Prime Minister Gillani: Do not trivialise Benazir Bhutto’s Murder

by Omar Khattab

Prime Minister Gillani pulled an impossible, unthinkable surprise when yesterday in a joint press conference with Britain’s Gordon Brown in London he claimed that it was Baitullah Mehsud who was behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Anyone who has any respect for Benazir and the rule of law in Pakistan must be shocked by Gillani’s statement. The question is: who is Gillani is working for? Who is he trying to please?

What Gillani has done is close Benazir’s assassination once for all. Baitullah Mehsud is dead now and he cannot be tried and punished for masterminding the assassination.

Those Pakistanis who want to know who assassinated Benazir have just one question for Gillani: Was Baitullah Mehsud behind the washing away the evidence from the assassination scene?

Benazir was assassinated during the rule of General Musharraf and at that time Pakistan’s interior minister was a retired general. Baitullah Mehsud was hiding in the mountains of Waziristan at that time and was being pursued by the Americans.

Gillani’s statement has another extremely damaging implication. Gillani has rendered irrelevant and useless the entire work of the United Nations’ investigation team which has been investigating Benazir’s assassination for a year now and for which the government of Pakistan has spent millions of dollars.

Gillani has also made a fool of President Zardari who has claimed that he knows the people behind Benazir’s assassination. Had President Zardari also believed that Baitullah Mehsud was behind the assassination, he would have said so.

Gillani has done great injustice to Benazir, his benefactor. Had she not supported him, he would not have been able to get elected even as a local councillor. Gillani just like Chaudhry Parvez Ilahi and General Hamid Gul is a remnant of General Zia. General Zia handpicked him to become his Railways Minister. Such a person does not deserve to be even an ordinary member of the Pakistan People’s Party, but Benazir was a great person and leader. She believed that some good can come from anyone. That is why she supported the likes of Gillani so that every Pakistan could be inducted into the democratic stream of Pakistan’s politics. Gillani has paid her back by protecting her assassins at a time when Benazir’s party and her principled politics are besieged by the enemies of democracy. Perhaps Gillani thinks that he can continue to be power by aligning with the powers which the people of Pakistan think are behind her assassination.

Gillani has damaged Pakistan irreparably. The future historians will consign him to be dustbin of history where he will find a very close place with General Zia, his former mentor. Every Pakistani who believes that truth must not only be told, but also prevail must condemn this shameless, ungrateful man.



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9 responses to “Prime Minister Gillani: Do not trivialise Benazir Bhutto’s Murder

  1. Milind Kher

    It is heartening to read a post by somebody who has spoken out so strongly against Gilani.

    His belligerence towards India, his working at cross purposes with Zardari and now this unsupported comment show that it is indeed he and not Zardari who needs to step down.

    The quicker he is shown the door, the better. Yes, there is every indication that he will, going forward, be consigned to the dustbin of history.

  2. mohammad

    I respected BB as an educated person, she was lucky to attend oxford, credit goes to her affluent background. Now comes the question if she was a good prime minister or her legacy let the time be a judge. To a layman she was an opportunist who tried to cling to the power by hook or by crook. BB ‘s appointed interior minister mr. babur will be remembered as the architect of Taliban butchers. In order to appease SSP she provided a well known terrorist Azim Tariq more importance than ordinary minister. She once notoriously joked with the said terrorist not to murder people just because she was in Lahore, she was not only complacent in horse trading but shamelessly involved in such third rating activities, she once babbled ‘politics is like a game and players can switch sides’. On law and order,her own brother was gun down by karachi cops in broad day light, during one of her tenures, there was no credible inquiry in his assassination. She appointed herself PPP chairperson in questionable circumstances by side lining her mom. My objections on her credibility does not mean that most pakistanis were jubilant on her assassination, may God bless her soul.

  3. Omar, thanks for sending us your post. Your views are welcome on PTH in line with our diverse readership.

  4. A good read… one which makes its point and how!

    My take on 9/11 is this: Well… Nostradamus’ prediction (made in the 16th century) re: an iron bird hitting Amerigo… came true (at the onset of the 21st century). Infact, doubly true… ‘ek ke sath ek free’, you know! And we got to know that the ‘Big O’ and his cronies are diehard Nostradamus fans… who have a large collection of his works… in the Arabic, Dari and Pushto languages, neatly stacked in the cave library.

    Where do the ‘non-state actors’ get their equipments from… ??? Training, food… other logistics… ??? [*Tarang, Tarang* That is the suspense music… playing in the background.]

  5. bushra naqi

    For all you know Gillani might be speaking the truth at last… but probably the timing was not right, considering the U.N investigation into the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

    I beleive that there has to be a pattern in everything. The spate of killings by terrorists was being carried out systematically in pak. then and still continues, its ferocity unabated The most significant hypothesis is based on who the biggest stakeholder was.. the establishment and the agencies as Benazir alleged or Baitulla Mehsud
    whose ideology she challenged and was determined to defeat.

    I think it was the latter..

    It was the establishment who facilitated her return and and so could not turn around and kill her. Benazir’s allegations before her return blaming certain politicians and agencies was an echo of her apprehensions of the political environment she left in Pak before her self-exile.
    and a strong gesture to simultaneously overturn the political system and to usher in change. These tactics were not knew to her…she was always an
    opportunist and a political pragmatist.

    The fact of the matter is that when she came back in 2007 the situation had changed and new threats were imminent in the shape of militancy. The enemies and the stakeholders had changed. There were new players on the battlefield.

