Hussain Haqqani is a Patriot!

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Recent rumours that Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani is being replaced are harming Pakistan’s interests. At a time when Pakistan is literally under attack by enemies both foreign and domestic, responsible journalists and political figures from all parties should unite to support the best interests of the nation and defend those, like Mr. Haqqani, who have devoted their lives to supporting a strong, free, independent Pakistan.

Opposition parties may think they have an easy target in Mr. Haqqani as he is presently abroad and not someone with whom they have to make regular meetings in Parliament. But Mr. Haqqani plays a vital role for Pakistan, and spreading rumours designed to diminish his authority harm Pakistan in substantial ways. Regardless of one’s concerns about language in the Kerry-Lugar bill, it remains that it is vital for Pakistan to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with the the United States, currently the world’s superpower. After years of mistrust and double-dealing between the two countries under former President Musharraf, the past year has seen a dramatic turnaround in relations between the two powers.

 Do we really want, as relations are warming and the US is extending an unprecedented offering of partnership, to replace the most effective voice for a strong and democratic Pakistan? Despite the rhetoric of some opposition journalists and politicians, Mr. Haqqani did not write the Kerry-Lugar bill. Anyone familiar with the democratic process knows this is the case. As further evidence, I invite you to refer to the current internal debates in the US about health care and economic stimulus. Both of these issues are well documented to involve contentious debates, and bills introduced in the US Congress include language not favored by President Obama. Do these opposition journalists really expect Mr. Haqqani to exert more influence over the US Congress more than President Barack Obama?

 As it stands, Mr. Haqqani has very explicitly denounced these rumours of his replacement, noting that he has “not been asked to alter [his] responsibilites nor have any questions been raised about [his] conduct.” Ironically, Mr. Haqqani was asked to comment on the rumours while he was in Texas attending a ceremony to mark the delivery of 18 F-16 fighters to Pakistan. The day before Mr. Haqqani was in Texas with Pakistan’s new fleet of fighter jets, he was defending Pakistan’s sovereignty and democratic intentions on Fareed Zakaria’s show “GPS” on the CNN news network. Why would anyone in their right mind replace a representative for Pakistan who works so tirelessly, who has achieved so much? In barely one and a half years, Mr. Haqqani has changed the nature of the US-Pakistan relationship from one of mutual suspicion to one of partnership and cooperation. His tireless work has significantly increased the availability of defense technology to Pakistan’s military, and created a vast new capacity for non-military investment in Pakistan’s health, education, and energy sectors.

Who among these opposition voices calling for his removal have done half as much for Pakistan? Opposition journalists and politicians must put their political aspirations aside when it comes to the best interests of the nation. They must call off the rumour dogs and instead devote their time, as Mr. Haqqani has done, to tirelessly working for the best interests of the nation.



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  1. Mustafa Shaban

    truthfull youa re not making any sense.

    Also I disagree with the author and I see Haqqani as a traitor…..he is defending America’s interests and not Pakistan by making it subject to the KLB. Also he has openly said that he will reveal state secrets and official secrets if he is fired. Basically he is blackmailing government and militaary, how does that make him a patriot?? And he is always arguing for US point of view rather than Pakistan. HE has damaged Pakistan diplomaticaally and needs to be fired so that the more sensible Maleeha Lodhi can take his place. Now the government itself admitted the problems with KLB and Haqqani’s misdoings, so there is no argument there.

  2. H S

    This blog is pro PPP. The moment you go to their webpage you notice this so no wonder they are trying to save Haqqani’s image. I hope the author remembers that it was haqqani who in early 90s during BB’s government declared BB’s prime ministership as the worst thing that happened to Pakistan EVER

  3. PMA

    Haqqani was born in Karachi and was raised in a conservative religious family in Malir, a relatively poor suburb of Karachi. Growing up, he found himself alternating “between being attracted to and repulsed by political Islam”. He began his interest in journalism while in high school. In college, he became president of the student union. He would frequently visit the library at the U.S. consulate, reading volumes of American history. Later, when students wanted to attack the consultate as part of a protest against the United States, Haqqani refused.

    He has lived in the United States since 2002, and has developed a taste for the Boston Red Sox baseball team and news programs.

    Haqqani received a B.A. degree with distinction in 1977 and an M.A. degree with distinction in international relations in 1980 from the University of Karachi. He is married to Farahnaz Ispahani, a former producer at CNN and MSNBC and current member of the Pakistani parliament, and the granddaughter of Mirza Abol Hassan Ispahani, Pakistan’s first ambassador to Washington. Their official residence in Washington was purchased and donated by her grandfather.

