Eunuchs XI Beats Macho Men In A Game Of Cricket In The Land Of The Pure

Yes it is true.  And it is international news.  Telegraph reports:

The match took place in the southern Pakistani city of Sukkur between the eunuchs and a team of young men from a local club, according to the BBC.Eunuchs are seen as social outcasts by Pakistan’s largely conservative Islamic society, which has ignored them over the years.

They are forced to eke out a living at the fringes of society, such as by begging, or by flaunting their difference as dancers or sex workers.

The match, which took place in the province of Sindh, was only allowed to take place after a ruling by Pakistan’s chief judge – Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry – giving eunuchs greater rights.

Judge Chaudhry ordered the government to stop discrimination against eunuchs and granted them special medical and public facilities.

They were clearly appreciative of the move. Sanam Khan, captain of the eunuchs’ team, told the BBC: “I want to dedicate our victory to Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry.

“It is only due to him that things are changing for eunuchs in Pakistan.”

The eunuch’s opponents were from a local cricket club called the Olympians, while the eunuchs’ team was called Sanam XI.

The match was held at the largest stadium in the city and a sizeable crowd turned out to cheer both teams.

The Olympians won the toss and elected to bat first.

They managed to score 65 runs in their allotted eight overs.

Sanam XI comfortably overhauled the target, with their star batsman, Allah Rakhi, scoring 20 runs.

She was later declared “man of the match”.

The eunuchs did an impromptu dance on the pitch after they won and said that they were delighted and felt “very greatly appreciated”.



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10 responses to “Eunuchs XI Beats Macho Men In A Game Of Cricket In The Land Of The Pure

  1. Good for the eunuchs! It goes to show that one can be gender non-conformist or a gay man and still be just as good as anyone else.

  2. Ron

    No Balls Won.

  3. Anwar

    Bravo Sanam XI….

  4. D_a_n

    a true…true feel good moment…!

    hats off to the Olympians too for agreeing to play Sanam XI..I assume most other clubs would have refused… 🙂

  5. pretty and cool blog.

  6. bonobashi@59

    I agree with D_a_n that this was a very civilised act on the part of the Olympians, and we should all be proud of them.

  7. mel

    It seems like a good change in Pak, keep it up guys.
    three cheers up both teams.

  8. Naeem Ahmed Bajwa

    I think Sanam eleven was not made up of castrated men, that is what eunuchs are. Probably they were from other transgender category (transvestites, cross dresser etc.)

  9. PMA

    I am sick and tired of this ridiculous phrase: “The Land Of The Pure.” This is as sickening as “Pakistan Ka Matlab Kia.”

  10. D_a_n


    Hear Hear!! Took the words right out of my mouth sir.