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Say No to drone attacks!

Ziyad Faisal has sent this contribution for Pak Tea House with a preamble. We are publishing this to enrich the ongoing debate on drone attacks. Raza Rumi

This is the first piece of writing which I have ever submitted to Pak Tea House. Since PTH upholds the beautiful tradition of free debate nurtured at the original Pak Tea House (a small tea-shop in Lahore), I request the management of this blog to publish my humble response to a recent article on US drone attacks in Pakistan. Before I begin, I wish to assure my dear friends at PTH that whatever decision they might take, I will remain a loyal and regular reader. Since I am writing a response to an article by another writer, I would also like to assure the said writer that I mean no personal offence.

I also owe many thanks to Kathy Kelly, the acclaimed US peace activist who needs no introduction, for providing me with many valuable references on the issue of the drone attacks. As a Pakistani student, I salute her courage in organizing protests against drone attacks carried out by US armed forces against the Pakistani people. Kathy was recently arrested for protesting near a US base in Nevada, which is part of the command-and-control system for the drone attacks against Pakistan. It is a heartening sight to see veteran members of the US peace movement upholding the right of the Pakistani people to live free from NATO aggression. Continue reading


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