Pakistan Christian Congress Asks For Repeal Of Blasphemy Law


Karachi: January 6, 2010. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC said that we will never withdraw from demand to repeal blasphemy law nor will allow any Christian tool of government to hatch conspiracy to sabotage campaign against implementation of Islamic laws on religious minorities in Pakistan.

In a telephonic address to leaders and members of Central Council of PCC, Nazir Bhatti urged to expedite movement to repeal blasphemy law and to finalize lawsuit filing in Supreme Court of Pakistan to challenge this controversial black law.

“Ultimate solution to our issues depends in our unity and successful movement which is being damaged by some anti Christian unity lobby attempts to highjack our campaign by substandard presentations in UNHRC and EU to credit “Black Day” observed by 20 million Pakistani Christians on call of PCC on August 11, 2009” said Dr. Nazir Bhatti

Nazir Bhatti said that PCC have confirm belief that Supreme Court of Pakistan will ensure justice for Christians in Pakistan and filing of lawsuit to repeal blasphemy law will result to end violence against Christians.

The government of Pakistan announced to hold a meeting to finalize draft bill to amend blasphemy law on January 2010, in Islamabad and Pakistan Christian Congress is watching very closely on proceeding of this event.

It is impression among Christians in Pakistan that January 10, 2010, moot of government officials and minority parliamentarians will fail on reaching any consensus like previous held in October 2009.

The PPP, PML(N) and MQM selected Christian, Hindu and Ahmedi members in National Assembly and four provincial assemblies want procedural amendment in blasphemy law while PML(Q) stresses on repeal of blasphemy law.

PCC have also rejected any procedural amendment in blasphemy law and demanded repeal of law because Musharraf regime also announced amendments but incidents of Bahminwala, Korian and Gojra happened on pretext to blasphemy law.



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8 responses to “Pakistan Christian Congress Asks For Repeal Of Blasphemy Law

  1. Why don’t they ask their spiritual masters in London and other European countries? Why you can’t criticize Jews and Christian? Why are termed hate monger when you talk about the American terrorism?
    Do they want to be attack by people or take to the court of Law? Should we let our masses to meet out the treatment of those who insult our Prophet (SAW) or the holy Book or should the same be proven through the court of Law with evidences?
    Look the problem is with the masses and not the Law. The Blasphemy Law doesn’t allow anyone to attack any person of any religion but ask that the same should be proven by presenting evidences in the court of Law. And if it’s proven what’s wrong with the sentence? We can’t tolerate anyone who insults our girl friend or any other good friend they how can one tolerate the person who abuses our prophets, holy books. All incidents including Gojra riots and attacks on churches are unforgivable crimes for which the culprit should be executed but all that happen doesn’t license to liberal fascist minority [minority not in the religious connotation here] to repeal the Law.

  2. Pakistani Christians are working class poor and donot have any ‘spiritual masters’ .

    The Islamists and terrorist apologists (like the Talkhaha and rest of JI Kashfiat clan) do believe in ‘Ummah’ and have pay masters in oil rich Saudi Arabia and UAE.

    The pay masters finance the Madrasahs and local chapters of terrorists of LJ, JD and JM who attack and kill Christians in Gojra, Kasoor and Korian, added and abeted by state Blasphemy laws.

  3. jay

    (excerpted pages 143-146 from: Jihad in Islam, by M.Y.K., The Muslim Revival, Vol V, No. 2, June 1936, Lahore, India)

    According to Futuh-ul-Buldan Balazari the charter of freedom of faith granted to the Christians of Najran and later on extended to the Christian subjects of Islam all over the world runs as follows:

    “This is the document which Muhammad son of Abdullah, God’s Prophet, Warner and Bearer of glad tidings, has caused to be written, so that there should remain no excuse for those coming after. I have caused this document to be written for the Christians of the East and the West, for those who live near, and for those of the distant lands, for the Christians living at present and for those who will come after, for those Christians who are known to us and for those as well whom we do not know. Any Muslim violating and abusing what is therein ordered would be regarded as a violator of God’s testament and would be the breaker of his promise and would make himself deserving of God’s curse, be he a king or a subject.”

