Pakistan Fashion Week Defies Terrorists

kfw2009Pakistanis will not give up.  Pakistanis will not surrender.  This was the message that came from Pakistan’s resilient fashion industry which is putting itself at stake by coming out full force for the country.   Karachi Fashion Week is bigger, better and sexier this year.

Pakistani Fashion Week Begins With Models Exposing Their Navels

KARACHI – Bare shoulders, exposed navels and a lot of skin show ruled the ramp at the Pakistan fashion week that begun here Wednesday defying the Taliban’s preference for the burqa.


The fashion week began with an opulent opening ceremony against a backdrop of militant violence and security issues, reports

Karachi’s top designers sent models down catwalks with bare shoulders and exposed navels in an unusual display of skin in a country where most women cover up.

Sonya Battla, the first designer to show, presented a collection that celebrated the spirit of strong women.

Battla dismissed the fact that in more conservative parts of the country her designs might get women driven out of town or stoned to death.

“I am a very brave woman. I am not going to be scared and no one is going to judge me, said the 38-year-old designer.

Taliban militants have killed more than 300 in the past month in a bloody campaign of bombings and assassinations attacking markets, universities and the army general headquarters in Rawalpindi and police stations in Lahore.

Despite this, the fashion shows carried on.

“Life has to go on and this is a way to tell the people who want our lives to stop that ‘No, we won’t let you’, said designer Samar Mehdi.

The shows are taking place at the Marriott Hotel in Pakistan’s financial capital Karachi under strict security.

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3 responses to “Pakistan Fashion Week Defies Terrorists

  1. Monkey

    I don’t understand what the obsession is with the skin-show. I was just reading another international report on the fashion week, and they also opened by something about the skin-show.

  2. Junaid


    Money Bhai, the more skin women can show, the more free/democratic/liberal/educated/modern they are.

    A good measure of a country’s freedom/democracy/liberalism/education/modernity is the amount of skin a woman can show.

    You see women of some African tribes can literally walk around naked. The Africans achieved all of it way back 40,000 yrs ago what we Pakis are trying to do in the 21st century.

    On a personal note, I dont understand the obsessions and fixation of Mullahs/Pakis/enlightened moderates/moderately enlightened with skin of the women.

  3. Milind Kher


    Just so you know, Monkey is a girl (so she can’t be Bhai 🙂 )


    I believe it’s just people’s way of showing the Talibs that they don’t care..