’ as well as from the ‘right’ co-exist. It is more fun that way.

  26. ved

    A remarkable alteration of historical facts. This man made me confused…….what I had read till now in history, was totally useless or false?

    My God! this man has amazing talent of twisting every tell to suit his theory. And of course very passionate, postive and hopeful; hoping from a socalled war, which will be fought next 4 to 5 years between not nations but alliances i.e. SCO and NATO.

    God may help him to overcome his biased views and hatred which he had for every civilizations let alone hindus.

    He had abused and given so many chronicle titles to us that I wonder! Does any one here who can henceforth believe us?

  27. yasserlatifhamdani

    Ved mian looks like you are zaid hamid’s Indian counterpart. If the history you read did not mention the slaughter of Muslims in East Punjab you are as delusional as Lal topia.

  28. yasserlatifhamdani

    The difference between us Pakistanis and you Indians is not paucity of talent like Zaid Hamid East of Wahgait.

    It is that we know that our shit stinks …you devour yours like halwa.

  29. Ali Hillaj Dashti

    Yasir, loved your observation about Indians and Pakistanis!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Updike

    YLF wrote
    “It is that we know that our shit stinks …you devour yours like halwa.”

    Whom does he mean by this we and you?

  31. Ron

    It is that we know that our shit stinks …you devour yours like halwa.

    Sir,then how come this Zaid Hamid is very popular and on TV??????

    Fact is majority loves “halwa” in both countries.

    Dont forget , not many Pakistanis are like the great intelligent YLH.!!! 🙂

  32. yasserlatifhamdani

    No. Zaid Hamid is popular amongst a certain foolish crowd and no one else.

  33. vajra


    From your remarks, it sounds as if Indian TV also has these very strange talk-shows with conspiracy theorists mouthing their nightmares on air every evening.

    That is not true, as you may know already; what we do have is hysterical TV anchors, who create hype and completely artificial excitement out of day-to-day news. Here, too, one or two anchors have been identified as the big culprits: Arnab Goswami, for one, Barkha Dutt, for another.

    The two cases aren’t really comparable.

    If you are referring to the Sangh Parivar weirdos, that’s another matter. There are some really scary types there, though whether we want to set up a calculus of mutual fright based on this is another matter altogether.

    The halwa wisecrack was good in its time; it deserves its well-earned rest.

    Disclaimer: I’ve given up watching Indian TV largely because sitting in Kolkata, watching the local news makes for a very depressing evening.

  34. yasserlatifhamdani

    Vajra sb,

    Remind me tonight. Will post a few wonderful examples from Indian TV of similar goodness.

  35. Aliarqam

    What abt Zakir Naik…..the feather weight religio-wrestler always busy punchiing people like him from other religions….

  36. yasserlatifhamdani

    She is a 13 year old.

  37. vajra


    I nearly threw up on viewing a small part – it was not possible to go through the whole, as well view child pornography – of this video.

    However, although you will probably tell me not to quibble, this is a child corrupted to say nauseating things at a public meeting of the Sangh Parivar. This is not a TV broadcast, although there is little doubt that if permitted, the Parivar would have gone on the airwaves.

    The Parivar is in disarray. Its front political outfit has practically torn itself apart. The Sarsanghchalak, a peculiarly incompetent man, is tying himself in knots defining the task ahead. None of this being cause for complacency, but illustrative of the desperation that is behind such efforts. Remind yourself of that foul termagant the Sadhvi (so-called) Rithambra, who had such a fan following around 92, and of that other Sadhvi who was at the core of the Hindu bombings cases.

    That explains this forlorn young girl, and her pathetic little parlour-piece. We all had parlour-pieces to do while young; mine was Tubal Cain. It is this poor unfortunate’s bad luck that she has lost her childhood to manipulators within her own surroundings, and that her parlour-piece is this sick outpouring of filth.

    This is not a grown man making a cynical living for himself with a totally meretricious performance. His total lack of belief in his own words is clearly signalled in the video itself. Not so the 13-year old in this clip who has been politically exploited for gain by those whom she should have been able to trust the most.

  38. Ammar

    Religious extremism traces its roots in the widespread hate speech spread by clerics, groups and individuals. Such ideas further indoctrinate the masses with false notions of violence and a perceived glorious past; the state should take coercive messages to stop this dissemination of hate.

  39. vajra


    Very well said. The state should step in, decisively, in an exemplary manner, to stop this Niagara of venomous poison.

  40. AZW


    Watching the 13 year old rehashing hatred (a bit eolquently) was quite an experience. Thinking about the hatred that this girl at RSS possesses against Pakistan, and the hatred within Zaid Hamid against India, should call for a hatred test match between these two very able foes. I am sure it will be a clash of titanic rhetoric and an epic mutual name calling and concerted pleas for invasion and destruction of each side.

