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An open letter to the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan

Bilal Qureshi has sent this piece for publication. PTH does not necessarily subscribe to these views. We are publishing this to generate debate in the interest of free speech. Raza Rumi

December 18, 2009
Dear Chief Justice Ifitkhar Chaudhury
It seems you are an activist chief justice, and are quite eager to take up Suo Moto actions supposedly to bring about justice and resolve outstanding issues that confront Pakistan.
Here are some my suggestions to you; three issues that many Pakistanis feel deserve your immediate attention:
1. Initiate Suo Moto action against the people who orchestrated an attack onPakistan’s Supreme Court at the time when the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was about to be disqualified from holding public office. If the issue of NRO, which is insignificant given Pakistan’s other challenges, can be tried and decided with such swiftness, the attack on the Supreme Court that you now chair deserves to be examined as well.
2. Seek and deliver justice to retired Chief Justice Sajad Ali Shah. Otherwise, those Pakistanis who feel your actions in negating the NRO was merely targeted at people from smaller provinces, especially from Sind, will have their fears justified.
3. Institute an independent panel that shall review corruption charges levelled against you by General Musharraf. It will only be fair if an independent body of legal experts, accountability professionals and other law enforcement official reviewed all the facts and evidence against you and make recommendations based on their findings about your suitability as a Chief Justice . Until then you should step aside so that not justice is done. Continue reading


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Another aspect of the judgment

By Asma Jahangir        Dawn 19 Dec, 2009 

 The NRO case, Dr Mubashar Hasan and others versus the federation, has once again stirred a hornet’s nest.

There is thunderous applause for bringing the accused plunderers and criminals to justice and widespread speculation on the resignation of the president. Very little analysis is being done on the overall effect of the judgment itself.

While, the NRO can never be defended even on the plea of keeping the system intact, the Supreme Court judgment has wider political implications. It may not, in the long run, uproot corruption from Pakistan but will make the apex court highly controversial. Continue reading


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