Poem: Baba, Mujhko Dar Lugta Hai!

I received this poem in one of the Email FWD.It is in Urdu titled ” Baba, Mujhko Dar Lugta Hai”…Its a beautiful poem- a poem to reflect how children see the situation around them and how these children willing to trade in their presents to avoid this danger.

I wanted to keep the originality of the poem in translation. So its a very simple translation. I did add two lines in the end. Once you have read the Urdu version, you will know where I made the addition in its English version.

Baba Mujhko Darr lagta hai

My teacher informs me
All children to remain
At home, and study there!

I have heard
A monster of a man
With black moustache
Will explode the bomb here
All children will die!!

Why are they going to kill us?
What is our mistake?
Why angry they are with us?

Shall I give him my doll?
Or all my rainbow colours from the blue box
The one I received from you, the present
On my last birthday

Or my hair band, the beautiful one
Imbued in red, with butterflies
Shall I give him that one as well!
Will that be enough for this man?
Not to kill us

Remember Baba, my hands,
The old injury, once
The excruciating pain
As little blood flowed through
Torrents of rain in my eyes

What is this bomb like?
Will the damage be huge?
Will it hurt more?
I guess the pain will be more
Baba, will I be there to cry for
My own pain or will you?
Baba, fearful I am of this monster!



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19 responses to “Poem: Baba, Mujhko Dar Lugta Hai!

  1. YLH

    This is really painful. Thanks for posting …. this gentleman has expressed in very simple words what we feel today.

    But we must overcome.

  2. simply61

    Could we have the urdu words in the English script please?

  3. yasserlatifhamdani

    This is Kashkin’s addition:

    Baba, will I be there to cry for
    My own pain or will you?

  4. the poem is beautiful.the situation is sad,with the dance of death around us,how can kids go to school?how can flowers bloom?how can rivers flow and how can we get back our joy and laughter?these are the times when doves cry and hope fails. damn religious extremism and political fun and games.

  5. Anwer Zahidi

    Baba Mujh Ko Dar Lagta He—-is perhaps the best poem in a child’s voice asking her father how would it be if bomb touched her —–would it be very painful—-?? —-A big question mark for all those who love life–

    Anwer Zahidi


    First of all i will thanks Kashkin who wonderfully tried to translate my poem in English . Then i will be thankful to all who liked it.

    One thing i would like to add is , i was even not satisfied after writing this poem , the words came short expressions and feelings what i felt inside , when my four years old daughter asked me some questions , answering which was not possible for me.
    Absolutely speechless!!

    Atif Javed Atif

  7. Muhammad Hassan Miraj

    Great work Atif..wonderful ….
    never forget..in the darkest of times, the best of art flourishes…

  8. Azhar

    Excellent poem.. Dil ko choo lanay wali .

    I hope the “monsters” read through as well. May be their hardened hearts would melt too.


  9. Afreen

    That messy thing called ‘mind’ has created many destructive things. By far the most destructive of them all is God.

  10. Sayeb


  11. ali anser

    signs of our times

  12. Saman

    its heart wrenching……….as is the situation of our country.
    samjh nahi aata, what we, (supposedly the educated, balanced-minded, middle class pakistanis ) can do to improve the situation of our country………..

  13. captureuniverse

    This is heart throbbing poem, we are not only putting fear in our generation’s hearts but also snatching their innocence and childhood. What will be their level of confidence after surviving from all these miseries?

  14. Madazam

    * Baba Mujhko Darr Lagta Hai *

    Baba! Meri Miss ne Kaha Hai,
    Kal Se Sab School K Bachay
    Ghar Main Rahen Gay, Ghar Main Parhengy!

    Maine Suna hai!

    Ek Barrey Se,
    Kaali Moochon walay Uncle
    BOMB baandh ker Aengay
    Sabh bachey Mer Jaengay!

    Bhool Gai Mai Naam bhala tha!
    Shayad Dehshat-Gard Kaha tha!

    Baba! Kyo Marengay Humko?
    Humse koi Bhool hui kia ?
    Humse kyo Naraz hen Uncle ?

    Baba! Unko Guriya Day Dun?
    Ya phir Meri Rangu wali
    Yaad hai na woh Neeli Dibya
    Meri Pichli Saalgirah per
    Aapne Mujhko La Ker di thi!

    Or Meri woh Piyari Poni!
    Red Color ki, Titli wali!
    Woh Bhi Day don?
    Phir to Nahi Marein gay mujhko?

    Yaad hai Baba ek Dafa jab
    Mujhko Haath Pe Chot Lagi Thi
    Bohat zayada dard hua tha
    Thora Khon Bhi nikla tha!
    Bohat Zayada Roi Thi Main .

    Kya Yeh BOMB Barra hota hai?
    Bohat Ziyada Chot lagay gi ?
    Dard Bhi shayad Ziyada Hoga!

    Baba Mujhko Darr Lagta Hai.

  15. Madazam

    The above mentioned is from


    Awesome poem Atif, I read it in office and nearly cried….

    I pray May Allah save our country …for no one else can/will…..

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