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A Recipe for making Pushto films

By Zia Ahmad

(courtesy of Friday Times)

Overweight beauties, middle aged gruff leading men, starched hair pieces, logic defying plots, garish costumes, mind boggling dance and fight sequences and pelvic thrusts performed with uncharacteristic gusto, all are hallmarks that define the cornerstone of Pakistani film culture that we know as Pushto films. Over the years Pushto cinema has formed an identity that is utterly unique in offering a brand of entertainment that no self respecting man would want to see with his mum and kids. It didn’t use to be this way though. Earlier Pushto films used to be based around folk tales that paved the way for wholesome family entertainment. Parallel to the rise of Gandasa films in Punjab, during the 80s, Pushto films witnessed a notable dip in quality. Producers and distributors catered their products for the lowest common denominator. That is how Pushto cinema came to be what it is now. Continue reading

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Collective Failure

By Usman Sadozai

Pakistan’s War: The government must take its case directly to the people of Pakistan, bypassing the hindering media

Pakistan is at war. Yet the nation is not clear about much to do with this war. They are not sure about who or what the enemy is, or what the objectives are or should be. This would be a set of objectives that, if and when achieved, would define and determine victory. Many think we should not be at war at all. But I, for one, will not blame the people. I believe no more in the concept of ‘collective crime’ than I do in that of ‘collective punishment’. I have little respect for so-called leaders – really pygmies – who blame the people, i.e. the electorate, for what is their own fault or failing. Continue reading

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‘Bring back Jinnah’s Pakistan’

Ardeshir Cowasjee’s latest column in Dawn


Of late, amidst the murder and mayhem accompanied by an absence of government or any signs of governance, a group of citizens has been circulating an email message exhorting whoever to ‘bring back Jinnah’s Pakistan’.

Now, to bring back something that existed for a mere moment in the life of this nation is more than difficult at a time when the national mindset is what it is. Continue reading


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