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Ahmad Shah Durrani: A King of High Rank

Eighteenth Century Ruler of Modern Day Afghanistan & Pakistan

By Pervaiz Munir Alvi
[ We are delighted to publish this essay written exclusively for PTH – Ed.]

            Ahmad Shah Durrani was born in 1722 as Ahmad Khan Abdali at the city of Multan. By the age of twenty five he had become ruler of the vast territory stretched from Mashhad in the west to the Punjab in the east; the land mass that today roughly forms the modern twin countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan. He rose to power at a time when the Mughal Empire (1526-1857) based in Delhi and the Safavid Empire (1501-1722) based in Isfahan were disintegrating. Ahmad Shah at the expense of these two neighboring but dwindling empires was skillfully able to carve out an empire of his own. His rule although relatively short (1747-1772), was significant in the sense that it ultimately changed the course of the history of the South-Central Asia. Continue reading


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Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons: How Safe Are They?

ISAS Brief No. 140 – Date: 18 November 2009 by Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed


With the assault on the office of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in Peshawar on 13 November 2009, which left at least 20 people dead, including 10 ISI officials, the Taliban-Al Qaeda nexus has once again demonstrated that it is capable of hitting the supposedly well-guarded targets representing the power and authority of the state. A few weeks earlier, they were able to deceive the guards at the entry of the citadel of the Pakistan army, the General Headquarters, in Rawalpindi. On that occasion, more than 40 people were taken hostage, of whom 37 were rescued due to a daring operation by the commandos of the elite Special Services Group.

The Head Office of the Federal Investigation Agency in Lahore was bombed in October this year. A similar attack took place in 2008. Since 2007, attacks have been launched on military, air force and naval personnel and officials. On the other hand, the media also reported that some terrorists had tried to enter the restricted area where the nuclear facilities are located, but they were stopped at the outer security ring.   Continue reading


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Stop bombing Pakistan

By Bilal Qureshi

Stop bombing Pakistan. Really?

Believe me, I’d be mad like hell if Americans bombed Pakistan and killed innocent civilians. 

Believe me, America is not targeting Pakistan. The Taliban are attacking Pakistan. Today, Pakistan is facing a very tough challenge of defeating home grown insurgency funded and fueled by the money that is directly coming from the Middle East.  And in this fight to save Pakistan if Americans can help, why not join hands with Washington to save the country? Continue reading


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