Stop bombing Pakistan

By Bilal Qureshi

Stop bombing Pakistan. Really?

Believe me, I’d be mad like hell if Americans bombed Pakistan and killed innocent civilians. 

Believe me, America is not targeting Pakistan. The Taliban are attacking Pakistan. Today, Pakistan is facing a very tough challenge of defeating home grown insurgency funded and fueled by the money that is directly coming from the Middle East.  And in this fight to save Pakistan if Americans can help, why not join hands with Washington to save the country?

Also, people in Pakistan giving this impression that someone how tribal areas have become Pakistan’s territory should consult those who have lived worked and operated in Pakistan’s tribal areas. These areas never considered their territory to be a part of Pakistan and these people always felt comfortable with being labeled as Afghans.

In reality, America is bombing and targeting terrorists, want-a-be killers and suicide bombers’ training camps in Waziristan and technically, yes, technically, Waziristan was never part of Pakistan. Think about it for a second.

Throughout Pakistan when someone committed a crime, he fled to tribal areas, and Waziristan is part of that tribal belt that provided safe heavens and sanctuaries to killers, thugs and dacoits, before the residents of these areas welcomed Arabs and other future terrorists.  I am sure a lot of us remember ‘Bara’, a place where cheap stuff (guns, heroin, marijuana, cocaine, and illegal currency, you name it and it was available there) was sold – stuff that was illegal to sell in Pakistan.

Therefore, here is what I have to say to those right wing nut jobs who give this fake impression that they are outraged that America is bombing Pakistan. Stop whining; get down on your knees and thank God that Washington is doing Islamabad’s dirty work. And, if anyone is interested in getting angry, he/she should be angry about the Taliban attacking Pakistan and carrying out suicide attacks across Pakistan every single day killing innocent civilians.

The excuse that America is behind the chaos in Pakistan to deny China the chance to play any role in the area is not going to work anymore. In fact, no excuse whether it is blaming India, or the ever available answer that the Jews hate Pakistan or Muslims is not going to work either, believe me.

It is time for Pakistan’s public to get serious because the country is on fire, and Pakistanis can’t afford to waste time in listening and believing any more conspiracy theories.

Enough is enough.

Shifting blame, finger pointing, and refusal to accept responsibility has brought Pakistan to a point where the entire world is just dumbfounded by what is going on in Pakistan. Forget foreigners, Pakistanis who can afford are fleeing the country. At the airport, one cannot help notice that the flights arriving to Pakistan are almost empty, but flights leaving Pakistan are full. And this is never a good sign for any economy, but especially for Pakistan where foreigners bring much needed foreign currency.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of snake oil salesmen in Pakistan selling ‘India the enemy, America the enemy and Israel, the mother of all enemies and source of all evil’ doctrine, but it is time to give these hate mongers a good shut up call. If anything, people in Pakistan should throw shoes at those who try to sell them a conspiracy theory, be it old or new, just hit these people with tons of shoes.

Time is short and Pakistan has to decide whether it wants to be a country known for tolerance, peace, progress, cultural and economic activity, or the kind of grave that was Afghanistan when the Taliban ruled there.

The choice is very simple.



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15 responses to “Stop bombing Pakistan

  1. gv

    You’re confusing two issues here.

    One issue which you are correctly criticising is the unnecessary conspiracy mongering which is rife today in most circles.

    The other issue i.e. the bombing of the tribal areas is not so easily explained away as you have done –

    If i am not mistaken, you postulate that the tribal areas more or less deserve to be bombed because of their inherent lawlessness and current status as ‘safe haven to global terrorism’???

  2. Milind Kher

    No disease can be treated if the patient is in denial. Therefore, if people in Pakistan live in denial and conjure imaginary demons in their mind, that purpose will be self defeating.

    It is slowly beginning to seem as if it is only the military battle is left to be won by the Taliban. As far as the battle for minds is concerned, the wide currency given to the conspiracy theories is a victory for the Taliban.

    Pakistan is not Afghanistan or Somalia. It has a lot more at stake, and therefore a lot more to lose.

  3. D_a_n

    ‘….These areas never considered their territory to be a part of Pakistan and these people always felt comfortable with being labeled as Afghans…..,

    utter bunkum!

