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No Penalty in Islam for drinking alcohol, eating pork: Islamic Scholar

Malaysian Syariah authorities should reconsider the law on consuming alcohol, which is described in the Quran in the mildest language of prohibition.

ON July 20, the Pahang Syariah High Court sentenced part-time model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor, 32, to a RM5,000 fine and six lashes of the rotan for drinking beer.
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Naseebo Lal is the new target for hypocritical bigots

By Raza Rumi

Not far from where the Lahore High Court is hearing a moral policing plea against the ever-popular Punjabi singer Naseebo Lal and her cousin Nooran, a multitude of theatre houses dish out soft porn for the male consumers of verbal abuse. The Lahore theatre scene has denigrated into a contest for vulgarity of the most banal variety. The new age of Lahore theatre is nothing but a reinforcement of the worst of chauvinism where every woman is a sex object to be measured against her attributes in bed and her anatomical worth. Continue reading


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Of Devis and Dams

By Huma Yousaf 

The landscape of the Hingol National Park in Balochistan, Pakistan’s largest national park is otherworldly. The turquoise and azure-hued Hingol River snakes through the expanse of white sands, tumbleweed and craggy sandstone peaks. It is only fitting, then, that nestled deep within the park is a spiritual sanctuary, the famed Hinglaj Mandir, known in the vernacular as Nani Mandir, one of the holiest Hindu sites of worship in the country.
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Gulf Excess and Pakistani Slaves

“We need slaves to build monuments,” says an Iraqi engineer living in Abu Dhabi to a reporter from the Guardian. In the published report he goes to add that he would never use the metro if it wasn’t segregated since “we would never sit next to Pakistanis and Indians because of their smell”. Continue reading


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Laal: The Music of Dissent

Much has been heard, said and opined about the band that surged on a tidal wave in the aftermath of a fresh exit of dictatorship. Sometimes, the most vocal and opinionated being the band members themselves who mask themselves under no pretences, and openly declare their motives to be revolutionary and incendiary to the saturated status quo. Of course, this leaves them open to criticism from old-school critics who look upon such plucky, naïve statements with doubt. However, being very much the emotional, passion-driven target market the band caters to, I find its mission statement endearing…and workable. Continue reading

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