Can we unite to protect our future?

By Bilal Qureshi

There we go again. Another bomb blast in Peshawar destroyed everything – peace, confidence and hope, yet again.

We all know that the campaign against the Taliban is going to be bloody, and these nihilists are going to do everything in their power to scare, destabilize and intimidate Pakistan, but I am confident that Pakistanis will not, and they cannot be pressured into accepting a barbaric and primitive life style that these thugs are trying to impose on Pakistan.

I just feel extremely sad and depressed about the ordinary citizens being targeted in this battle by the Taliban and the slavish followers of Bin Laden. These civilians have done nothing to deserve to die like this. In fact, the country has done nothing to be bombed by a group convinced to be on God’s mission.

No religion, including Islam preaches hatred, killings and destruction that we have seen in the name of Islam lately. This is exactly the opposite of everything that a Muslim must do, but somehow, a group of thugs have taken up the cause of spreading mayhem and these butchers cite religious reasons for this devastation.

Even more despicable is the support that these people receive in Pakistan and in and around the world. Those who believe that supporting destructive and barbaric Taliban is somehow a fight against the Americans are delusional and bone headed. Americans are not suffering – it is Pakistan and the Pakistanis who are suffering and it has to stop and stop now.

There will be plenty of time to disagree with Washington, but for God’s sake, let’s join hands to root out these hate mongers. These people are a threat to not only to Pakistan, but to the entire world and we have to acknowledge and accept it. These Taliban are killing Muslims and Pakistanis in their quest to harm America. This is wrong, this is awful and this has to come to an end.

Obviously, there is nothing we can do to bring back those who have died tragically, but this is an opportunity, yet again for all of us to protect Pakistan and leave a country that is free of hate, destruction and religious, ethnic or every other type of intimidation for our next generation.

Can we unite to protect our future?



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26 responses to “Can we unite to protect our future?

  1. Junaid

    Its pay back time.

    When the same jihadis used to blow bombs in India and other infidel countries, Pakis and muslims use to cheer them as freedom fighters and mujahids.

    Now that the heat has turned on them and the chickens have come home to roost, every one is whinging.

    Its pay back time.

  2. bonobashi


    Please, for heavens’ sake, don’t bring that element in. It’s difficult enough for many ordinary, decent Pakistanis to accept that their admired jehadis, their freedom fighters are now a menace to their own country, without bringing in the element that these same jehadis had been doing in another country what they are now doing in Pakistan.

    These things are poison; saying them will immediately put up the backs of everybody. Let’s just leave it at the fact that any state that plays with terrorism and terrorists will get into trouble, and for that reason alone should stay away from such strategies.

  3. karun

    what a pathetic article!!

    suggest some innovative course of action not the same old defensive rant.

    it is a battle to death, nothing less will do, no overtures to peace, no ceasefire, no negotiation

    just bang! bang!

    pak should go the lanka way, but unfortunately too many sympathisers both within the army and the public muddle the solution

    violence is necessary and perhaps the only solution. there is no other alternative

  4. karun

    i hope this is to be done with all sorts of separatists in all countries including kashmiri separatists in India.

    Bang! Bang!

  5. just a muslim

    why pakistan and its army is killing Muslims and pakistanis just to make America happy. it is wrong and has to end. we need to get rid of munafiqeen, who kill their own people.

  6. After all these mess in pakistan,it is very clear that Army and politician need to come in one issue-get rid of so called TALIBAN,MUJAHIDIN and AL-QAEDA.They are terminal cancer for future of this country.Army is divided with the issue of Taliban,Al-Qaeda.I do not blame foreign elements,it is must for the foes of pakistan to get into countries internal affairs.What we’re doing to control this uprise?It is shameful to watch GHQ is under siege by tiny mouse (Taliban).How army is facing this situation.They supposed protect borders of the country,but they’re being tested with their own GHQ’s boundary.

  7. fun

    the line should be “No religion, EXEPT Islam preaches hatred, killings and destruction”

    I know, you will explain , Islam does this and that………..but except hate and killing, It has given nothing to humanity… says equality and love for anyone who is muslim, annyone else can live only if he pays jajiya and accept that he is a second grade citizen……….

    F*** you Islam and pakistan……What happeneing today, You deserve it….I hope Taliban take over and you have a true sharia rule and F*** yourself…..

  8. Hayyer

    That was not funny.

  9. Essar

    There is an answer; though just about no one – NO ONE – in Pakistan wants to hear and then act upon it.

    The answer is to make Pakistan a democracy. It is NOT a democracy right now. And why not?

    To be a democracy, a state has to renounce religion – it HAS to be secular. Though secularism is not the only principle, it definitely is one of the cardinal principles of democracy.

