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Mr. Jinnah As “The Hindu” Saw Him

This extraordinary article from the Indian Newspaper The Hindu was forwarded to us by the blogger Red Diary from Lahore.  While we obviously don’t agree with everything that was said,  but this shows a magnanimity that is generally absent now.   I wonder if The Hindu would have been described as treacherous for pointing out the obvious qualities of head and heart that Mr. Jinnah possessed.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah as The Hindu saw him In the light of the controversy generated by Jaswant Singh’s book, Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence (Rupa & Co., New Delhi, 669 pages),we reproduceThe Hindu’s editorial of September 13, 1948 titled ‘Mr. Jinnah.’It was published two days after the death of the founder of Pakistan. ’ —

2009082155840901At his bitterest he never forgot that firm friendship between India and Pakistan was indispensable

The news of the sudden death of Mr. Jinnah will be received with widespread regret in this country. Till barely a twelvemonth ago he was, next to Gandhiji, the most powerful leader in undivided India. And not only among his fellow-Muslims but among members of all communities there was great admiration for his sterling personal qualities even while the goal which he pursued with increasing fanaticism was deplored. For more than half the period of nearly forty years in which he was a towering figure in our public life he identified himself so completely with the struggle that the Indian National Congress carried on for freedom that he came to be as nearly a popular idol as it was possible for a man so aristocratic and aloof by temperament to be. During the last years of his life, as the architect of Pakistan, he achieved a unique authority in his own Continue reading


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Pakistan’s Urdu Columnists Live in the La-La Land of Conspiracy Theories

I was most amused in a strange, tragic way as to what nonsense is churned out as ‘opinion’ and ‘analysis in Pakistan’s mainstream vernacular media. I had once written about it as well here. True to his incisive reputation, CM Naim’s piece is extraordinarily well written and revealing. Raza Rumi

By: C.M. Naim – For the past five or six months I’ve been reading fairly regularly the web pages of three Urdu newspapers from Pakistan: Jang, Nawa-i-Waqt and the Express. I glance at the headlines cursorily then immediately turn to the columnists. Most days, each of the three carries a minimum of six columnists. Some of them are big names; they frequently appear on TV shows, get regularly invited to the President’s residence, and travel with the Prime Minister on important trips. These gentlemen never let you forget all that. One or two even give details of the food served on such occasions—there is always plenty of food served, not just a cup of tea, when they visit with any dignitary. Continue reading


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