On Kerry-Lugar bill

Like everyone else, I too was taken aback by the fierce opposition to the Kerry Lugar bill. Not sure what the fuss is about, I decided to read about it. So, I read everything that was available on-line about the bill. During my research, I realized that the government of Pakistan has done nothing wrong. It is an aid bill, conceived and finalized by a foreign government to help Pakistan. And, there is nothing new in this bill that Pakistan has not seen or dealt with before.

In my quest to educate myself about Kerry Lugar, I decided to talk to couple of people in Washington and they all agreed that Pakistan has to be realistic about ground realities. For example, if foreign countries stopped giving aid and money to Pakistan, it would be impossible for Pakistan to survive couple of weeks. But, if you read or listen to folks in Pakistan, especially on TV, you’d think that the sky is falling, and it is partly because Zardari is the president and partly because of Kerry Lugar.

Funny, right? Of course not, it is a very serious matter and it could hurt the country badly.

But, let me help you understand two simple facts. One, Pakistan is a poor country that almost entirely relies on aid to survive. Let’s not pretend that Pakistan is somehow independent or economically self sufficient. Two, it is up to the donors to decide what conditions or strings to attach to their aid.

But, people in Pakistan have gone nuts in their attempts to demonize Kerry Lugar and by extension Zardari, plain and simple. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find anything in Kerry Lugar that suggests or recommends that Pakistan stop being an independent country. If looked objectively, this aid bill actually helps Pakistan become a stable and self sufficient country, provided everyone in the country commits to helping and saving Pakistan.

I am not sure if the recent wave of horrific attacks on Pakistan’s civilian and military establishment is enough to unite the country, but, Pakistanis must realize the actual threat is not Kerry Lugar aid bill. It is the danger of being destroyed by the nut jobs carrying out attacks inside Pakistan. Instead of focusing on Kerry Lugar, the country has to come up with strategies to beat back the hate mongers targeting Pakistan and Pakistan’s infrastructure.

In an ideal world, Mian Nawaz Sharif and other so called political leaders would back the government and the military to root out the terrorists, but Pakistan’s political leaders, especially those who are not in power are scoring political points. Yet, I know it is pathetic, but it is also true. (By the way, one day, Nawaz Sharif would suffer because of Ch. Nisar and other thugs in his party.)

The attacks in Lahore are another opportunity for every Pakistani to drop everything and get ready for the fight that is being forced on the country. Pakistan has to understand that unless Pakistan fights and defeats the Taliban and their wretched supporters inside Pakistan, the country would continue to be under attack, day after day, city after city, building, and bus/train station after train station. It is either let the Taliban destroy Pakistan, or unite to defend and save Pakistan to fight back.

Ac Churchill had said, it is time for Pakistan to declare that “whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender,” and this is the spirit that will not only help Pakistan achieve victory, but also secure Pakistan’s future. It is the responsibility of today’s Pakistan to hand over a secure, prosperous and healthy Pakistan to the next generation and Pakistanis are obligated to do everything to protect Pakistan.

There is no other way, but to fight for a better tomorrow, no other way, except to fight back.



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  1. Fahad

    pathetic post… it clearly advocates the real purpose of Kerry-Lugar bill.

  2. bonobashi


    And what would you like to see in place of Kerry-Lugar? No aid? Aid on different terms? What might these be?

  3. YLH

    While I am a supporter of the Kerry Lugar Bill for many reasons, this article I am afraid is not accurate. Infact it is hogwash… And sadly it is hogwash like this that discredits those who support Kerry Lugar Bill on logic.

    Pakistan would not fall flat if it did not have aid. Whoever said that in Washington is an idiot. 1.5 billion dollars is not more than minute fraction of Pakistan’s GDP. Pakistan’s monthly import bill is probably more than this.

    The reason why I support this bill is because it does not go towards budgetary support (where it would be of little or no help) but because it will be invested in human capital directly.

    So whoever wrote this article is – with all due respect- an idiot… in the process he has made all of us look like a bunch of idiots.

  4. YLH

    That 1.5 I refer to is an annual figure.

  5. YLH

    It is precisely because I support the Kerry Lugar Bill that I beg Raza bhai to please delete this Article right now…

    With “supporters” like the foolish author of this foolish piece who needs opponents.

