Imran Khan’s Party

No not the Tehreek-e-Insaaf… his real party i.e. Socialites and Who’s who of Pakistan.

No doubt it was subdued – when it compared to the Greek Events and annual balls associated with VERVE- but this event at Imran Khan’s home throws some light on the many faces of Imran Khan.

Courtesy Sunday Times of Daily Times.

Courtesy Sunday Times of Daily Times.


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7 responses to “Imran Khan’s Party

  1. Milind Kher

    Seeing Imran Khan’s “party” is not something surprising. He belongs to the elite class, for sure.

    However, the act of opening that cancer hospital is a wonderfully humanitarian act, for which he needs to be appreciated, irrespective of his political affiliations or leanings

  2. Mustafa Shaban

    Well I think its good that Imran Khan is a very social person. Even though he may invite only certain kind of people to his parties, he seems like the kind of guy that is comfortable and talks to everyone no matter what views or background. We shouldnt judge people by what they do in thier personal life and gatherings. I agree with Milind Kher, he has done some amazing things like Namal University, Cancer Hospital and his Sasta Tandoor project. We should appreciate his efforts.

  3. DCMediagirl

    “We shouldnt judge people by what they do in thier personal life”

    I think that some of the parties (as in political) who have aided IK’s rise to power would vehemently disagree with that view. For sure, it was generous of him to build that hospital. That aside, the man’s hypocrisy could choke a horse.

  4. Mustafa Shaban

    @dcmediagirl: Can you give me an example of his hypocrisy because i totally disagree with you…he is not hypocritical

  5. Tanzeel

    I wrote something on Imran Khans party and supporters, would like you guys to comment

  6. AZW


    Just read your blog about PTI and its supporters and I couldn’t stop smiling. Sad reality seems so much better in a humourous garb. Well done. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  7. Tanzeel

    Thanks bro, though I respect Imran Khan as philanthropist however realistically speaking, he lives in a utopia . I would be glad if you have your say on Imran on my imrans related post in my blog.