    However Pakistan was created on the basis of a religion – it is therefore a theocracy. Religion is the basis of its constitution. It is an Islamic state – and will NEVER be a democracy unless it becomes secular.

    And therein lies the dichotomy – Pakistan wants to be an Islamic country as well as a democracy.

    It is NOT possible!

    Democracy itself is certainly not going to turn Pakistan into an utopia, of course. However, without democracy it does NOT stand a chance. It is that simple.

    Only two states in modern times have been formed on the basis of religion – Pakistan and Israel. Both are cauldrons of violence.

    Enough said.

  10. Essar

    To “just a muslim”:

    Oh. So, killing Muslims is bad; but killing others – infidels of all kinds – is OK?

    Well “just a muslim”, anyone who kills in the name of religion or god or whatever, are all the same. However, it is people like you who have emboldened these terrorists in the past.

    And now – and right now – as someone else has commented in this blog – “chickens have now come home to roost”.

    Enjoy the spectacle “just a muslim” and your ilk. Isn’t this what you wanted all along?

  11. Vikram

    Pakistan is the father of talibans. Pakistan used talibans to kill 1000’s of Afghanis. No Pakistani protested. Pakistani army also killed 3 million people in Bangladesh in 70’s. Terrorism is a big industry in Pakistan. Pakistan gets billions of dollars to fight terrorism. A lot of these killings are for money. Even now there are terrorists training camps all over in Pakistan. Lashker-e-tioba was chief was a guest at a recent army function. Pakis now claim, Muslims are killing Muslims for RAW or US or Israel.

  12. D_a_n


    ‘Lashker-e-tioba was chief was a guest at a recent army function. ‘

    so you were at the Inter Div annual badminton competition as well?

  13. Luqmaan

    @D_a_n >Inter Div annual badminton comp

    Missing the woods for the trees?
    Vikram has a point there. Refute it if you may.

    They can’t hunt with the hunters and run with the hares all the time.


  14. D_a_n

    @ luqmaan

    listen son, i have been reading your asinie comments on some complex and not so complex issues here on PTH and I haven’t had the time or inclination to educate you.

    What the flip is that supposed to mean?? ‘Refute him if you can ???’

    where is the point in that?

    The man made a specific claim which is a lie. I will make a claim tomorrow that your are actually big bird from seasame street and then ask you to waste time refuting it??? Give me a break man.

  15. D_a_n


    I was too harsh…’ your asinine comments should read ‘your inane comments’

    some time away from that ridiculous star news should help……

  16. bonobashi


    I sympathise with your basic premise, that terrorist and Jehadi elements are getting far too much support within Pakistan, and that elements of Pakistani society, both civil society as well the military, cannot seem to get away from their historical use of terror to pursue state aims.

    However linking it to that nincompoop Vikram’s comment was needlessly provocative.

  17. Luqmaan

    >I was too harsh…’ your asinine comments
    >should read ‘your inane comments’

    Asinine/inane – both are apt. But plz peel off the layers, if you will. The fault is all mine, I should be clearer in thought and word as well.

    >>‘Lashker-e-tioba was chief was a guest at a
    >>recent army function. ‘
    >so you were at the Inter Div annual badminton >competition as well?

    The larger issue of links/co-ordination between the various lashkars and the army (another lashkar literally speaking) cannot be missed for the lie(?) about the guest list at the army function.


  18. usman

    The traitor rulers have reduced Pak Army into the world’s cheapest private security firm for America

    After Swat and Khyber, America is using Pak Army to break the hell loose on the people of S. Waziristan

    After a conclusive and clear-cut diktat from America, the government of Pakistan has finalized its preparations for a full-scale military offensive in Waziristan. Food and necessary supplies have already been cut-off for the residents in South Waziristan for the last two months. On his way back from America, Zardari, a president on American payroll, announced this operation in London in May 2009. Same was the case for Swat operation which was started by Zardari while he was in America after the displeasure and intimidation by Hillary Clinton. The fact is that under American dictates, the government first decides to undertake the operation and then works to concoct excuses and reasons to convince the masses. By handing over the services of Pakistan armed forces to USA over just re-imbursement of expenses and Eid gifts the government has turned our armed forces into the world’s cheapest private security firm. And now by attacking Waziristan with two division forces, the government is lending support to the America’s losing crusade in Afghanistan – to which even America and Europe themselves are reluctant to lend their “precious” blood.