    And whoever the hell wrote this article-STOP WRITING- STOP THINKING it is Not your cup of tea!

  6. Muhammad Zulfiqar

    Ah well, i think who ever wrote this is completely nuts and a blind follower of PPPP and America.
    My dear i dont think that any earlier bill said that you will be required to let black water in, Havent you heard of black water the company that destroyed Vietnam……………….
    Seriously brother you need to research about it…………….better delete this blog before others come upon you

  7. YLH

    And you sir an equal nut of equal measure from the other side.

  8. enkhan

    Has everybody lost their mind really? The arguments in favor are as pathetic as the arguments in defense. The only disputable parts that I found in the bill are:

    “the Government of Pakistan is continuing to cooperate with the United States in efforts to dismantle supplier networks relating to the acquisition of nuclear weapons-related materials, such as providing relevant information from or direct access to Pakistani nationals associated with such networks;”

    – I personally believe its such an anomalous and unnecessary condition, intervening into the nuclear program and direct withdrawal of information has nothing to do with the aid bill.

    “preventing al-Qaeda, the Taliban and associated terrorist groups, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed, from operating in the territory of Pakistan, including carrying out cross-border attacks into neighbouring countries, closing terrorist camps in the Fata, dismantling terrorist bases of operations in other parts of the country, including Quetta and Muridke, and taking action when provided with intelligence about high-level terrorist targets;”

    – We all know Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad have always been engaged in Kashmir movement of Kashmir, they are in no way related to Al-Qaeda.

    – Concerning the ‘provided with intelligence’ part, agreeing the above condition would give US intelligence a signed license from the government of Pakistan to manifest any case to kill virtually any number of anti-American sectarians in anywhere in Pakistan.

  9. enkhan

    Kashmir movement of freedom*

  10. bonobashi


    First, your statement is of very doubtful accuracy, as it is now common knowledge that all terrorist groups are engaged in Afghanistan, either directly or in logistics support.

    Second, your logic that terrorists engaged in Kashmir should be specially exempted is not clear. How many times must the cycle be repeated before it dawns on you that sooner or later, these terrorist groups become independent and turn on their sponsors?

  11. enkhan


    Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Taiba being engaged in Afghanistan is only Indian dubious theory, who have employed all their efforts to get LET and JEM banned internationally, while a Pakistani would know LET and JEM weren’t primarily terrorist clans, they were supporting the freedom fighter squad in Kashmir.

  12. Hayyer

    The LeT and JeM haven’t done much damage in Kashmir, hardly any in fact. All their damage has been outside Kashmir, in both countries.

  13. bonobashi


    It was regrettably your kind of wishful thinking that has got things to this pass. Try to understand: you can’t control these fanatics, sooner or later they will turn against all of you who are ordinary citizens. I assume that you are an ordinary citizen.

    From a PTH column:

    The umbrella group for the Pakistani Taliban, Tehrik-e-Taliban, claimed responsibility for the attacks in Lahore, the independent television news channel Geo reported on its Web site.

    But the style of the attacks also revealed the closer ties between the Taliban and Al Qaeda and what are known as jihadi groups, which operate out of southern Punjab, the country’s largest province, analysts said. The cooperation has made the militant threat to Pakistan more potent and insidious than ever, they said.

    The government has tolerated the Punjabi groups, including Jaish-e-Muhammad and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, for years, and many Pakistanis consider them allies in just causes, including fighting India, the United States and Shiite Muslims. But they have become entwined with the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and have increasingly turned on the state.

    The alliance has now stepped up attacks as the military prepares an assault on the Taliban stronghold of South Waziristan, where senior members of the Punjabi groups also find sanctuary and support.

    “These are all Punjabi groups with a link to South Waziristan,” Aftab Ahmed Sherpao, a former interior minister, said, explaining the recent attacks.

    In a rare acknowledgment of the lethal combination of forces, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that a “syndicate” of militant groups wanted to see “Pakistan as a failed state.”

    “The banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Al Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi are operating jointly in Pakistan,” Mr. Malik told journalists, pledging a more effective counter strategy.

  14. Bloody Civilian


    if you include the psychological, intellectual and social damage to physical damage, then it would not be difficult to see which of the two countries has been the most affected…. without even waiting for bonobashi’s warnings to come true. evidence of that damage is on display, from time to time, on this very forum.

