Eid Mubarak

Pak Tea House wishes all its readers and visitors

Eid Mubarak

(Raza Rumi and the editors)



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4 responses to “Eid Mubarak

  1. Junaid

    Eid Mubarik

  2. Ron

    Eid Mubarak to the entire Pak Tea House team.

  3. Ex Muslim

    Ramadan and Eid greetings from Ex-Muslims

    I thought this video might be of some interest:

    This exMuslim is known well from both Arabic and English speakers. Many
    Muslims in the Arabic speaking world couldn’t imagine anyone leaving Islam
    and many seriously believed him to be an Israeli spy sent by the Mossad. In
    response he made this video to prove to them that he really is an exMuslim
    from Saudi Arabia.

    I think it needs to be seen
    by more people. It’s a real breakthrough and it took courage because this
    person is a citizen of one of most brutal theocracies in the world and
    risked his life to make a video proclaiming his apostasy. Also, if you
    haven’t seen this video I thought it might be interesting about Atheism
    growing in Saudi Arabia: