A letter to Bilawal Bhutto – ‘how will you rescue the tumbling boat’

We are posting Pakistan’s eminent writer-poet, Neelum Bashir’s powerful letter to Bilawal Bhutto. We apologies to the readers who cannot read Urdu. I request one of the readers to please translate this. Neelum writes to the young Bilawal as an affectionate mother and tells him how elite politics and precoccupations have brought the country to its current state.  Neelum ruges Bilawal to live like a common Pakistani before he claims to represent them through an inherited party. Raza Rumi



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8 responses to “A letter to Bilawal Bhutto – ‘how will you rescue the tumbling boat’

  1. Irfan

    Dear Mother, Balawal knows it, and I think he knows more then you can tell, but he is a Pakistani by name, not from heart, he is like the Leader of MQM Altaf Hussain, he cries and has great pain for Pakistan and Pakistanis, but while living in London, Dear Mother Please try to teach a son who has pain for this country Pakistan if you can find one, the one you are trying to address, can not hear you, and if he does hear you, he doesn’t understand you, because to understand you, he must be born of you,

  2. YLH

    I have written articles against Bilawal myself but I don’t think this says anything substantial.

    Last few lines are very touching though.

    On another unrelated tangential note: I am glad we’ve taken to posting Urdu articles because we need to take PakTeaHouse to the people to fight Jamaat e Islami and other anti-pakistan groups.

  3. حد ہوتی ہے اس بندے کے ساتھ کاشف نے ایسا کیا کیا ہے جس کو صبح و شام ‘ دن رات‘ سوتے جاگتے ‘ خوشی و غم ‘ سکون و بے سکونی ‘ گھر پر اور باہراور اب انگریزی کے بعد اردو بلاگ پر بھی کاشف حفیظ کی جماعت اسلامی یادآگئی۔ یار یہ تجھے ایکسپوز کرنے والی تھریڈ کا کمال ہے یا ۱۹۵۳اور اس کے بعد ۷۰ کی دہائی میں جماعت اسلامی کی طرف قادیانی مخالف تحریک کا زخم! مجھے خدشہ ہے کہ بھئی تم کئی دنوں سے سوئے نہیں ہو گے۔

  4. Junaid

    Give the kid a break.

    Bilawal is still experiencing nocturnal dreams and experimenting with puberty.

    He still has lots of time to start thinking about stupid old Pakistan.

    I hope he doesnt become like his dad and mom.

    Last of all I dont want to see him in politics as that would only further confirm the hereditary nature of Pakistani politics where the crown exchanges heads from father to son as if Pakistan is a fiefdom to be ruled by a chosen few.

    If Bilawal really wants to serve his people, let me him copy his grand dad who started a party from scratch and became the PM.

    Just my thoughts. Dont get too touchy.


  5. Junaid


    I have only recently started reading PTH, however, as a humble suggestion, dont be fixated with JI and extremism.

    It often happens that most movements loose their focus while concentrating too much on their opponents.

    Prosperity of Pakistan is not related to simple removal of fanaticism and extremism from the society. Fanaticism and extremism thrive in a vacuum created by poor governance and corrupt government officials.

    Fixing the real issues of the state; namely

    1. Corruption
    2. Health
    3. Education
    4. Justice
    5. Water
    6. Power

    would resolve most of the problems we face today. Right wing extremists like left wing ones are just viruses which thrive in such environments. You cannot kill a virus but can take force it to become dormant.

    Kind Regards


  6. yasserlatifhamdani

    Mr. Talkhaba,

    I didn’t know Jamaat-e-Islami belonged to one person alone. Thanks for informing me.

    You may now disabuse yourself of this notion. I don’t know the individual in question.
    The facts are: I have not written in newspapers about him. I have not dedicated precious hours researching, digging up his past, abusing his family, lying about his religious beliefs or lack thereof. HE HAS. His freakish blogs are proof of this. The person in question has done so for the last five years without any response in kind from me. Even my articles – Burden of a Liberal Extremist and Maulana Maududi’s role against Pakistan- which have caused such umbrage and outrage for the person in question don’t even mention him or his blog.

    One must be absolutely clear about this. Keep whining.

  7. yasserlatifhamdani


    Someone has to do it. You have no idea how far this disgusting cancer has spread in Pakistan.

    That said I agree with you on the basic causes of this cancer.

  8. rashid


    Check this article:

    It’s cancer, stupid!
    Saturday, August 01, 2009
    Aziz Akhmad