  6. 9/11 has been milked for all it was worth. The ‘Big O’ has not been traced (if at all he was supposed to be traced, that is). He cannot be declared ‘alt+cntrl+del’ either… until another ‘Big O’ has been ‘created’. ‘They’ certainly tried to build up ‘Mehsud’… and link him to the ‘Big O’… but that did not work out. ‘coz a certain lady left behind a note pointing fingers at the ‘erstwhile supermodel of the very exclusive Bushshirt’ and others. Which actually = pointing fingers at those who had given him the ‘Bushshirt’ in the first place.

    So, the ‘charade’ continues. Another ‘Big O’ has declared a shift in policy… and coined the term ‘Af-Pak’. So, now we have this ‘War on Terror’ squarely shifted to the subcontinent. Smart move! *sarcastic laugh* Iraq will take a backseat for the time being. To be resurrected after 4-8 years. Just as Afghanistan has been taken out of the ‘deep freezer’ and brought back into the limelight after some 7-8 years. It’s all in a day’s work… afterall. To borrow a phrase from a certain legendary figure… “Elementary, my dear Watson!”

  7. Just read well known investigative journalist Seymour Hersh’s take on her assassination. He has clearly pointed fingers at Dick Cheney (Dubyaman’s Voice of God), CIA and the US Commander in Afganistan among others. They wanted to maximise their gains… and get a ‘face’ to launch their plans in this part of the world.

    Within minutes Hersh had to issue a statement… contradicting all this of course. And I’m sure he did that ‘voluntarily’.

    Why do you think the US/NATO forces drop bombs on hotels where investigative journalists stay… ???

    Why do you think they are protecting the erstwhile supermodel of the ‘Bushshirt’… ??? Of course they have a lot of work to be done through him. They would prefer a creature like him… one whom they can control.

    No wonder they jumped to his assistance and supported his preposterous theory of Benazir dying due to the head injuries sustained as a result of her head hitting the sunroof levers. This… despite Toyota (the makers of the vehicle) issuing a statement rubbishing such a theory.

    Surely… the human head is not made of eggshells!

    And what happened to the report re: the Bushshirt supermodel’s plans of massively rigging the polls and much else… which she was on the verge of disclosing via a press conf… ???

    I’m sure he wouldn’t be doing anything without a nod and wink from the ‘cowboys’. He was a stickler for following the HMV.

    Why did BBC airbrush her interviews… where she had spoken about the ‘Big O’ having been taken out… ??? Infact she had named his eliminator.

    That’s ‘coz they still need to ‘keep him alive’ via the media. Until they have ‘created’ another ‘Big O’. Their efforts to do so with ‘Mehsud’ failed.

    Gillani’s statement… proves that they are once again reactivating that preposterous theory. That’s all…

  8. And here’s my take on the so-called “free and fair mother of all elections – 2008”:

    About the ‘free and fair elections – 2008′ and the ‘sympathy wave’… let me narrate a Nasreddin Hodja story.

    Nasreddin, one day, brought home one kilo of meat. Asked his wife to prepare it for the evening and set off to the tea-house to spend the rest of the day. Unable to wait… his wife cooked the meat and shared it with her friends. Returning home, Nasreddin was told that the cat had eaten the meat. Puzzled, Nasreddin grabbed the family’s mangy cat and put it on the weighing scales. To his surprise, it weighed exactly one kilo. He barked at his wife, “If this is the meat, then where is the cat?”

    Now, in the 2002 ‘general elections’… held under the watch of the erstwhile proud supermodel of the very exclusive ‘Bushshirt’… the 3P won pretty much the same number of seats (vis-a-vis 2008). Those elections were heavily rigged… but the Americans certified them to be quite ‘free and fair’. A certain lady was out of the country. She had indicated that she’ll return before the elections. The ‘powers-that-be’ asked the 3P to operate… minus her (as their advise to the 3P has always been). Why was that… ??? She was not allowed to contest the 2002 elections… the reason given out was… she was not a graduate. This… inspite of both Harvard and Oxford attesting her claims to the contrary. She was a very distinguished student at both these universities. The Courts in Pak refused to accept those claims. Ditto the Election Commission. Even a huge section of the foreign media dubbed her as a ‘non-graduate’. The domestic media followed suit… almost wholesale.

  9. Despite the fact that they never tire of asking while rolling their collective eyes: ‘How can she, a graduate of Harvard and Oxford settle for an arranged marriage?’ Why… ??? While an ex cricketer-cum-aging international lothario-cum-failed politician-cum-trumpet-blowing philanthropist who has a third class degree from Oxford, in the same stream… he was her comtemporary there… was allowed to contest. This lady… was a first class (honors) grad. Hmmm. ‘Tarang Tarang’ (that is the suspense music… playing in the background)

    Then ‘coz the leader/chairperson of this party was a ‘non-graduate’… her party was disqualified. She being an adept player of the game of chess on the political chess board… responded a day before the disqualification… with a subsidiary party named as the 4P and registering it. The ‘General – who watched over the elections’ and the ‘other forces’ (some across the seven seas) did not succeed in their plans then. The 4P has received pretty much the same number of seats in 2008… as they did in 2002. This time too… the ‘cowboys’ and their cronies… were extremely prompt in certifying them as the ‘most free and fair elections’ in Pak and paid tributes to the supermodel of the ‘Bushshirt’. They were the ones to link the 4P’s win to the ’sympathy wave’.

    Now.. the question is… if this is the ’sympathy wave’ where are the votes. And if these are the ‘votes’, then where is the ’sympathy wave’… ???