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After the NRO

By Ayesha Siddiqa        Dawn 18 Dec, 2009 
Now that the NRO problem has apparently been resolved people are jumping with joy. There are some commentators who believe that this represents the strengthening of the system and democracy, that the Supreme Court verdict is a warning for presumptuous, overly ambitious and corrupt politicians.

The decision certainly is a milestone, but what does it mean for the overall learning process of the various stakeholders in the country’s power politics? And will it influence the future of Pakistan’s politics? These are two basic points to ponder. Continue reading


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Copenhagen Summit: Glacial Data Crucial to Combating Climate Change

By Darryl D’Monte*

COPENHAGEN, Dec 18 (IPS/TerraViva) – People living in the Himalayan region are increasingly confronted by rising temperatures and glaciers melting at an unprecedented rate, threatening their very survival. This much the world already knows.

Yet, experts say, there is still no accurate and reliable data on the Himalayan glaciers and many aspects of its ecosystem, which should facilitate determining mitigation measures addressing current and future impacts of climate change on the Himalayas. Continue reading

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Copenhagen Summit: US, Canada, EU And China Gamble With Our Collective Future

Shame on all of them-YLH

Alertnet reports:

CLIMATE CHANGE: “Canada Is the Dinosaur”

Source: Inter Press Service
Reuters and AlertNet are not responsible for the content of this article or for any external internet sites. The views expressed are the author’s alone.

 Stephen Leahy* – IPS/TerraViva 

COPENHAGEN, Dec 17 (IPS) – Canada bears a large share of responsibility for any failure to make a breakthrough in reducing greenhouse gas emissions here in Copenhagen, say participants and civil society activists. Canada is the only country to ignore its international obligations under the previous Kyoto climate treaty. It has blocked all attempts to get a new treaty to significantly cut carbon emissions, the activists and delegates from other countries charge.  Continue reading

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(A Brace for Bloody Winters)

By Samson Simon Sharaf

The long awaited Obama Speech is over. It is to wait and see the impact of the third surge in a highly destabilized, charged and violent region. The endgame if one dares, is not what Secretary Clinton wants us to believe.

I would describe the new strategy as a tight balloon in hot air that may rapture even before it reaches close to its objectives. The speech makes all the right noises of an establishment given up on the doctrine of ‘Shock and Awe’ that promoted absolutism in distant lands. It recognizes Pakistan’s integrity, sovereignty and welfare of the people. Following intense lobbying between State Department and Pentagon, there appears a lead role for the Pentagon working in tandem with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) previously headed by General Stanley McChrystal from the Vice President’s Office and the CIA. Continue reading


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Tackling Medical Malpractice in Pakistan – Law, Media And Society


Thanks to our ever watchful media,  several serious cases of medical malpractice have come up and have been debated nationwide. For the first time in our history real issues are becoming national issues.  Some of the leading hospitals in Lahore have been accused of gross negligence.   In recent times the cases that have come up and shocked the nation are that of Huma Akram – Waseem Akram’s wife –  and  of young Imane Malik who has touched all of our hearts. Continue reading


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Bedtime Story, A Poem

by S.Mubashir Noor

Silly goose,
Mommy’s gonna tuck you in tight
No monsters under the bed
No bogeyman in sight
And yes on the news,
Those people were just playing dead
Had a paint-ball fight,
Guess they only used red

God likes bowling too,
And you’ve heard how loud that can be
Those people running around
Just had wish-lists for Him to read
You get extra vacation,
For being the good boy that you are
And yes you can use their panic room
To day-dream in the dark

It’s just two brothers scuffling
They don’t see eye-to-eye
One seeks daddy’s approval,
The other in him stick a hunting knife
Each believes in the singularity of his purpose
Point guns at each other in God’s name
But God has left the building young one
They’re just poster-children for the holy gravy train.

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“Pakistan Reported to Be Harassing U.S. Diplomats” – NYT

By JANE PERLEZ and ERIC SCHMITT    New York Times December 17, 2009

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Parts of the Pakistani military and intelligence services are mounting what American officials here describe as a campaign to harass American diplomats, fraying relations at a critical moment when the Obama administration is demanding more help to fight the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

The campaign includes the refusal to extend or approve visas for more than 100 American officials and the frequent searches of American diplomatic vehicles in major cities, said an American official briefed on the cases. Continue reading


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