Poem: 1947 to 2009

In four minutes and few seconds,
We will discuss, the progression
Of our country, how we moved
To depict this story of our demise
How we killed ourselves,
The notions of freedom and purpose

All gone, from Jinnah to our present
The country we fought so hard
Now lies bare, in its awake,
Who is to be blamed?
They say “its establishment”
And some say its “22 families”
Some say it’s the politicians,
And some the Army.

All to be blamed
Only the ones, who did not destroy
The ones who pay with their lives
Have always done so,
The ones, the people of this nation
For whom nothing exists
No education, no infrastructure,
No health and distribution of wealth

Adopted we have ways of the traders
From the days of the gold rush to
The pirates of the west
When will they learn?
To redeem themselves and admit
The old failures of the past,
Learn from your past but not fight
We are the mirrors, we are the reflection!



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2 responses to “Poem: 1947 to 2009

  1. yasserlatifhamdani

    Menonin take your bijnas elsewhere you crook. Your comment is deleted.

    Pakistan has benefitted the lower peasantry and created a bourgeoisie where there was none.

    Every country goes through turmoil but that doesn’t mean we give up.

  2. bushranaqi

    This could be a time and place in our history where we have been taken hostage by forces too powerful for us to control. It will sorely test our nation’s will and spirit to survive. If we dither now everything might be lost. Otherwise if we persevere with unity and strength we could salvage ourselves..and pick up the pieces and build again.

    Many nations have been put to this test …The World Wars brought the great economic Depression to Europe. France was wrecked during the French revolution… they picked up the pieces
    and started to build again

    The human spirit has great resilience…its never too late..shallow quibbling might create a crater but can never destroy a nation’s will…we are probably more nationalist now than we ever were in our short history.