Congratulations US President Obama

By Yasser Latif Hamdani on behalf of the PTH Team

Congratulations are in order for the US president Barack Hussain Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize.   We hope that he will now work towards bringing peace to Pakistan and resolving the Kashmir Dispute once and for all.

US President Barack Obama on Friday won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for what the Nobel Foundation called “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples”.

Awarding the SKr10m ($1.4m) prize, the Nobel committee said: “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future. His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world’s population.”

The Nobel committee awarded the prize to Mr Obama less than nine months into his presidency. There were a record 205 nominations for this year’s prize. Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe’s prime minister, was among the favourites to win.

For more please read here on FT.


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42 responses to “Congratulations US President Obama

  1. Majumdar

    It wud have been better if Nobel had gone to the incumbent Prez of USA the previous year. But I guess better late than never….


  2. Qandeel

    Lol are you serious? The only thing he’ll be bringing to Pakistan is troops.

  3. Ex Muslim

    ‘His Masters’ Voice’ quoting Ifti Nasim’s now world famous Poem on Obama.
    What next Bush for ‘Iraq Invasion’ gets a Peace Prize.

    Thanks,but not thanks.

  4. Ron

    “US President Barack Obama on Friday won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for what the Nobel Foundation called “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples”.


    Why?? For what??

  5. aish

    I don’t really get it…yet?
    I mean, we’re terribly thankful he became president or we’d have to live under the macho tyrannical rule of Bushists, but has he really done anything that substantial to deserve this prize. This could’ve been timely if we had seen more of his proposals come into fruition (like repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which stigmatizes persons of certain sexuality in the millitary).
    I don’t really get it. Maybe someone would like to weigh in why this may be expected?

  6. Ron

    “I don’t really get it”

    Barack Obama gets the Noble Speech Prize.

    Barack Obama.
    A Good Man. Good words. Good Intentions.

    But Make no mistake:No Good Achievements till today.

  7. bonobashi

    This is a very bad joke on the people of the world.

  8. gv

    this is a joke – typical of modern society… prizes for looking good and achieving b****er all

  9. Hayyer

    Americans seem to be as surprised as everybody else.
    What miracle has Obama wrought in nine months- Solved Palestine, sorted out North Korea, proposed nuclear disarmament?
    Kashmir frankly is beyond hope of solution. Everyone is in his groove. I am reminded of what Palmerston said of the Schleswig Holstein question. ‘Only three people really understood the question’, he said. ‘One is dead, the other has gone mad, and as for me, I have forgotten all about it.’

  10. Bloody Civilian

    Kashmir frankly is beyond hope of solution

    except if you are a kashmiri. ‘audacity of hope’? or ‘hope dies last’?

  11. Hayyer

    If you knew Kashmir you would not say that. Even Kashmiris do not know what they want. Yes, Yes they want Azadi. Everyone knows that. The issue is more complicated than Azadi.
    Let us not on this topic of Obama get into an extended discussion on Kashmir. Perhaps I may, if I can summon the energy write up a piece on that subject and offer it to PTH.

  12. Hayyer

    The choice of Tsvangirai would have drawn universal acclaim.

  13. lal

    It is a good decision in certain ways…now he will never attack iran (or atleast,till bush also gets one),he myt decrease drone attacks on ur people,he will be putting more pressure on all of us to sign NPT and CTBT,he will be more sensible towards climate change,wto talks……nobel committie has almost tried to tie his hand pre emptively…..this is the right way to go…..just imagine how happy the world would have been if george bush got a nobel peace prize in 1st year of presidency….or even giving one to osama b4 9/11 for his work on the empowermwnt of world muslims

  14. D_a_n

    What the flip has this man done???

  15. Natasha

    A prestigious award wasted.

  16. Bloody Civilian


    hope that they would find out what they want? 😉 who can blame them!

    please do write the piece. somehow i doubt you’d need to summon any energy at all.

  17. PMA

    Hayyer (October 9, 2009 at 9:43 pm):

    “If you knew Kashmir…..”

    My father graduated from Prince of Wales College, Jammu. What do you know about that college? Is it still there?

  18. Hossp

    NYT headline on Oct 25,09

    ” President Obama announced that the US would be sending more troops to Afghanistan.”
    He made the announcement after dinner last night in downtown Washington DC.
    Thousands gathered in Dupont Circle to celebrate Nobel prize for peace awarded to Mr. Obama.

  19. DD

    Obama also awarded Nobel prize in chemistry. “He’s just got great chemistry,” says Nobel Committee.

