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The Citizens Archive of Pakistan is a place that fuels creativity, ignites minds and provides inspiration. With extraordinary exhibitions, a burgeoning photography archive and Pakistan’s most diverse collection of Oral History, we are dedicated to a conversation between the past and the present.
The Oral History Project

The Oral History Project lies at the heart of the Citizens Archive of Pakistan – the stories emerging from the Project, the stories behind photographs that are more than fifty years old and the personal experiences of our nation’s rich and varied history feeds material in the School Outreach Tours, the Shanaakht Festival and several exhibitions throughout the year. The Project aims to document the stories of

–  Pakistan’s Partition Generation: We receive nominations from interns who have just joined our team, from expatriates who stumble across the Project online, from citizens across the country who have heard about us through a friend, an article, a website, a Tweet, a news program, a Facebook message, a mass email…

We have documented the stories of those who worked in Pakistan’s successive governments, with Muslim League leaders, with female pioneers such as Begum Rana Liaqat, those who forged trails for us to follow in the civil services, men and women who recount stories of the Pakistan Movement and the first time they heard the National Anthem or saw the Pakistan flag. The stories are endless and it is our aim to preserve the experience of a generation that will leave us very soon. We hope to archive the first-hand, lived experiences of those who have seen Pakistan through to the present date.

–  The School Series: We interview men and women who have contributed enormously to our education system and continue to work in schools across Pakistan today.

– The APWA Series: We have interviewed women who laid the foundations of the All Pakistan Women’s Association and worked closely with Begum Rana Liaqat Ali Khan.

– The Burns Road Series: We have interviewed shopkeepers and dwellers from Karachi’s Burns Road area to learn more about the area and its history.

– The Karachi Communities Series: We interview members of different communities in Karachi in order to preserve the stories of their traditions, culture and contribution to Karachi in various sectors such as philanthropy, education or government – we have interviewed, for example, several members of the Zoroastrian and Bohri community.

The Project also aims to archive records such as photographs, newspapers, letters, official correspondence, archival material such as refugee cards, passports etc. Hence, our interns are taught to digitize all such material. We have digitized a significant portion of one of the largest repositories of newspapers since 1947 in Pakistan. These newspapers are currently falling into disrepair without adequate maintenance and it is our mission to digitize them before we lose them forever.

As part of the Oral History Project team you must:

– Recruit and orient new interns (this includes working with CAP’s network of schools and colleges in order to recruit new interns every cycle)

– Schedule interviews with nominees

– Work closely with interns in order to ensure that the archive (photography and audio i.e. interviews) is up-to-date and all records have been filed

– Train interns in interview technique, audio and scanning equipment-use and other aspects of the interview process (follow-up questionnaires, interview logs etc).

– Conduct at least 3 interviews per week in order to supplement the archive and allow new interns to observe interviewing technique

– Contribute to special projects (such as the Shanaakht Festival, School Outreach Tours, photography and art exhibitions and fundraisers)

– Maintain and update CAP’s social-networking websites (such as Facebook and Twitter), blog and website
Required skills:

– Strong command over English

– Fluent Urdu speaking skills (our interviews are conducted in Urdu)

– An interest in journalism or interviewing/research or a particular interest in History and/or Pakistan’s history

– A working knowledge of Photoshop is preferable
Recent graduates, graduate students

Required commitment:
Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
The first Saturday of every month

Salary to be commensurate with experience and responsibilities
Thank you for your interest in working at The Citizens Archive of Pakistan and good luck in your search for suitable employment. We look forward to receiving your C.V. and letter of intent.

Phone: 0332-3392004 and 0332-2541272


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