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Through Spider’s Web


In the bars of Havana, let’s sit down together
Let’s stumble upon conversation of new dimensions
Let’s go fly fishing, in the deep blue ocean
Where once characters were drawn
The old sketch book and its torn pages
Let’s see it ourselves again, through antiquity

Echoes that are drawn out from that stillness
Inside you, the celestial objects, as I turn to look
As dolphins follow the human touch, amidst that chaos
As tales of laughter and journeys return to paper
Relief from the episodes of madness, the momentarily bliss
The old sketch book and its torn pages,
Let’s see it ourselves again, through antiquity

As I make notes in haste, as I write on yellow sheets
All that destruction that the mind has created
The old relationship of the intellect and reasons
As the old butterflies find refuge in metaphors of deserts
The masses on the move, stories of revival and its spirit
As moons follow us in its stupor, as I walk out in Havana

Let’s roar ourselves into these deep blue oceans
Let’s speak of the world and its clocks in between
The beautiful faces entombed in its own reflections
In bars of Havana, let’s sit down together
You catch and I watch, through spider’s web
The old moons and the world in between
The old dust as the characters begin to born
Let’s see it ourselves again, through antiquity
Stands there alone, with all the stories of time
In the bars of Havana, as I watch the distant moon
From the days of the desert to the eternal times
Through spider’s web, for momentarily bliss!


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Pervez Dispenser

Musharraf lets loose in Baltimore.


By Michael Schaffer, The New Republic

Some simple rules of thumb for the foreign ex-dictator out to make a mint on the U.S. lecture circuit: Get yourself included in a speakers’ series that features non-controversial names like Laura Bush and Jean-Michel Cousteau. Promise your “august audience” a “frank exchange.” Maybe drop the names of one or two revered American leaders who are your close friends. And perhaps it is best not to admit that you wish you still had the power to “sort out” an impolite member of the audience. Continue reading


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Khan-Ahmed Bill

Pakistan to Provide Massive Foreign Aid to the American People

  gulnaseeb121 HafizRashid12

The Bill’s sponsors seen here promoting friendship between the United States and Pakistan

 Islamabad: The Pakistani Parliament today signed into law the Khan-Ahmed Bill – proper title the Enhanced Partnership with America Act (EPA) 2009 – to promote the un-wielding, life-long, and un-testable relationship between the people of Pakistan with the democratic institutions and military of the United States of America. The bill, sponsored by Senators Maulana Gul Naseeb Khan from NWFP and Senator Hafiz Rasheed Ahmed from FATA, was unanimously signed into law amidst hollering and fist-thumping jubilation in the Senate, and demonstrates the ‘undying commitment’ of Pakistan’s support for the United States. Despite the passage of the bill, however, there have been widespread demonstrations against the bill by the American public, calling it a ‘slap in the face’ and ‘peanuts.’ Continue reading


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