There is a drone above you…

I received this impassioned email from a student who is perturbed by the opposition to the infamous drone attacks in Pakistani territory. At PTH we are not taking sides on drone attacks – this is after all a complex issue – but we do think that Pakistan’s sovereignty should be above all considerations. However, I am posting Sehar’s views as they reflect the anxiety of the younger generation as well as its engagement with the current issues negating the myth that our youth is all but ‘political’. Raza Rumi
Sehar Tauqeer
1.Can you imagine the psychological aspect of these drone attacks on terrorists .Constant fear , spy terror, cannot move openly , cannot gather in house, cannot run training camps as drone are there to watch them .They have made terrorists ‘ Mentally Diseased patients and they trust nobody – not even their closest friends these days. In daytime and specially at night when even their close buddy/relative/chum throw a small micro-chip wrapped in cigarette piece at house and as soon the Drone receives GPS signal , shoots missile to send them to enjoy 72 hoors in ‘Jananat-ul-Firdous ‘ who tear the bodies of innocents in suicidal attacks and have virtually collapsed Pakistan economy bringing its GDP to 2% and bringing the business icons like Marriott  Islamabad and Pearl Continental Peshawar ( All UNO staff ran away after this attack while they were only working for the welfare of IDPs) . Pakistan is facing the biggest brain drain , immigration to Canada, UK , US , no business investment, tourism, hotel industry virtually closed.
2. The most dangerous weapon of the world , with its simulation and strike time even less than 3 sec .As high resolution night vision camera photiographs the terrorists and GPS micro-chip give signal , shoots missile . Number of Top Al-Qaeda including 2 black Tanzania terrorists who planned Marriot Attack and Lashkra-i-Jhangvi coordinated filling the loader from Jhang via GT Road to Islamabad.Al-Libi who died a year ago , many Afghan and Mehsud tribal terrorists specially the recent most marvellous attack killing the epicentre of terrorism in Pakistan, Baithullah Mehsood.
3. A year ago when Baithullah was claimed to be dead , Mulla Ammer-ul-Heroin who is doing Jihaad by throwing Acid and Poisonous gas on Primary Schools Girls in Kandhar and Poppy/heroin , ransom , bank looting Jihad against US said that ” Baithullah is absolutely right and safe. A day ago Mulla Sangeen , commander of Afghanistani Taliban said that ” Baithullah has met him yesterday.He is safe. Can anybody tell me why these Afghani Talibans are so touchy about Baithullah.Just because he is implementing thier agenda to break Pakistan, establish Islamic Emirate of Wazirstan and Swat , blast all girl schools or even throw acisd on school girls or women going to bazars.
4. Why we not understand this fact which even blind can see Al-Qaeda , Afghan Talibans and Pakistan Talibans are 100% on board and co-operating with each other to implemnt thir Neo-Khwarij Kufr Ideology in which Shias are Kafirs and it is a great reward to burn them alive or cut thier body parts as happened a year ago in Parachinar which is adjacnet to Afghan boarder.These 3 groups dont believe in international borders and want to change Pakistan what they did with Afghanitan in 1996-2001 bringing to cave-era version and kill 8000 Hazara Shias in just 48 hours in 1996 including women and innocent children
ParaChinar where Kuttai Zaleel Haiwaan did this
In Iraq where they today killed 48 innocents
5.The same they are doing in Pakistan from 1996 when Mulla Omer opened 3 training camps for Lashkara-i-Jhangvi and Riaz Basra , themselves killed 8000 shias in Herat and Hazara .Wahabi Al-Qaeda , Lashkrai-Jhanvi , TTP , Afghani Talibans all are unanimous whether doing it in Pakistan/Iraq/Afghanistan
6.All those who negate Drone Attacks should go Afghanistan/Iraq .Its our country Pakistan and as a youth representative of my all class-fellows in University , We Fully support Drone Attacks of US .US is not our friend but these Kuttai Barbarians are worst enemy of Pakistan and have virtually broken it economically.Drones are the most dangerous and accurate weapon and it has broken the backbone of Al-Qaeda and TTP. Just read below and you will agree with me.All those who are against Drones like Hamid Mir ,Irfan Siddiqui ,Ansar Abbasi and Co. should leave Pakistan and go to Shiekh” Osama and TTP etc. Its our country and we don’t need such enemies who indirectly support Worst Enemies of Pakistan

