Love And Sex At LUMS 3: Happy Offending


In the past month that I have been at LUMS, I have come across a whole lot of crazy, as well as new stuff. From building a house, to PDC food, from tiny hostel rooms, to washing my own clothes in non-functional washing machines, from over loaded Zambeel to ever flooding campus mail, BUT, what I hadn’t come across yet, and hadn’t even thought of in the most outlandish of my fantasies was about ‘to love or not to love.’

Yes, my dear readers, to love or not to love. This discussion of immense importance which aims to establish a code of conduct regarding PDAs, and questions the promotion of cultural and social norms at LUMS, has caught the attention of the student body. Emails, and emails, and emails, and many many more emails, which have raided our campus mail inboxes in an outrageous manner, are being cc-ed to the VC, OSA and the student council. The story doesn’t end here. A reply from an influential figure in the admin regarding the issue triggered further unrest among the students, especially the female Lahori hostelites, who used this as an opportunity to tell the administration to set their priorities right.

Talking with regards to the mood on campus mail at least (not on campus!), this looks like the start of a movement which may yield unprecedented results. People from all years, freshman and seniors alike are actively participating in the long discussions, and coming up with even longer replies. Not this only, those who sadly, haven’t been gifted with good emailing skills are sticking to the seconding, thirding, fourthing, and so on and so forth regarding an idea. At the same, those with their sense of humor are not staying behind, and drawing analogies with men holding hands, which could also be seen as a reminiscent of homosexual behavior on campus. This from my standpoint is a great success for DRUMS, which has ensured that people debate, and argue, and discuss, and disagree, even if on campus mail only.

Now with the ensuing problem, the DC and the administration have been put in some grave trouble. With the student council holding a meeting to help devise an opposite gender code, which I guarantee will be the first of its kind, LUMS shall earn a reputation unparalleled in the history of coeducation. Moreover, from a more practical view point, person X goes to the DC and says that I have these ‘photographs’ of boy A and girl B sitting together in a superstore window sill, and because this sight offended me they shall be punished. And, then girls wearing caprice would also be referred to the DC, and then the guys in shorts, and then will come a day when the DC would send an email at student events telling us that today these is a DC session from 8.30 to 10.30pm in Saeed Saigol. All of you are ordered to come and defend yourself.

To love or not to love issue has been up very seriously among the students, which more than anything else showed their immense desire to send a mass email to everyone, and even pull off publicity stunts as cc-ing them to MC, and VC.

May campus mail rest in peace. Happy offending :).


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25 responses to “Love And Sex At LUMS 3: Happy Offending

  1. Hayyer

    What is caprice or capries?

  2. yasserlatifhamdani

    Three quarter pants just below knee length… Really very cool and fast replacing the shalwar in shalwar qameez.

  3. Rashid

    Influence of Dajjal

  4. bonobashi

    @Hayyer (48 – you forgot)

    Capri: singular; Capris: plural.


    Are you seriously telling me Pakistani kids are wearing Capris in place of shalwars? I’m gobsmacked!

  5. yasserlatifhamdani

    Well Pakistani young women anyway…it is the rage.

    And ofcourse some high society gay men as well.

  6. YLH

    On the topic at hand… I’d just like to record my opinion that the initiator of the scandal- this Tajwar person- has major issues with seeking attention. I don’t think it would be fair to rely on conjectures but I won’t be surprised that if this has other motivations than preservation of culture.

  7. What has happened to LUMS since I left?

    People used to date all the time and now policies are being formulated on how to “deal with the opposite sex”!

    Looks like the maulvis have finally taken over… sad day.

  8. Luqmaan

    >Well Pakistani young women anyway…
    >it is the rage.
    >And ofcourse some high society gay men as well.

    I see all the bearded guys of the jamaat in bangalore (i assume elsewhere also) wear these pants that cover the knees but leave the ankles exposed. In fact you can see to a certain extent the hairy shins.

    I wonder why the young guys are copying from these islamists……


  9. Nadeem

    Reminded me of ‘Islamic Dress’ here in Malaysia – girls wearing tight knee high jeans and T shirts with head scarf in a bar or playing on slot machine!

  10. YLH

    None of these ladies are into headscarf nonsense.

  11. Ex Muslim

    We met some Ex-Muslim current LUMS devils in London.
    You know who you are cheeky dare you scandalise the good Islamic Republic of Pakistan?
    If you start with sex and end up with these bloody atheists.
    May all the Devils burn in hellfire.

  12. Bloody Civilian


    I wonder why the young guys…

    who do you mean… “young guys”?? “Pakistani young women” or Pakistani “high society gay men”? how many of either, do you think, have been to bangalore or have otherwise seen what you have seen (‘hairy shins’ included)? and in case you’re wondering, no… ‘islamists’ in pakistan do not wear anything like what you tell us they wer in bangalore. in case your question was supposed to be rhetorical…. aren’t rhetorical questions supposed to have plainly obvious answers? if not, would you care to explain the logic and purpose of the question.

  13. YLH

    A simple google search for Tajwar Awan, the one with hyper-sensitive modesty, is a notorious attention seeker…

    LUMS should ideally warn her for threatening to violate people’s privacy.

    And if she continues she should be expelled.

  14. ash

    can you share the simple google query

  15. مولیٰ بس

    This is not influence of Dajjal. This is only due to our Mullahs.

  16. Karaya

    And, then girls wearing caprice would also be referred to the DC…

    This is what we do all the time–waste time on the frivolities.

    What you’ve really got to do is to keep your eyes on are people wearing florescent Crocs—verily they are the children of Iblis.

  17. Luqmaan

    >if not, would you care to explain
    >the logic and purpose of the question.

    It is a failed attempt at humor. Don’t bother trying to find logic there. And by guys I meant both guys and girls.


  18. Junaid

    I really love Paki girls dressing up in skimpy clothings and showing some hot desi flesh and skin.

    This caprice thing is so damn hot and sexy. Makes me so turned on. yummmy. Really missing it here in Oztralia although desi babes are no match for bondi blondes.

    Cant wait to return to Paki land and ooogle at some hot chicks.

  19. Junaid

    By the way this clash of PDA Vs PDR is not restricted to LUMS only.

    Read up on a similar episode at NUST.

  20. YLH, sadly LUMS is not going to warn Ms. Awan. Rather, they will now formulate policies for “appropriate relations with the opposite sex”.

  21. Farooq

    We should all be ashamed of calling ourselves muslims. One should always keep his end in mind and what he is not allowed to do while uttering such immodest things. May Allah help us all.ameen

  22. Farooq

    We should all be ashamed of calling ourselves muslims. One should always keep his end in mind and what he is not allowed to do while uttering such immodest things. May Allah help us all.ameen

  23. Muhammad Jackson

    Pakistan MUST, I Repeat MUST decide whether if we are an Islamic or a Secular State.

    All confusions will be cleared in the aftermath of the above.

    and clearly, what happens in LUMS is in no way in agreement with our religion.

    But these kids are again a healthy 50% product of a Western dominated media preaching its own secular, free-choice ideologies that do not go well with Islam at all. But the age we are living in, Muslims, at least some are prepared to bend over backwards to appease the West. This stems partly from a complex these kids suffer when their religion and culture seems inferior to the culture and ideologies of the Master Race of today, the White Man of the West.

  24. ylh

    If the shoe fits …

  25. ylh

    Farooq I am ashamed of being a Muslim like you said we ought to be. After all who would want to be like you?