    Just where DO youget this stuff??

    PS: banal, Over simplified, under nuanced observations coupled with a hit job on the pukhtoon population of the TA.

  4. Mustafa Shaban

    I completely disagree…. The Americans admit that the Drone Attacks have killed 700 innocent civilians and only 14 Al Qaeda. Drone attacks are not effective and only increases anti American sentiment and makes it harder to root out the TTP. Also the drones have targeted dormant militant groups and militias rather than the TTP and active militias. The bombing of Baitullah Mehsud and a fe w other strikes are exceptions. Women and children have been blown to bits, entire homes and families and business destoryed just to kill 14 people, who they claim are ”high” level targets. On the ground counterinsurgency conducted by Pak army is best strategy, and they are better at it than the US. They cleared Swat and will clear South Waziristan after some time. We do not need drone attacks. The government of Pakistan also condemned it and so does Gilani and the Parliament. The army and people of Pakistan also disagree with Drone atttacks. This means Bilal disagrees almost everyone across the board. This position of supporting drone attacks is not a very strong one.

  5. bushra naqi

    The drone attacks, as I see it, are very effective because it involves precise targeting and hits one militant hideout only at a particular time. This target has already been located through very specialized intelligence. It requires speedy action which is only possible in the drone the ‘high value’ targets are very elusive, very well protected and very very difficult to catch. This has been demonstrated by the fact that in a period of nine years very few of them have been caught or killed.

    As far as the casualties mentioned I beleive that they are overstated for considering the nature of the attack collateral damage should be minimal and this would not involve innocent civilians. As far as the number of militants killed they do not deserve any mercy. They have already killed thousands of our people mercillesly and ruthelessly.

    Now since people’s perception is that these drone attacks are an infringement on our sovereignity,
    no one dare approve of them and we continue to remain in safe denial.

  6. gv


    FYI: read the following article by the Brookings – 2nd paragraph, 4th line:

    And this from the bbc: 3rd paragraph 1st line:

    this one is just for kicks:

    The drone attacks are an abuse of sovereignity and are killing OUR people by the dozens…

    if you can bother to try and imagine the topography of the tribal areas – its not like these taliban commanders sit in alamut like fortresses waving the skull and bones over the ramparts…

    They are in villages with regular villagers, men, women and children living all around them.. and unfortunately, the drones don’t exactly come with a taliban sensor installed…

  7. Milind Kher

    I would agree with Bushra. The militants deserve no mercy. The people need to also actively work towards isolating them.

  8. gv

    still waiting????

  9. gv

    this moderation policy seems a bit silly – given that one would like to support one’s assertions with 3rd party sources every now and then..

  10. Bloody Civilian


    your post is up now.

    you could do what some other posters do ie if you must include a weblink try the www brookings edu trick and ask your addressee(s) to add the dots, for example. means that we can still keep out people advertising all sorts of dodgy websites and you can have your legitimate use of third party references (if strictly unavoidable 🙂 )

    sorry about the wait this time round.


  11. gv


    many thanks.. i’m afraid i’m a bit of a thicko when it comes to technology.. but i’ll use your suggestion going forward.. (in strictly unavoidable circumstances of course )

  12. Thanks ! I read the websites you mentioned. I only contend that the drone attacks have an advantage of hitting specific targets and the damage is comparatively less than regular aerial bombings.

    I would not like to condone collateral damage but the taliban have been culpable of using women and children as human sheilds leading to greater damage.

    These attacks take place in remote areas where uptil now the pak army could not penetrate and access.

    It is a dirty war and the militants have left the world with no options.

  13. Mustafa Shaban

    @bushra: I disagree with you, Pakistan Army has done a wonderful job and wherever it goes it manages to sweep out the TTP as they are no match for our army, they are ragtag militants who have no support of the people while we have a 800000 strong professional army. South Waziristan is the centre base of TTP, once cleared out will greatly reduce terrorism in Pakistan to almost nil. Only the BLA and BRA pose a significant problem after TTP.

  14. Milind Kher

    @Mustafa Shaban

    Right now I will say aameen to whatever you are saying, and when it does come about, I will say Alhamdolillah!

    Let us hope all this happens fast