  15. bonobashi

    @Bloody Civilian

    I didn’t even want to raise the subject of greater damage being done to Pakistan, because of the scumbags who haunt Pakistani sites just to say precisely this, especially at difficult times for the country. But unfortunately, thanks to years of sponsoring terrorism, the state institutions cannot recognise it as a threat, until the organisations start shooting at them.

    How many times, dear heavens?

  16. enkhan


    How utterly regrettable it is that people overlook their faults, and then be a cry-child when the outcome surfaces… JeT and LeT have always been ally groups of Pakistan Army and intelligence, while Al-Qaeda/Taliban were operating in a different area and with a completely different mission. I entirely disagree they were ever allies or they ever joined hands, maybe few fractions of those men ran off to aid muslims in Afghanistan against the US but when Pakistan turned its back on them, it invited the hostility to party on their home-ground.

    Drone attacks and American cross-border intervention caused contention in that region and Government never took a serious action. Americans kept targeting and now when the terrorists/civilians-turned-terrorists took the brawl out to make the people of Punjab feel what they’ve been suffering for months, the Government decided to cruise over them.

    What a pity!!! Hope Government shall learn to someday think what’re they fighting for?

  17. enkhan

    US strategically ignited the civil war within Pakistan. There might be or might not be Al-Qaeda/Taliban operating but do we expect the Pashtuns who were attacked by American Government to sit on their a*** and do nothing about it? They raised their voice for a long time and there was no substantial development, as Pakistan never took a bold step or filed a case against US internationally for their cross-border interference.

  18. bonobashi


    Dear Sir,

    Two points, if you please:

    1. The first point is that the LeT and the JeM being allies of the Pakistani Army, or of Pakistani intelligence, which is the worst kept secret in the whole world, does not justify terrorism, nor does it justify state-sponsored and supervised terrorism, nor does it form a defence against criticism for continuing to support terrorism.

    That is the core that you have to face; that your country’s policy of sponsoring terror has led to the consequences that you see all around you, unless you are writing your specious arguments from within the USA or some other foreign location.

    The fact that you personally like or dislike the organisations because they are supposedly engaged in terrorising Kashmir, and you think terrorising Kashmir is a good idea, is neither here nor there. You cannot choose terrorism from a menu of state options any longer; those days are gone when such conduct would find international approval, they are rapidly vanishing for even internal approval within Pakistan to be universal. This for reasons that I present for your consideration at point 2.

    2. None of the evidence I am putting in front of you – some fragments so far, but huge volumes available otherwise – is my opinion. I have not chosen to say to you, or to those like-minded with you, that my opinion of the situation is so-and-so, or such-and-such. I quote others; they may or may not be acceptable, but I am quoting third party sources after all, while you are quoting your sympathies.

    All this evidence is to the effect that the terrorists are intertwined, and it is not possible to segregate their aims and objectives. It is my opinion and not evidence quoted from other sources that this was ever so; however, in line with my stated practice of quoting sources when arguing on sensitive subjects with partisans.

  19. bonobashi


    My post to you was regrettably uploaded incomplete; please add the following fragment:

    I shall not fall back on my own memory or opinion, but shall continue to refer to other sources.

  20. bonobashi


    I should have added that I understand the tenor of your post at 2:52, and it is logical within a limited, and I believe, a no-longer relevant context. I understand that you are arguing that the Pakistan Army should sort out which causes it should support and which it should not.

    I further understand you to be saying that it should further not fail to accept responsibility for supporting causes which can only cause direct harm to Pakistan, rather than the immediate gains that are calculated.

    My remarks are with this understanding of your position.

  21. enkhan


    All the terrorists are intertwined, or all the ministers are such blockheads to but blame on a random organization to save trouble of investigation? What bollocks and random ridiculous theories we hear in almost every talk show, from Rehman Malik to Salman Taseer… What are they? Our stoned reliable sources of information? Oh and not to forget, you know how easy it is to put blame on any of them. It enters the believers circle without the authentication seal.

  22. Archaeo

    It does seem that the two of you are in perfect agreement. That is very pleasing to those of us who have been watching for the outcome of this particular exchange, and must be even more pleasing to the two of you; you can now abandon this fully-exploited line of discussion and go on to lead the rests of your lives.