That Great News , first time Al-Qaeda terrorists are claiming success of spy ( ISI and tribal brave people who are doing and throwing micro-chips to top leadership houses and secret caves at expense of thier own life.Some are also killed brutally by Al-Qaeda when they exposed)

Thats a great News.Technology on the move.The most dangerous weapon with simulation and strike time less that 3 sec.At the moment the high resolution camera captures pictures or receives GPS signals from Chip, immediately shoots misile and sent them to ‘Janat-ul-Firdos ‘ :(W)

Updated at: 1800 PST, Friday, July 10, 2009

DUBAI: A new book published by Al Qaeda shows that the terrorist group is under intense pressure and in “deathly fear” of U.S. counterterrorism efforts in Pakistan, terror experts say.

The 150-page book, titled “Guide to the Laws Regarding Muslim Spies,” was recently posted on jihadist Web sites. It was written by a senior Al Qaeda commander, Abu Yahya Al-Libi, and features an introduction by Ayman Al-Zawahri, the No. 2 man in Al Qaeda.

The book accuses some in Al Qaeda’s ranks of being spies who provide intelligence, including information about Al Qaeda camps and safe houses, to U.S. forces. According to the book, these “Muslim spies” have allowed the U.S. to use its Predator drone campaign to paralyze Al Qaeda leadership.

“It would be no exaggeration to say that the first line in the raging Crusader campaign waged by America and its allies against the Muslims and their lands is the network of spies, of various and sundry sorts and kinds,” says the book, translated by the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI

“Their effects are seen: carnage, destruction, arrest, and pursuit, but they themselves remain unseen, just like Satan and his ilk who see us while remaining unseen.”

Terror experts have called the book unique in its weak and worried tone.

“I haven’t ever seen this kind of language from senior Al Qaeda commanders before,” said Daniel Lev, who works for MEMRI. “In general, Al Qaeda speaks in a very triumphant tone,” but in the new book Al-Libi speaks of the group’s dire straits and serious problems, Lev added.

“Such an admission of distress on the part of a senior Al Qaeda commander makes this a very unique book in terms of the author.”

“They are in deathly fear of airpower,” said McInerny, a retired lieutenant general in the U.S. Air Force. “Whether it’s unmanned drones or whether it’s fighters or bombers using precision weapons, they are deathly afraid.”

The books also displays a deep-seated paranoia of hidden enemies, according to MEMRI. It claims that anyone — from the old and infirm to the imam of a mosque — could be a U.S. spy.

“The danger of these spies lies not only in the ability of these hidden ‘brigades’ to infiltrate and reach to the depths,” the book says.

“They include the decrepit, hunchbacked old man who can hardly walk two steps; the strong young man who can cover the length and breadth of the land; the infirm woman sitting in the depths of her house; the young woman whose veins still flow with youth; and even perhaps the prepubescent adolescent who has not reached the age of legal maturity [in Islam].”

Lev, of MEMRI, said that the group’s suspicions could be used as an excuse to conduct a purge, which could further harm the Al Qaeda’s stature in Pakistan.

“In the situation that they’re in, they’re entirely dependent on the natives, on the Pakistanis and the Afghans, and they definitely do not want to be facing a situation like Al Qaeda in Iraq, where you have the tribes turning on you,” he said

“That can be the beginning of the end.”


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22 responses to “There is a drone above you…

  1. Mr. Tambourine Man

    Not a very convincing article as it doesn’t address the main points of contention about the drone attacks even if I may somewhat agree with the writer.

    “sovereignty should be above all considerations”

    Our sovereignty has already been breached by the Taliban. The state has little or no legitimate authority in the areas where the drone attacks are carried out. The state can’t claim sovereignty in those areas.

  2. bonobashi

    Sovereignty is of no use unless and until it is exercised.

  3. Ron

    This article is written by a YOUNG Student who is patriotic.

    Read this article keeping thing in mind.

  4. bonobashi


    If this is the temper and fibre of Pakistan’s young men and women, your country has a bright future ahead. May they come to lead sooner rather than later.