  4. PMA

    Haqqani worked as a full-time journalist from 1980-88. He covered the war in Afghanistan for Voice of America radio; served as the Pakistan and Afghanistan correspondent for Far Eastern Economic Review; and worked in Hong Kong as the East Asian correspondent for the London-based Arabia: the Islamic World Review.

    Since that time, he has steadily contributed op-eds and articles to dozens of publications, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Boston Globe, Financial Times in London, International Herald Tribune, South China Morning Post, Toronto Globe and Mail, Gulf News and Le Monde. He has also been a syndicated columnist for the Indian Express and Daily Star in Bangladesh; he has appeared regularly on television news shows for BBC, CNN, NBC, PBS, CBS and ABC, commenting on Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Asian affairs, Islamic politics and radicalism.

  5. PMA

    Haqqani has been a campaign worker, senior adviser, ambassador, spokesperson and scholar. In 1988, he worked in the political campaign for an alliance led by Nawaz Sharif; In 1990, he was special assistant to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif; from 1990-92, he was special assistant and spokesman for Prime Minister Sharif; from 1992-93, he became one of Pakistan’s youngest ambassadors, serving in Sri Lanka; from 1993-95, he was spokesman to Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto; from 1995-96, he was chairman of the House Building Finance Corporation.

    From 2004-08, Haqqani was an associate professor for international relations at Boston University. In addition, he co-chaired the Project on Islam and Democracy at the Hudson Institute in Washington, and was editor of the journal Current Trends in Islamists Ideology. Among his numerous writing credits are “Pakistan Between Mosque and Military” for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; “Islam’s Medieval Outposts” for the journal Foreign Policy, and “The Role of Islam in Pakistan’s Future” for Washington Quarterly.

  6. Anwar

    Having coming across him personally, I think he is more in line with agendas of Daniel Pipes and other neocons than what people of PK are fed to believe.

    He has boxed himself to an extent that he will have hard time changing his trajectory even if he is convinced of lapse of judgments…

    He is a smart guy no doubt but is short of scholarly milestones. His professional achievements only point to shifting positions and absence of focal point.

    Putting a highly polarized person in charge of an embassy was risky and erroneous. I wish him well – he could have done better.



  8. PMA

    Born in 1950
    B.A. in 1977
    M.A. in 1980
    1980-1988: Full time journalist.
    1988: Political campaign worker for an alliance led by Nawaz Sharif.
    1990: Special assistant to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
    1990-92: Special assistant and spokesman for Prime Minister Sharif.
    1992-93: Ambassador to Sri Lanka.
    1993-95: Spokesman to Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.
    1995-96: Chairman of the House Building Finance Corporation.
    1996-2002 ???
    In 2002 moved to the USA.
    2004-08: Associate professor at Boston University and Hudson Institute, Washington, D.C.
    2008- Ambassador to the USA.

  9. PMA

    Daniel Pipes was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Harvard historian Richard Pipes and his wife Irene (née Roth), and grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Both Pipes’ parents were from assimilated Polish Jewish families that fled from Poland in 1939. The couple met in the United States in 1944 and married two years later. Daniel was their first child.

    Daniel Pipes attended the Harvard pre-school, then received a private school education, partly abroad. He enrolled in Harvard University, where his father was then still a professor, in the fall of 1967; for his first two years he studied mathematics, but has said: “I wasn’t smart enough. So I chose to become a historian.” He said he “found the material too abstract.” He credits visits to the Sahara Desert in 1968 and the Sinai Desert in 1969 for piquing his interest in the Arabic language, and visits to Niger and Tunisia for piquing his interest in the Islamic world, and he changed his major to Middle East history. For the next two years Pipes studied Arabic and the Middle East, obtaining a B.A. in history in 1971; his senior thesis was titled A Medieval Islamic Debate: The World Created in Eternity, a study of Al-Ghazali. After graduating in 1971, Pipes spent nearly two years in Cairo. He learned Arabic and studied the Quran, which he states gave him an appreciation for Islam.

    Daniel Pipes returned to Harvard in 1973 and obtained a Ph.D. in medieval Islamic history in 1978. His Ph.D. dissertation eventually became his first book, Slave Soldiers and Islam, in 1981. He studied abroad for six years, three of which were spent in Egypt, where he wrote a book on colloquial Egyptian Arabic which was published in 1983. He switched his academic interest from medieval Islamic studies to modern Islam in the late 1970s.

    He taught world history at the University of Chicago from 1978 to 1982, history at Harvard from 1983 to 1984, and policy and strategy at the Naval War College from 1984 to 1986. In 1983, Pipes served on the policy-planning staff at the State Department.

