Poem: The Explosion


Wrapped up
In delicacies and intricacies of life –
As the morning mist clears
Whatever thrown at me,
At us as a nation.
Every day I die,
Every day I born
Amidst all this terror and turmoil,
As the blissful peace shatters
As this trail follows me
Into deep sinking sadness,
As I awake from my slumber,
With renewed spirit to fight
With all I have at my disposal,
With all whom have plundered
In all those moments,
Drawn and extended,
As history recalls,
As I remain indifferent to myself,
As I remain in madness
For something so dear and precious,
As I ask questions
To the very existence and purpose,
As I find answers within myself,
All that is there
Through centuries of its reminders,
All what has been given,
The years it took to create this land,
The years it took to destroy,
All I see with my eyes,
As I pick up my pieces,
In places
Where we once worshipped and learnt,
In places where once peace was,
As I pick up dead and injured
Missing hands and faces,
Through the rubble of our times
As I remind myself,
All will change, there be light,
As I see in frenzy, my reflections,
My being,
As I see those messiahs and monsters,
In our land, without light and wisdom,
As I break free in my sight,
As I see them dance,
In silence of the music,
All there was once,
As these feuds bring home,
The truth, the change,
Remain in questions my being;
What purpose will I serve?
All those moments of history,
In questions, from Iqbal to Jinnah,
As I float through this landscape
My home and land,
My peace and my solace
My corners and quarters
My sanity and happiness
It’s all I desire,
It’s all I seek,
Options not many but only two-
Give it or we will take it
Our rights, our moments of future
As million voices explode into ecstasy!




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4 responses to “Poem: The Explosion

  1. This is a neat poem. It has a lot of energy!

  2. PakPunk

    Cliched. Dig in deeper.

  3. Agree with PakPunk. Kinda miss the Ahmad Faraz poems…