  5. Nasir Rizvi

    I think this article reflects the mind set of a particular school of thaught in Pakistan which is a minority.I can say these English medium and pro-American people have no right to ask Hamid Mir or any other Patriotic Pakistani to leave the country.Its not only Hamid Mir and Ansar Abbasi who are opposing drone attacks,our Parliament adopted unanomous resolution against drone attacks.Politicians from Nawaz Sharif to Altaf Hussain and from Imran Khan to Zardari,all of them condemned the drone attacks.Hamid Mir is a voice of common man.We know that he was the first one to defy Taliban threats in Swat area.He exposed the rape of four girls in Swat by Taliban in Febraury before the peace agreement.Both Taliban and Pak Army as well as our ruling elite like Sehar Tauqeer don’t like Pakistanis like Hamid Mir.We are proud of Hamid Mir and he will not leave Pakistan.May be Sehar will leave Pakistan soon because we will force American agents to leave this country.

  6. Nasir Rizvi

    I would like to remind you that it is not only an English medium disco student like Sehar Tauqeer threatening Hamid Mir for drone attacks,pro-Taliban Maulana Fazalur Rehman recently threatened Hamid Mir to kill,JUI-F attacked the Geo office in Islamabad,then MQM also threatened Hamid Mir.If Maulana Fazalur Rehman and MQM are enemies of Hamid Mir then i must say that he is agreat patriot.

  7. bonobashi

    @Nasir Rizvi

    You have made your point very effectively, but I continue to harbour some doubts. In replying to me, please bear in mind that I speak as a sympathetic foreigner, and ultimately the question that we are discussing has to be settled within Pakistan, by Pakistanis. No doubt about that.

    The point that I wish to put to you is that while Pakistan values its sovereignty, this sovereignty has been violated. It has been violated in a way that has cost the lives and the dignity of your fellow citizens. The same institutions that have condemned foreign intervention had not earlier succeeded in guarding your sovereignty.

    Under the circumstances, given a choice between losing your sovereignty one knife-cut at a time, over a long period of agony, and between preserving it by enlisting the aid of outside friends, which would you choose?

  8. We (Pakistanis) are under attack … our way of life is under attack … there is a Pashto saying “in times of need, call a donkey your ‘mama’..” or, in other words, do whatever it takes… we are in need today… Pakistan is being attacked by the radical right … our freedom’s are under attack … our lifestyle is under attack…
    if the drones ‘take out’ those who have declared war on Pakistan and Pakistanis … then more power to them!

  9. Bloody Civilian

    the bigger threat to pak’s sovereignty is the lamentable lack of statesmanship which failed to take ownership of the drone attacks, too afraid of the mullahs. the mullahs are only too happy to play the anti-american and conspiracy theory cards. doing the right thing the wrong way is what is so damaging. ownership should have been taken long before america having to publicly ask pak to do so. mush wanted to do bush personal favours/service rather than for his (one-man) govt to take collective ownership of what was required to preserve pakistani sovereignty and lives, ie drones. it seems the mullahs are much better at knowing their priorities than the pak leadership/dictators. these same mullahs had no problem siding with america in the anti-soviet war in afghanistan.

  10. Ron


    For your information, i am an INDIAN.

    Also a Bengali.

    i just wanted to remind everyone that this article is written by an YOUNGSTER!!!

  11. bonobashi


    White man speak with forked tongue…..

    You’re no Bengali.

    No Bengali would have written an youngster. Go away and chase a bhains or two.

  12. Ron


    Hahahahaha……good one dada.

    Which “bon” do u live??


  13. Sehar Tauqeer

    Thankyou all for your prescious comments and thankyou to Respected Raza Rumi Sahab for placing it on his valuable blog.Few points i want to clear

    1.I am not from pepsi burger , disco elite DHA class at all.I belong to middle class family , from a government officer family.

    2. Its ridiculous to ask about sovereignty .This term is purposey used by some psuedo-patriotic fellows/journalists without even thinking N-S Wazirstan is not Pakistan terrotory from 2004.Islamic Emirate of Wazirstan is its real name and Bajaur’s Maulvi Faqeer and Baithullah Mehsood previously ran this State.Political Fibre is broken completely.700 patriotic Maliks have been killed from 2003. No Political Agents and thier power in all this region .In Fantasy living world , they are part of Pakistan but on grounds, TTP , AL-Qaeda , Laskhra-i-Jhangvi , Ilyas Kashmiri Group, Arabs , Tajiks, Uzbeks, Afghanis etc rule this area from 2004.In WW-2 , General Monty and Eike who liberated France from Germans so actually French were so mad they not uttered a word for their ‘ Sovereignity’ !

