Poem: Where Do You Stand ?

Here I stand,
Upon this pyre
My house,
as fire smolders out
From our actions
Of dishonesty and indifference
remain they distant in anticipation
Of disasters and break ups
Transport they themselves and our assets
Ours not theirs, to distant lands
From this house, as I stare
Here I stand, in reflection and ponder
Here he stands with his heart and mind.

Here I stand now with this man,
From days of the legend and bravery
Stop I will he says “all that has destroyed us”
Stop I will he says “all this isolation and injustice”
Not without your help, not without you
Come and join me, together we will
Create stories of magic and foundation
all that contains in our hands and minds
All that remains in those million prayers
Our time has come, our time has come

Find you will me with him now,
Together we will build this house,
From principles of justice and humanity
And to those who remain distant
In utterance “it’s impossible”
And words of discomfort “this cannot be done”
Remain they outside and distant
From years of plunders and loot
This revolution will come,
Our time has come, says he
Where do you stand?
Here I stand with him
Where do you stand?
Our time has come, our time has come!




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5 responses to “Poem: Where Do You Stand ?

  1. yasserlatifhamdani


    We don’t want lessons or patronizing nonsense from fools like you.

    I will personally edit and delete everyone of your posts henceforth. Please don’t waste your time posting here.

    Thank you.

  2. karun


    you will get adequate lessons from your terrorists brothers who will smash your pea sized brain.

    I am aware of your sinking feeling. Go on, meet Death!!!

  3. YLH

    If I had a penny for everytime some loser from across the border promised my demise at the hands of their brothers the Mullahs … I’d be a very rich man.

  4. this actually reminded me of the song.. ‘here i am’