    On my part, I promise to bring buttered popcorn for all the viewers.

  41. Milind Kher


    Parties that support girls like this have been given a crushing defeat in the elections. The moderates in India have now started asserting themselves.

    Yes, like any other cancer, it will take time to destroy it. However, the communalists will ultimately be defeated.

  42. vajra

    @Milind Kher

    It was still an unnerving experience. I really felt fearful and insecure suddenly.

    You may have noticed that she was using the word Pakistan as a placeholder for Muslim; the effort seems to have been to revile Muslims without explicitly naming them, so reviling Pakistan served the purpose. I wonder whether this was an election rally, and whether it was subject to Election Commission monitoring. You may have noticed that a little later, she carefully drags in the name of Abdul Hamid, so much as to say that there was no intention of preaching communal dis-harmony. To me, it sounds awfully like an election speech.

    All in all, it was deeply disturbing.

  43. Milind Kher


    Just as Islamism masquerades as Islam, Hindutva masquerades as Hinduism.

    This cancer is being actively promoted. However, it is up to each one of us to counter this. I am personally happy that I have been able to get many people that I know around to asecular way of thinking. If each one of us could genuinely change the mindset of even ten around us, it would make a big difference.

  44. yasserlatifhamdani

    Saying that these Hindutvadis have been beaten at the polls is not a good answer. Which Islamist party has any significant representation in Pakistan.. and will Zaid Hamid ever win an election? Never.

    Meanwhile…. in India… one Varun Gandhi… candidate of the second largest party in India… and a great grandson of Nehru… is on the record … and guess what… he was elected.

    I am sorry… but let us not get ahead of ourselves and admit to our own shortcomings. After all in Pakistan… many politicians routinely praise Nehru and Gandhi and go about their business and get elected… and even become CMs.

    In India… even a patriot like Jaswant Singh who has spent a lifetime serving India gets thrown out and treated like dirt by a “democratic” party in secular democratic India.

    The difference between Pakistan and India is of the mask. We don’t wear it. Our ugliness is on open display.

    I want Pakistan to be a secular democratic state… but India is certainly no model for us.

  45. updike


  46. Milind Kher


    You may want to choose the Western model of secularism.

    As far as we in India are concerned, we have to make the best of the model which is available to us. Hindutva is a definite problem, but there is not much that can be done other than sidelining its votaries.

  47. NKA


    Salman Ahmed is a hypocrite as well.. just not as potentially vehement as Zaid Hamid though but he is.. a bad one..

  48. enkhan


    Is Baal Thakray grown-enough for you?? (if you want to ignore all the background promoters, fans, listeners, media-supporters of that little girl)
    oh and this program is aired on TV.

  49. vajra


    And what on earth is that supposed to mean?

  50. enkhan

    vajra wrote:

    This is not a grown man making a cynical living for himself with a totally meretricious performance. His total lack of belief in his own words is clearly signalled in the video itself. Not so the 13-year old in this clip who has been politically exploited for gain by those whom she should have been able to trust the most.

  51. vajra


    Ah, I get it.

    The calculus of equivalent evil. Long time no see, particularly on PTH. Thanks for the reminder. I can see that you are a polished and accomplished debater, with a long list of victories over the paynim. Consider me quaking in my shoes, and shivering in my dhoti.

    Yes, Bal Thackeray is good enough for me. Since you seem to be an avid TV watcher, and thereby have the advantage of a myopic sixty-year old coping with progressive lenses, you would also have seen the total contempt with which the man in the street reacted to him, and the confusion of the great leader and his storm troopers when the Maratha manoos gave them the jackboot where it mattered most. All on TV. I don’t think the BJP and the Sangh Parivar have the upper hand at the moment, except for pockets like Gorakhpur, which never gets on TV because the tinpot dictator there isn’t telegenic.

    And unlike Zion Hadit, the senile old bozo you are referring to actually believes his own bilge.

  52. enkhan

    I can pwn your whip-cream in one liner and that is:

    I think Zaid Hamid is retarded, so you’re sadly mistaken even with your diatribe.

  53. vajra


    No, you can’t.

    Zloty Hundi doesn’t believe in himself and what he’s saying; watch him rocking his legs in the TV capsule.

    Bols Tuckedaway does.

    When you turn professional, let me know.

  54. enkhan


    Yes and you just proved who has the potential to be bigger asshole.. ZH or Bol Thackray.. and who can turn out to be more vehement. Thanks for your voluntary assistance to my point.