  20. Luqmaan

    In a way, you do make peace, if you send all your enemy to the grave.

    One wonders if the Nobel committee is working hard to devalue the prestige associated with the awards.

    >>Congratulations are in order

    While the award itself was stupefying, this is unbelievable!!

    No harm in believing he will be able to solve the Kashmir dispute now, simply by speaking about it.


  21. Mustafa Shaban

    I read in the gulf news that obama said that he does not deserve the prize and that he has bee humbled by it and will consider it a call to action. I agree with that

  22. Mustafa Shaban

    At the same time all he has done is

    1. increase the drone attacks
    2. commit more troops to afghanistan
    3. move back on his promise regarding iraq and go back to the bush strategy of gradual withdrawal until 2012.
    4. allowed the coup in honduras to take place

    and some other things that are not very peaceful to say the least. But same goes for many of the other nobel peace prize winners, one of the first ones or the first one made the very first machine guns, others are in bed with the elite, some of them participated in the creation of making WMD’s used by the west today and others are politicians who have not made any peace at all infact they just imposed it using thier might and called it ”peace making”

  23. Hayyer

    He has not as yet increased troops in Afghanistan. After Friday’s meeting there is one scheduled for Wednesday.

  24. karun

    Its a very clever move by the nobel commitee. it sets the tone of american foreign policy in the coming years. Get your agenda done. An award is the least cost attached to it. and Yes, obama is the best person capable of getting all these things done, whether he suceeds or not is immaterial. he is the best bet!

  25. Luqmaan

    Awards need to work like the carrot and stick policy.
    Letting the donkey eat the carrot before the work is done ? not logical.


  26. simply61

    Had heard about pre emptive military(and other) strikes so far…….never realised things had now moved to pre emptive awards………Hope Obama does not get buried under the weight of so many expectations from so many in this world..

  27. bonobashi


    could it work with generales?

  28. simply61

    @bonobashi.Not sure if it works with generals but definitely worth a shot 🙂 🙂

  29. Majumdar

    A small question. Is it really worthwhile for USA to send troops into A’stan at all. Why not simply declare a victory, pack up bags and leave?

    Is a Taliban victory all that bad for one except ordinary Afghans and possibly Indians -but then Obama sahib is paid to look after American interests, not Indian or Afghani ones.


  30. karun

    How is U.S leaving Afganistan in Pakistan’s interest?

  31. Majumdar


    Pak can annex (de facto or de jure) Afghanistan thru its Taliban proxies acquiring strategic depth in the process.


  32. bonobashi


    I would pick my phrases more carefully if I were you; these military men have remarkably short tempers and no sense of humour at all. Heaven knows how they will take the phrase ‘taking a shot’. Let’s not take chances.

  33. simply61

    @bonobashi.Thnx for the warning.It is a risky choice of words,I agree….and as reactions to kinkimo’s article shows humor is in seriously short supply everywhere.
    I shall now revert to PC (politically corect) langauge.Or should that read militarily correct? 😉

  34. Luqmaan


    Wrong advice.
    What is this world coming to?

    Now we have to use suave language to escape death on online fora?

    If they have the guts, let them win their arguments with their pens.


  35. magpie

    Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to this man of slender accomplishments is a complete outrage. Men like this get people killed by their many awkward missteps of diplomacy. He is a disaster, and has done nothing but prove that he can speak softly while spending other people’s money. In short, he is playing politics with the lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan, and spending the US into bankruptcy. This award has done nothing but swell is already gargantuan ego. God help us all!

  36. karun


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  38. dr jawwad khan


    i thought my entry could bring some heat in the debate :)….believe me i love to talk to you make me feel good 😉

    bigot???….look at the language used by the brother kashif hafeez siddiqi and look at you.
    big difference…isn’t it?
    he doesn’t need any certificate his writing speaks loud and clear

  39. Gorki

    “i thought my entry could bring some heat in the debate ….believe me i love to talk to you make me feel good”

    dr. jawad khan:

    What kind of a doctor are you and where did they teach you to use discrimination against people of another sect\faith as a source of amusement?


  40. dr jawwad khan


    believe me i like you guys very much 😉
    i wish some day i sleep in night and become molana sana ullah amritsari or molana anwar kashmiri in morning.
    its a innocent wish not be offended by it.

  41. Bloody Civilian

    tathagata mukherjee or dr jawwad khan… $%*£ by any name smells the same. rather intriguing. hard to tell the difference if you simply swapped the names.

  42. dr jawwad khan

    @bloody civilian!

    nice nick…..lolzzz
    i wish all of you guys use this prefix
    with your ID,s.