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Three Karachiites in the Indian Capital

By Mayank Austen Soofi

One afternoon I bumped into a Pakistani family in Gurgaon’s Metropolitan Mall. The mother, Fauzia Shakeel, was in Delhi after a gap of 25 years, while daughter, Urfa, and son, Rizwan, had come for the first time. They were staying with Indian relatives but were on their own in the mall.

“There’s nothing like this in Karachi,” exclaimed Rizwan while comparing Gurgaon’s skyline to that of his city. A stylish young man of 24, with gelled hair, he was in a blue T-shirt and white cotton capris. “No, capris are what the girls wear,” Rizwan explained. “This is called three-quarters.” He said it with an authority befitting to what he is – an ambitious fashion designer. Continue reading


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Pakistan’s Hindu Diplomat Wants To Be A Proof Of Equality


Islamabad: A Hindu diplomat wants to stand out as the “proof of equality” in Pakistan, the “tolerant country”. Gyan Chand, who hails from Tharparkar in Sindh province, has made it to the elite foreign service of Pakistan.Chand says he “always” believed in the “equality philosophy of Pakistan”. He said his appointment to the foreign office “is proof of the equal opportunity the government and people of Pakistan offer to the rest of the minorities”. “I am a living symbol for all those minority youth who have dreams to make it big some day and to serve their country,” Chand said, adding that if one has the mettle, being Hindu or Muslim does not matter. “I have shown my mettle.” Continue reading


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Jinnah’s New Republic

This extraordinary article is both revealing and farsighted.  Unlike the generally unfavorable press the creation of Pakistan was subjected to by the American and Western Media in 1947 through clever work of pro-Congress and pro-India publicists,   this article went beyond the little cherished myths that were repeated again and again.  The article also is revealing in how much the left was involved in public life in those early days of Pakistan.   This is a must read for every Pakistani and student of Pakistan’s History. -YLH

By Andrew Roth (writing in the US Weekly The Nation Datelined December 13, 1947)

ITS creator and governor general, M. A. Jinnah, has described Pakistan as “the biggest Moslem state… and the fifth biggest sovereign state in the world.” Though the second point might be disputed, Pakistan is unquestionably worthy of attention, for it is situated just where the Anglo-American and Soviet orbits touch in the strategic Central Asian theater.

  Continue reading


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The Mysterious Death of Niaz A Naik

From Times of India

ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistan foreign secretary Niaz A Naik, who was involved in back-channel diplomacy with India during the 1999 Kargil conflict, has


been tortured and murdered by unidentified persons at his residence here, police said on Saturday. Continue reading

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