Right Wing Nawai Waqt Group Sells Its Soul To NWFP’s ANP Government

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

The self styled guardian of Pakistan’s ideology,  Nawai Waqt group has showed once again how petty, small minded and corrupt their thinking is.  When Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti refused to visit Mr. Jinnah’s mausoleum,  I thought of it as a grave folly,  partially because  this would give Nawai Waqt Group’s rag “The Nation” under the guidance of ultra nationalist ghairat lobby of the likes of Shireen Mazari,  who otherwise don’t give two hoots about Jinnah,  yet another stick to beat Pakistan’s liberal coalition in power.  Thankfully that did not come to pass.

I was relieved and very surprised when I perused today’s paper to find no story in The Nation on the issue.  Normally such a story would be front page news and highlighted by The Nation in bright pink.  But somehow it wasn’t.  And then I saw it.  NWFP Government had taken out a half page ad on the front page with a smiling picture of Chief Minister Hoti in the center.    

This proves yet again that Pakistan’s rightwing is fickle, corrupt and can be bought for a few dollars as indeed they were during the Afghan War.   Pity The Nation and Nawai Waqt group and shame on Shireen Mazari – the self proclaimed defender of Pakistan’s national honor.  And what should one say about ANP which seems to be using public funds for such political point scoring.  

 In 2008,  The News discontinued my 5 part series on NWFP History after the first part was published and after they had promised a 5 part series to their readers.   I asked The News for an explanation and they didn’t give me any.   Then an insider in the ANP told me that the ANP government had prevailed on The News to discontinue the series.  I suspect now that ad revenue might have had something to do with it.



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2 responses to “Right Wing Nawai Waqt Group Sells Its Soul To NWFP’s ANP Government

  1. Milind Kher

    The danger is not that Shireen Mazari is a worthless person. The danger is that there are elements still supporting her and encouraging her nonsense.

    If she continues to enjoy importance, she will jeopardize Pakistan’s future for sure.

    As to the paper being bought over by ads, as the old adage goes,

    “Na baap bada na bhaiyya

    Sabse bada rupayya”

  2. wajid

    “Highlighted in bright pink” – now that’s a punch line. 😀

    It surely must be surprising but not shocking at all, since you mentioned Afghan war, which has not ended but changed according to a new situation. The ultra right wing still dreams of an Orthodox Islamic state from Lahore to Bukhara. But you throw them a bone, they will sit down to lick for few moments.

    Good writeup my friend!