    3. I strongly condemn US invasion in Iraq for psuedo WMDs and other injustices in the world specially Arab World etc but at the same time , i cannot shut my eyes to these barbarians who have killed 2800+ innocent Pakistanis from 2008 only
    in suicidal attacks and broken the economical back-bone of Pakistan.

    Lastly , many intellectuals and journalists agreed with POWs on this particular email and in the past .Kindly check the links. Regards

  14. bonobashi



  15. bonobashi

    And it should have been,”Which ‘bon’ do you live in?”

  16. hossp

    I think it is time to do away with the petty nationalism and the ridiculous notion of sovereignty that goes with it. Especially when we are talking about the Tribal areas.

    The tribal area in Pakistan is not under Pakistan state’s control. By virtues of the agreements signed by the British and the accepted by the Pakistan state, Pakistan only has suzerainty over the area. It is a no man’s land between Pakistan and Afghanistan. In the last 100 years those tribes affiliated themselves with Pakistam becuase Pakistan is a relatively affluent state and the tribes benefited most by calling themselves Pakistanis.
    They would have switched sides in a jiffy, if Afghanistan offered them better economic opportunities.
    If we consider the current war just an extension of the war started in 1977-78, then the tribal area is a part of a global conflict that was initiated by Pakistan. Russians army had all the incentives to attack the tribal areas but they refrained but now when the Pakistan is again actively involved in the conflict, the drone attacks in the tribal areas are acceptable at this time.
    Russia did not attack the tribal areas, does not mean that US should not do that also. If some Pakistanis are so worried about the sovereignty of Pakistan, they should respect the sovereignty of Afghanistan too and ask the tribes to stop interfering in Afghanistan. Pakistan must also demand and aggressively pursue the US to leave the area like it did with the Russians.

    Btw, I strongly oppose any effort to make the tribes part of Pakistani politics and bring them in the national mainstream. This is just another attempt by the rightwing supported by some in the army to strengthen the dwindling influence of the fundos in Pakistan.

  17. hossp

    I see a grammar fascist on the board. Please don’t send me to the gulag after the errors I made in my post above:)

  18. bonobashi (zapped and amazed)


    After I have seen the quality of your swordsmanship in your encounters with YLH, would I – or any other foolhardy soul – dare?

    Consider me cowering under the table, with a copy of Wren and Martin vainly draped for additional protection over my crown and disproportionately large ears.

  19. Sehar Tauqeer

    Plz. I am not from elite class.Plus sovereignity issue is raised where State of Pakistan can show its control.From 2004 and onwards , we have lost the control of this area .TTP and Al-Qaeda and Afghani Talivbans are controlling this area.So Drones are perfectly justified

  20. Sehar Tauqeer

    Plus rather of some people views , i strongly stand by with my fellow tribal innocents who are patriot Pakistanis and shown it in 1948 Kashmir War who have been a victim of international invaders , power hungry super-powers and above all our psuedo ‘Strategic Depth’ Theory of considering Afghanistan as Pakistan 5th province and Army/ISI blunders we have made in this regard.Many intellectuals and journalsits have agreed with my POWs. Kindly check the links.Regards

  21. Ali Abbas


    Great post. Thanks for bringing to light what civil society elites do not want to hear. This hypocracy of sovereignity and collateral damage is exposed when its proponents completely ignore the genocide of Shia Hazaras and Parachinaris. I can only fault you on your grammar; and for amending that, there are plenty of burger types who do not share your courage or your eloquence.

  22. Nasir Rizvi

    Ali Abbas,

    At least give some credit to Hamid Mir who did a special show for Shias of Parachinar with two elected MP’s of Kurran Agency.Forced them for a ceasefire and next day there was peace in the area.It was really a miracle that one Shia and one Sunni leader agreed for peaceful living in Parachinar but unfortunately we are not ready to appreciate the efforts of our media.