    “I promise that any monk or way-farer, etc., who will seek my help on the mountains, in forests, deserts or habitations, in places of worship, I will repel his enemies with all my friends and helpers, with all my relatives and with all those who profess to follow me and will defend him, because they are on my covenant. And I will defend the covenanted against the persecution, inequity and embarrassment by their enemies in lieu of the poll-tax (Jizya) they have promised to pay.

    “If they will prefer themselves to defend their properties and persons, they will be allowed to do so and will not be put to any inconvenience on that account. No bishop will be expelled from his bishopric, no monk from his monastery, and no priest from his place of worship and no pilgrim will be detained in his pilgrimage. None of their churches and other places of worship will be desolated or destroyed or demolished. No material of their churches will be used for building mosques or houses for the Muslims. Any Muslim so doing should be regarded as recalcitrant to God and His Prophet. Monks and bishops will be subjected to no tax (jizya) or indemnity, whether they live in forests or in the rivers, are in the East or West,. North or South. I give them my word of honour. They are on my promise and covenant and will enjoy perfect immunity from all sorts of inconveniences. Those who retire to the mountains and dedicated places, the produce of their cultivated lands will not be subjected to tax or tithe and in times of scarcity of food they will not be compelled to contribute anything in the form of grain. No military service will be taken from them, nor will they be required to pay jizya. Not more than 12 dirhams per annum will be taken from their merchants, landholders and from the wealthy among them. None should be harassed and tryannised for the payment of taxes. In religious controversies and disputations, they should be tathed to with civility and lenience. Let mercy overwhelm them wherever they may be and they should be protected from all troubles and injuries. He who broke God’s covenant and adopted a defiant attitude, will be regarded as His enemy and the violator of His testament. Every help shall be given them in the repair of their churches. They shall be absolved from wearing arms. They shall be protected by the Muslims. Let this document be not disobeyed till the Judgment Day.”
    1. Clearly, at least in Pakistan this covenant of Muhammad is repeatedly broken.
    2. It is obvious that Jizya tax was in lieu of mandatory military service and actually was a easement for the non-Muslim citizens
    3. Please pass this document written under stamp of Muhammad PBUH to Christian leaders who should publicize it openly.

  4. yasserlatifhamdani

    After reading Talkhaba’s comments, is it any wonder that Christians are apprehensive of their security?

    The real blasphemers against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are those who threaten people with death in his name.

  5. Milind Kher


    The Holy rophet (SAWA) was an exemplar of tolerance. Every hardliner actually insults his memory because the thought processes are diammetrically opposite.

  6. OMLK

    @YLH and Milind Kher

    It is one thing to say what you have said and another to establish the same as per Islamic Law. Unfortunately most Muslims (including many Pakistani “ulemas”) do not think Islam allows tolerance for blasphemers. Perhaps there are those who argue from the Quran and Hadith that infact Islam does prescribe tolerance for blasphemers; but the only such scholars that I know of have been shut out of public discourse on Islam as they belong to a group that has been declared non-Muslim by the holiest of all assemblies; the Pakistani Parliment.

  7. Milind Kher


    Threatening people with death in the name of the Holy Prophet (SAWA) is something that only creates a wrong impresion of the faith.

    Yes, if you believe that somebody has committed blasphemy, move legal proceedings against that person and prove it beyond all reasonable doubt.

    You cannot have anybody but a renowned Islamic scholar as a judge, and the legislation also, as per the Quranic injunction, “and consult with them in their affairs”.

    Otherwise you will have distorted judgments, as was seen in another context, in the case of Safia Bibi.

  8. rex minor

    Sometimes one wonders if anything good has come out of Pakistan. while, I can well understand the cultural anarchy in India in view of accomodating so many ethnic and sub-ethnic groups, it is difficult to imagine the self created problems of the political and military elites in Pakistan. What a shame to observe the permanent damage the military rulers have caused to the People of Pakistan. Why the judiciary is not able to apply zia’s sharia on the former as well as current military leaders who are killing muslim Pashtoons in their homes.
    In my view the strength of a civilised State can only be properly measured from the treatment of its minorities. I thought that the white portion of the countr’s flag defined equal rights in the constitution for all the minorities. Mr Zardari/Gillani Govt. should attend to this and assure the christians of their rights in the preamble of the Constitution.