NRO- The monster finally caged!

The monstrous crimes committed, to fabricate illogical laws and illegal ordinances, created by these criminals to protect their own self and others who participated in those practises to ruin Pakistan has now finally taken place with Supreme Court’s verdict on 16th December. The looters, plunderers will have to face the consequences of their actions and face those trials which they avoided through any means available to them- through NRO, through political needs of survival in the name of any reason and methods in the name of Pakistan. Now they will have to stand trial – NRO beneficiaries vs. people of Pakistan. These Machiavellian characters will have to be answerable to the people of Pakistan. The message to all who were benifacries one way or another is that no one is above the law. Those who have committed crimes through corruption and through power abuse will now have to face trials and face consequences of their actions.

The muffled voices of people of Pakistan has finally been heard and acted upon. It is about time we must discard the need to preserve the political elites, the will of few and decisions that take place in confined places in Pakistan and abroad and all what is sickening and decadent, those ways of the past, those practises they took part in to bring Pakistan and its people into despair and disarray.
The decision made by Supreme Court is historic and will open up a new beginning for Pakistan. It has been a momentous occasion to declare NRO unconstitutional and all it contained. This is what happens when there is free and independent judiciary – free from all the political wrangling this institution was used in the past. No more. At least, one small but concrete step towards building institutions and working free from those requirements to help all the wrongs in the past. All what has been taken out of Pakistan- money, resources, artefacts, missing people, selling of Pakistan infrastructure, preposterous valuations in the name of privatization, and most importantly the voices of reason and logic will have to return. All the money that has been taken out abroad will have to be returned. If we have this back, then the reason to resort to foreign aids and loans becomes no longer the need to tie us into this business of being beggars. We must determine our own destiny and with our own resources and intellect.

The lawyers’ movement, civic society, activists, media and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and its chairman Imran Khan’s continued involvement to highlight this issue and with consistency has paid off. It is time for them to celebrate but not to forget that it’s a long road and a lot of work needs to be done to bring normalcy and peace back to Pakistan. All those years we wasted whilst others continued to develop their infrastructure and resources and people skills have to start again. We must develop our infrastructure, our health and education system and our people with this money and assets which belonged to the people of Pakistan. We must allow justice and principles of equality and distribution of wealth to all not few. It’s time for Pakistan to become a nation to lead from the front rather than following the footsteps of the past, by listening to others and by not having our policies and voices.

The people of Pakistan are the real winners, It is their wish and aspirations that are needed to be seen in policy making and all those steps the political elite and parties, the feudals, bureaucrats, army, bankers and the corporate sector will have to take into consideration and acted upon. We cannot afford as a nation the will of few imposed on the nation through laws, through crimes and political abuse of power and culture. The spirit of those values and principles of our creation will have to be preserved and the work to have started. The message to anyone who commits to these practises will not go free and unpunished. It’s time to restore Pakistan’s national dignity and pride and for this we must celebrate and forget all those differences that has kept us divided and think of all those factors that will unite us as one nation and with one voice. We must let justice prevail. Time to bring back Pakistan to its ideals what it was envisioned for. This monster of political corruption, moral deprivation and evading justice is been finally caged!


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  1. junaid

    What a co-incidence, this happened on 16th of Dec.