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Alienating Pakistan’s Patriots

Shame!  We have finally alienated Pakistan’s only truly patriotic community.  Well done Mullahs!-YLH

HYDERABAD, August 05,2009 : (Abbas Kassar for PCP) “We the Christians feel ourselves as unsafe in our own land Pakistan because of the religious extremism which is at its climax in the country. The religio Continue reading

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Christian-killing has diminished Pakistan and the Muslim Faith: Pope

  The death of eight Christians burned alive in clashes with majority Muslims has diminished Pakistan and injured the Muslim faith, the spiritual head of the world’s 77 million Anglicans said on Tuesday.

Four women and a child were among those killed in the violence which broke out in Punjab province, central Pakistan, on Saturday, after Muslims torched Christians’ homes following allegations one had desecrated the Koran. Continue reading


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Another Feminist Victory in Pakistan

During the last 10 years Pakistani women have come a long way.   They been inducted in the air force as pilots (the second Muslim majority nation after Turkey to do so) and are today part and parcel of the Pakistani Armed forces. Now women are taking potentially hazardous jobs traditionally for men like a lead role in the Police. Jinnah famously said “No nation can rise to the heights of glory unless your women are side by side you“.  Long Live Jinnah’s Pakistan-YLH

NAWABSHAH: Feminism got a boost recently when two sisters were appointed Station House Officers at predominantly male police stations.

The sisters are the first two women SHOs in the country, barring those who have held the position in women police stations. Continue reading

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10 years ago the world’s leading Christian Organizations signed and presented the UN Commission of Human Rights  joint statement.   This is worth reading.   We – the Pakistanis who have kept our faith in Jinnah’s Pakistan-  endorse this statement.   We hope that the Government of Pakistan- democratic and constitutional- will now move decisively to undo this horrible horrible legacy from Zia’s years. -YLH Continue reading

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The Taliban and music

 By Zubeida Mustafa

(Dawn 05/08/09)

In her latest book, The Case for God, Karen Armstrong describes music as ‘the limit of reason.’ She finds it inseparable from religious expression when religion is at ‘its best.’ We do not get the best demonstration of this connection in the Taliban brand of Islam. The faith practised by the Sufis, however, shows an intrinsic link between the two. Continue reading

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FINALLY-PAKISTAN ZINDABAD! NA to ban Domestic Violence

There is never any justification for violence against women and children.   NEVER!  This should be a wake-up call for all Pakistani men, self included,  to behave themselves.  Jinnah’s Pakistan Zindabad!-YLH

NA bill outlaws domestic violence

ISLAMABAD: In a major move against domestic violence against women and children, the National Assembly passed a private bill on Tuesday aimed to prevent the prevalent curse through quick criminal trials and a chain of protection committees and protection officers.

The Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Bill must be passed also by the Senate to become law, which will provide for monetary and other relief to aggrieved persons through protection orders whose violators will be punishable with jail terms and fines to be given to the sufferers. Continue reading


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