Would-be suicide bomber flees militants

This item of news is from The News  of 06 Jan 2010 – PTH

BATKHELA: A would-be suicide bomber managed to escape from the captivity of militants and reached home in Khattakay area of Malakand Agency on Tuesday. “I don’t want to kill innocent people in bomb blast,’’ said the 14-year-old Shah Hussain, son of Alam Khan, while talking to reporters at the Malakand Levies post.

He said that unidentified persons, in a black colour car, had kidnapped him last week and shifted him to an undisclosed location. The boy said the kidnappers administered him injection after which he fell unconscious, adding that he found himself in a strange place after regaining his senses.

“They tied me to a rope and did not provide me any food for four days,” Shah Hussain said while narrating his ordeal. He claimed that the militants asked him to become a suicide bomber to hit a specific target, but he refused. The boy said there was a woman who used to serve him food in the absence of the militants and added that she also helped him in his escape.



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9 responses to “Would-be suicide bomber flees militants

  1. Luq

    Once they read the reports in the papers or on PTH, they might consider sending the woman for the hit for obvious reasons 🙂

  2. Milind Kher

    It is the height of idiocy to expect a 14 year old to carry out a suicide bombing attack. He still has a lot of hope ahead of him.

    Those who carry out suicide bombing are no fidayeen. They are just losers who want to die being successful at something at least.

  3. krash

    It is very irresponsible of the newspaper to reveal the role of the woman in the escape.

  4. B. Civilian


    a fair proportion of them are kids. some as young as 14 or even younger. this is nothing new. many have been captured and/or turned themselves in over a long time now… in a’stan too. in fact, they have even been available to buy (for as little as rs.500k) for any group or member of the general public as (suicide) assassins (see a relevant story – “Bhakkar Blast: suicide bombers for sale?” in Dawn of 24.12.08, for example).

  5. Mustafa Shaban

    Young people are much easier to brianwash. The TTP mainly focus on younger people as they are easier to exploit sometimes.

  6. vajra

    @Mustafa Shaban

    Young people are much easier to brianwash.

    This is worth noting carefully. It is clear that allowances must be made.

    The main thing is that their brains are left intact……..though apparently not entirely without being affected.

  7. Milind Kher


    The fact that such young people are willing to be suicide bombers is a reflection of the retrograde mindset that has been inculcated into them. A real shame.

  8. B. Civilian


    the whole point about using young people is that they have yet to develop the full capability of enjoying informed free will. that is why they use boy soldiers in parts of africa… as human drones.

    it’s not that difficult to ‘brain wash’ us human beings. do look up or revisit the jonestown (guyana) mass suicide incident from 1980 (i think), as just one example. i sometimes feel that a large part of what we recognise as ‘sanity’ in another is little more than ‘social conditioning’.

  9. Milind Kher


    Yes, I had heard about that Guyana thing. What is frightening about the suicide bombers is that they are not part of any such cult.

    They claim to follow Islam, which terribly distorts the image of Islam.

    The biggest damage that the clergy has done is that it has curbed all free thinking. And this is preventing Islamic nations, or rather Muslim nations from progressing.