  19. usman

    The time has come for you to stop the government from repeating the blunder of Waziristan operation after they have massacred in Swat. Do you not see, the moment the government decided to launch operation in Waziristan, bomb blasts in major cities have increased? Same is the case with load-shedding which is increased to an extent that the people are so preoccupied with their own problems that they don’t even get the chance to know what is happening with their Muslim brothers in the Tribal belt. O Muslims! Millions will be displaced again in the coming winter and hundreds of Muslims will die, if not thousands. The killer and the killed both will be believers. You will have to stop this oppression by coming on streets and roads. You will have to kick-out America and Blackwater to fulfil your responsibility.

    O Armed Forces of Pakistan! These are the same tribesmen along with whom you expelled USSR from this region. They used to love you and you respected them. Then who is the one who turned you against each other? Indeed it all started with the advent of US troops in the region. Know thy enemy and support your brothers who are busy in expelling the crusaders from the region instead of lending support to the devil, the USA. Bear in mind, It is not acceptable in front of Allah (swt) in any case that you kill Muslims by allying with Kuffar. Allah (swt) said;

    وَمَنْ يَقْتُلْ مُؤْمِنًا مُتَعَمِّدًا فَجَزَاؤُهُ جَهَنَّمُ خَالِدًا فِيهَا وَغَضِبَ اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَلَعَنَهُ وَأَعَدَّ لَهُ عَذَابًا عَظِيمًا

    And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his Recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the Wrath and the Curse of Allâh are upon him, and a great punishment is prepared for Him. (TMQ: An-Nisa; 93

  20. Bloody Civilian


    cannot be missed for the lie(?) about the guest list

    i see you still have doubts. please, quickly use whatever means you’ve available to get over it. attendance at an official function cannot be too difficult to confirm even using google. and then return your sharper mind to more useful analysis and contribution to this important debate. the quicker the better…. less time wasted.


  21. D_a_n


    Look, Luq..

    so Army translated to Lashkar. And your point is what? some too clever by half attempt to establish some sort of ‘guilt by translation’…….?
    Your country too has a ‘Lashkar’ , ie, the IA.

    it is my personal reading that you have some deep seated personal and/or identity issues that you project via your ill informed, simplistic views and postings on all issues related to Pakistan and it’s conduct in it’s own WOT…

    I am not missing any forrest for any trees here..
    What I am able to do is understand the context and tactical and even strategic rationale for many things which have happened…and what type of interests and forces drive these things….

    do you see your side as some sort of Desi Clark kents fighting for ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’?????

    and the way you dump on us, I would look inwards as well Son. What do you think your boys do? sit around making peace signs singing Kumbaya?

    anyway, i probably will not attempt to engage you on this specifically as your not up for it…not up to it. not yet at least.

    I might suggest some private tutoring with a certain Bengali Gent. Maybe then we can talk.

  22. Luqmaan

    >establish some sort of ‘guilt by translation’…….?

    No. Not the intent.

    >What I am able to do is understand the context
    >and tactical and even strategic rationale for many

    Could we continue?

    >do you see your side as some sort of Desi Clark kents

    When did this start slipping into your side my side? That is not a positive direction.


  23. Luqmaan

    >it is my personal reading that you have some deep
    >seated personal and/or identity issues that you
    >project via your ill informed,

    An Ad Hominem is a general category of fallacies in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author of or the person presenting the claim or argument.

    Typically, this fallacy involves two steps. First, an attack against the character of person making the claim, his circumstances, or his actions is made.

    Second, this attack is taken to be evidence against the claim or argument the person in question is making (or presenting).

    >simplistic views and

    Is it so bad that some complex problems should have some very simple solutions?
    If one is hell bent on finding complex solutions, so be it.

    >I am not missing any forrest for any trees here..
    >What I am able to do is understand the context
    >and tactical and even strategic rationale for
    >many things which have happened…and what
    >type of interests and forces drive these things….

    I am sure you do (understand). But without telling me, how would you make me understand?

    In a debate, one doesn’t say, “I know of facts that prove the contrary, period.”

    >do you see your side as some sort of Desi Clark
    >kents fighting for ‘Truth, Justice and the
    >American Way’?????

    Person A points out to B that his shirt is torn.
    Person B retorts, “So what if my shirt is torn? Your fly is open”

    Notable in this argument is that the open fly of person A will in no way mitigate or change the fact of B’s torn shirt. Person B speaks of the open fly as though the open fly somehow compensates for and justifies his torn shirt, and might successfully divert the subject of discussion away from the fact that his shirt remains torn.

    >I would look inwards as well Son. What do you
    >think your boys do? sit around making peace
    >signs singing Kumbaya?

    Another torn shirt versus open fly argument.


  24. Gorki


    “And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his Recompense is Hell”

    What happens to those who kill non believers intentionally? 😉

  25. apollo

    @ Gorki
    He enjoys eternity with Lovely 72s….

  26. Essar

    To apollo:

    Amen to that!