    Daniel Pipes largely retired from academia after 1986, though in 2007 he taught a course titled “International Relations: Islam and Politics” as a visiting professor at Pepperdine University. Pipes told an interviewer from Harvard Magazine that he has “the simple politics of a truck driver, not the complex ones of an academic. My viewpoint is not congenial with institutions of higher learning.” His articles have been translated into numerous languages, including Latin.

    From 1986 on, Pipes worked for various think tanks. From 1986 to 1993 he was director of the Philadelphia-based Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) and editor of its journal, Orbis. In 1990 he organized the Middle East Forum as a unit of FPRI; it became an independent organization with himself as head. Pipes edits its journal, the Middle East Quarterly. In 2002, he established Campus Watch as a project of the Middle East Forum.

    In 2003, President George W. Bush nominated Pipes for the board of the United States Institute of Peace. After a controversy including a filibuster by Democratic Senators, Pipes obtained the position by recess appointment.

  10. PMA

    Nicholas D. Kristof of the New York Times writes that despite the fact that he disagrees with Pipes on the Middle East, he finds him “smart and well-informed.”

    In The Nation, Brooklyn writer Kristine McNeil describes Pipes as an “anti-Arab propagandist” who has built a career out of “distortions… twist[ing] words, quot[ing] people out of context and stretch[ing] the truth to suit his purpose.” James Zogby argues that Pipes possesses an “obsessive hatred of all things Muslim”, and that “Pipes is to Muslims what David Duke is to African-Americans”. Defending Pipes, Jacoby noted that “Pipes has devoted most of his life to an appreciation and understanding of Islamic culture.” Christopher Hitchens, a fellow supporter of the Iraq War and critic of political Islam, has also criticized Pipes, arguing that Pipes pursues an intolerant agenda, “confuses scholarship with propaganda”, and “pursues petty vendettas with scant regard for objectivity.”

    Daniel Pipes’s views gained widespread public attention when they triggered a filibuster in the United States Senate against his nomination by President George W. Bush to the board of the United States Institute of Peace. Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) explained that he was offended by Pipes’s comments on Islam, and that while “some people call [Pipes] a scholar… this is not the kind of person you want on the USIP.” While defending Pipes’s nomination, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer distanced Bush from Pipes’s views, saying that Bush disagrees with Pipes about whether Islam is a peaceful religion.

    In addition, Pipes has sparked local controversies as an invited speaker at college campuses. When Pipes was invited to speak at the University of Toronto in March 2005, a letter from professors, staff and students asserted that Pipes had a “long record of xenophobic, racist and sexist [speeches] that goes back to 1990.” University officials said they would not interfere with Pipes’s visit.

  11. Farhad Ahmed Jarral

    Indian spends over 100’s of Million $ annually on lobbying forms get favorable policies in USA. With such huge money and influence of American Indian’s in USA, India greatly influences US policies towards South Asia. Present KL Aid Bill for Pakistan was strongly opposed by Indian lobby. As $ 7.5 Billion aid package would help Pakistan to develop civilian infrastructure without cutting the defense budget.

    Pakistani Ambassador Hussain Haqani who is very well connected in US decision makers successfully defeated all these efforts of Indian lobby. Even with very little resources which Pakistan spends on lobbying in Washington, Haqani get the aid Bill passed from congress. The controversial clauses like access to AQ Khan and Bulachistan were removed with his personal efforts.

    Now USA congress has further clarified the conditions for military aid, although there was no condition for civilian aid earlier. This will make Haqani more stronger who is already believed to be one of the most powerful diplomats in Washington. At these difficult times not only government but Pakistan army also thinks that there can be no better alternate of Haqani to defend Pakistani policies in US and have such important contacts in policy makers.

    The rumors being spread are from right wing extremists lobby, as, Haqani has been strong supporter of a secular and moderate Pakistan. His book is one of the important books on exposing how USA and Pakistan developed this monster called Taliban. This is unforgivable sin in eyes of right wing Taliban apologists. In fact Haqani has strengthened his position in eyes of Army and government and proved himself a powerful diplomat. Neither Army nor government afford his removal in these difficult times for Pakistan.. PAKISTAN PAYENDABAD!!

  12. right wing extremist are spreading baseless rumour against hussain haqqani. these rightwing extremist are not the contractor of patriotism and they have no right to call other traitors .
    hussain haqqani is such a talented man . his book “between mosque and military ” is worth reading and he knows both American and Pakistan establishment and society very well . i think he knows more about capitol hill more than those who works there.

    his lectures in Houston on’”Pakistan and american relationship” was total gem. you can watch them on following links :
    part 1

    part 2

    part 3

    part 4

    part 5

  13. Hafsa Khawaja

    I am in an agreement with Farhad and Humza, the right-wing extremists are raging on false rumours and baseless propaganda against Hussain Haqqani. Mr. Haqqani is an excellent ambassador and I think his efforts for a more stable Pakistan should be appreciated rather than classed as conspiracies against Pakistan. And sadly, many of our own people are carried away with such stories just cooked up to defame a patriotic Pakistani who has been an important lobbyist for his country in the USA.

    He has been an impressive diplomat and the rumours of his replacement are nothing more than mere words.

  14. Junaid Qaiser


    I’m still not able to understand,who is real stackholder in Pakistan…either it is army or our people???pakistani state institutions has no right to dictate Pakistani democratically elected civilan Govt…Hussain Haqqani doing his job with great zeal,devotion and he is also keeping national interest supreme…He contributed too much for present US policy for pakistan,is to engage with the people of pakistan and ensure that money meant for pakistanis is acctually spent on them,and the infrastructure they need.this is a break from previous US Govt’.Who have engaged with the pakistani military and establishment rather than the 180 million people of pakistan….We salute Hussain Haqqani Contribution…

    by Junaid Qaiser October 13, 2009 at 10:53 am

  15. Rida Baloch

    Attendence in FoDP of Obama and British PM Gordon brown proves that the relation between both countries are geting improve day by day and by the grace of ALLAH TALA today US gives 4 F-16 jets to Pakistan….i belive such people who made rumours like this should be called as anti-Pakistani cux if there is no Pakistan there will be no Pakistani. So we all have to think about Pakistan and should appricaite the services of Goverment rather than to talk about their personal or positions.

  16. Roothi Hui Larki

    People are being so ignorant , thats why they write all negetives about Hussain haqani. There is propganda against him. We should not let these people do any propoganda against Hussain Haqani. He is a great and talneted man.

  17. From my point of view,such propaganda and conspiracies are intended for nothing,but just to cause political crisis and instability in Pakistan.As far as today’s era is concerned,we need the support of the world powers for our survival and relations with USA form the backbone of our foreign policy and Mr.Hussain Haqqani has rendered valuable services for improving relations……..therefore,as to blaim him for anything is just like blaming the democracy in Pakistan or destabilizing Pakistan government and economy.Furter more,the democractic gov. of PPP has always been keen to strengthen Pakistan’s relations with the USA and over years,the previous record of PPP provides the proof……so,we mustn’t see such conspiracies blindly with ‘open eyes’,nor hear such propaganda like deaf,when God has blessed us with ears,or further more,sit like dumb,when he have been blessed with a tongue and have the power of eradicating evils from our society and condemning such acts…..!!!!

  18. I doubt Haqqani’s intentions, he seems to be an American diplomat, rather than a Pakistani envoy.

  19. Hira

    There should be no doubt that it is due Hussain Haqqani that US policies for Pakistan are obvious and in favour of Pakistan as compared to Musharraf rule. President Zardari truly deems that Hussain Haqqani is the best person which can promote our interest better than anyone else while in U.S. We must know about Indian lobby working in U.S. They spend millions on lobbying. India influences U.S policy towards our region and it is succeeding in getting their targets. India strongly opposed Kerry Lugar Bill, aid package for Pakistan which would help to develop civilian infrastructure. Kerry Lugar Bill was huge success of government and Hussain Haqqani defeated all efforts of Indian Lobby against Pakistan. Hussain Haqqani is a true patriot!!

  20. enkhan

    Nothing really wrong with the bill except the few exceptions(mentioned on the other post) but the amount of aid it’d be providing Pakistan would be nothing more than a joke..

  21. smart-ass

    PMA sounds like Haqqani himself.
    In the dateline, you forgot to mention his earlier marriage date and how he got access to Mohtarma.
    The chailas on top are just kiraey kay khushamdi and their way of writing is similar which indicates that all the posts above are written by one person. Shame on all of you, really disgusting.

  22. Haqqani – JI – PML -N – PPP – USA

    lol few yrs down the road who knows where;)

  23. smart-ass

    You have missed MOSSAD.LOL.
    I think USA ka visa dilwanay ka waada kiya ho ga iss site ko chalanay walay kay sath.

  24. smart-ass

    and of course his ISI’s political cell duties and Mohtarma and her mother’s obscene pictures created and distributed by HH…HAHAHAHA…ZPP deserved people like him. He launched Ejaz-ul-Haq in Dubai…Ya Allah kiya kiya likhain, aankhon per para pardah nahi uthay ga, agar achay husb nasb kay hotay tou apni leader kay qatil ki yoon projection na kertey.Beta loot lo jitna lootna hai, phir mauqa nahi milay ga.