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Our haunting demons

By Ardeshir Cowasjee  | Dawn | 13 Dec, 2009

 This title is taken from a Dec 5 New York Times column by Sabrina Tavernise discussing the national state of denial coupled with schizophrenia which makes it difficult for the world to come to terms with Pakistan.

As for this present regime, it is not repressive, it is not a dictatorship, it is not a democracy. Well, what is it? A hotchpotch concocted out of a wickedly mutilated and ravaged constitution of which few can make sense. It is something that the United States, in its finite wisdom, decided suits its ultimate aim for control of this corner of the globe — as President Barack Obama more or less put it — at a cost affordable to the US and in place for as long as it serves the US national interest — no permanent friends, no permanent enemies (President George Washington). So, until the cost becomes prohibitive and the US national interest wanes, we are stuck with what we have. Continue reading

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The New York Times – Getting Pakistan Wrong

By Wajiha Ahmed      Huffington Post, December 11, 2009

In her December 5, 2009 New York Times article, reporter Sabrina Tavernise looks to history to explain why many Pakistanis are so critical of America. Unfortunately, Tavernise looks to the wrong history, focusing on Pakistan’s trauma after the partition with India. Instead, she should have focused on US support for successive Pakistani military dictatorships.

No doubt, as Tavernise highlights, there are conspiracy theorists in Pakistan, and criticizing America can be a powerful tool to elicit populist support. However, Tavernise’s analysis ignores very real grievances regarding American interference in the country. Continue reading


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