Indian Supreme Court orders deportation of Pak detenus

This is a welcome decision – a little late but right for sure. About time that both the states resolved such issues that affect common citizens and those accused unfairly of sabotage. Raza Rumi

The NEWS reports today – NEW DELHI: A division bench of the Supreme Court of India comprising JJ Altmas Kabir and VS Sirpurkar on Tuesday directed the Union of India to complete the process of deportation of Pakistani prisoners who have completed their respective sentences and are still held in various jails. The Supreme Court asked the Union of India and the State government to provide a status report on the detention of Mohammad Shafiq Malik of Faisalabad, Pakistan, presently held in the Central Jail of Jodhpur, who was acquitted of all charges framed by the government of Jammu and Kashmir. The trial judge acquitted Shafiq Malik in three FIRs lodged in 1995 under the TADA act, when he was charged with blasting the Charar-e-Sharif. He was acquitted of all charges by a designated court of Mr RS Jain. However, he was convicted of an offence under Section 14 Foreigners Act for a period of four years. The judge said Malik’s sentence shall be counted as served because he has already completed nearly 14 years in prison. The Supreme Court also asked the Union of India and the government of Jammu and Kashmir to present all records at a final hearing in four weeks. Professor Bhim Singh, arguing for the detenus, informed the court that some detainees remained in prison for up to 15 years. Professor Bhim Singh said when he took up the cases of about 500 detenus on charges of spreading “terrorism” in Jammu and Kashmir and who came from Lebanon, Sudan, Central Asia, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and other Islamic countries, it was one of the most difficult missions to convey to these “misguided youth” the message of human dignity, glory and rule of law enjoyed under the Constitution of India. Professor Bhim Singh said: More than 200 boys have gone back to their respective homes with honour and dignity.”


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5 responses to “Indian Supreme Court orders deportation of Pak detenus

  1. Mustafa Shaban

    Good decision, a lot of the prisoners were probably innocent and not involved in acts of terrorism

  2. Mustafa Shaban

    In the US it is far worse in places like Bagram, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo secret CIA detention centres around the world and the US itself. Innocent 15 year old boys and kids get cuaght for ‘terrorism’. Many people are innocent relgious workers, doctors and scientists who are caught becuase they have muslim names or beards. This happens a lot. Even women like Afia Siddiqui are also detained and treated terribly, we should do something about pakistani prisoners in India and US and other places

  3. Mustafa Shaban

    ofcourse if one american women or european women was detained it would be all over the news and they would shake the world upside down until they get her back. Whereas our government does not have the guts to ask and get back Afia Siddiqui. Or help persecuted Pakistanis anywhere else.

  4. bonobashi

    @Mustafa Shaban

    It is in the highest degree improbable that they were not involved with terrorism; they had no reason, as Lebanese or Sudanese or Central Asians, to be where they were.

    Perhaps it was not well written, but the piece does mention that many of those released have served their sentences under provisions of the law not applicable to terrorism or to terrorists. They were acquitted of terrorism, by Justice Jain’s court, and then separately charged and tried and convicted for being in India without valid documents. As the piece mentions, this includes Lebanese, Sudanese, Central Asian, Pakistani and citizens of other Islamic countries, besides Azad Kashmiris. You will agree that their presence in Jammu and Kashmir should make their intentions quite clear. They are being released now as their sentences have been served.

    It would help if you considered taking up the cause of Indians detained in Pakistani jails, many of them fishermen arrested for having strayed into Pakistani territorial waters, or others who strayed across unmarked boundaries. Both countries have prisoners of this sort.

  5. Mustafa Shaban

    I agree. We should release any innocent Indian that is in Pakistani jail. I am not sure if there are many of them. Also we should ask for release of Pakistani fisherman in Indian jails.