Rana Chandar Singh (1931-2009)

Former federal minister and the main leader of the Hindu minority in Pakistan, Rana Chandar Singh has passed away.  Originally a part of the Pakistan People’s Party,   Singh parted ways with the PPP in 1990 and formed the Pakistan Hindu Party which was cenered around advancing the cause of Hindus in Pakistan.   We join Pakistanis of Hindu faith in mourning the loss of a Pakistani who made a contribution to both Pakistan and his community. -YLH

Pakistan Hindu Party founder passes away

Karachi, Aug.2 – ANI: Former federal minister and the chieftain of the Pakistani Hindu Sodha Thakur Rajput, and founder of the Pakistan Hindu Party, Rana Chander Singh passed away in a hospital here. He was 78.

Singh was unwell ever since he had a paralytic attack in 2004.

A close friend of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and former PrimeMinister Benazir Bhutto, Singh was elected to the National Assembly four times between 1980 to 1990.

He parted ways with the PPP and formed his own party, the Pakistan Hindu Party (PHP) in 1990.

Several political leaders, friends and relatives gathered at his residence in Karachi to bid farewell to the departed soul, The Daily Times reports.

Singhs body will be taken to his native village, Rana Jageer, in Umerkot District for the last rights. – AN


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23 responses to “Rana Chandar Singh (1931-2009)

  1. hossp

    “A close friend of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and former PrimeMinister Benazir Bhutto, ”
    This is an obituary so I will leave it at that.

    The reality is he probably met ZAB once or twice in his life.Since he left the PPP right after 1977 coup, he had no acquaintance with BB either. He was losing the 1970 Election for the PPP in a hindu majority area to Sindhi leftist and a hari(peasant) leader Jam Saqi. On election night after the results started pouring in, the local administration went to work and made sure he wins the election.
    His whole family was involved in smuggling and that was the main source of his wealth.

  2. Shatrunjay Singh

    I would like to make a comment for Mr, Hospp, that Rana Chander singh ji was a great leader and one of the finest, please correct your comments about his family being involved in gold smuggling as his main source of income, just by hearing stupid thing by studip pleople do not comment its on line & will take this matter to the PM & The president of pakisthan and do a national wide campain, people like hossp sucd be banned who provide wrong information to people and try to create a wrong picture for great leaders ,, shamefull


    I support the reaction of Mr. Shatrunjay Singh, as it is highly immoral/un-ethical to accuse someone or his family without proper evidence. Whether a friend of Bhutto or not, he n his family has always been a friend of Pakistan.


  4. Rana chander Singh was known as justice and wisdome for his knowledage and rule and regulation . that He was great leader of Umerkot . All umerkot man saying to Rana shaib . and villagers says to Bhaa . fathers elders brother we says in our mother language bhaa . one day when i was watching televission that suddnly annocced that the please welcome Mr Rana Chander Singh on Stage . when Rana Shaib apeared on televission that i hope all world is think that what a beautifull man this is the king . Rana shaib wear fullshoot . when he star speach this sound this sound his look like a lion . he says in english but me tell u in my language hoon jistain zinda ostaain pakistan saan gaidari koni karaan ahai india waro suno pakistan manjo mulak hai owai saan hoon gairdari koni karaan this wold say Rana Chander Singh says

  5. Shatrunjay Singh

    Thank you so much Mr. MUHAMMAD INAM UL HAQ RANA & Thakur laxman Singh. And greatful to you to write true and appricate this gentelman, when the Pm & Presdent of pakisthan is bowing down for him which means the whole pakisthan is saluting him.
    Jai jai Rana chander singh. a legent in him self

  6. Pradyuman Singh

    Well said Shatrunjay Singh ji…..

  7. Kunwar Neeraj Singh

    I pay my Respect to Late Rana Sahab. He was the man of honour and was respected amongest people of all relegion, may god grant his family courage to face this diffecult time.

  8. Sajid Samoon

    Being the native of Umerkot, I’ve had the honor to know
    Rana Chandar Singh. Over three decades, whatever I heared about Rana Sahib, proves him as a gentleman, whose heart was always filled with love to Pakistan and the local people of Thar and Umerkot. He was like a bridge between hindoos and muslims of the area. After his death, the people of the area are going to miss a person who was always there like a shadow of a beatiful tree over them. I hope his sons will continue with his servies by helping the locals. One more thing to say, please do not judge any one with their race of religion. I have seen non-muslims who are more muslim by the acts than us muslims.

  9. Preetam Kumar Lakhwani(Rana Jageer)

    Rana Sahib was the GREETR leadre of hindu comunity and also each other religions of the area.

  10. Dr.Nathusingh Bhati

    Thanks Sajad memon n Shatrunjaysingh, for writing abt Chandersingh of pakistan. he was rana of Dhaat region.
    Too Dhati dhat dhani, dhola tunhjo dhat,
    Pai tarari torya, mulk ne tunhjo mat,
    Lahi kasar kat, khor kanatoo kak men.(latif).
    He was name of hindus in pakistan.
    We all hindus of pak, mourn on his sudden death.

  11. Arjun A R

    Dear Shatrunjay,

    Don’t be offended. Great personalities will always be targeted by ignorant mudslingers. Late Rana Chander Singh is beloved to both nations, for his family’s contribution to history. Who can forget the Badshah Humayun was given refuge at Amarkot and Badshah Akbar was born there. Rana Chander Singh himself was, from all accounts, a fine gentleman and a real aristocrat. My condolences to his family.
    PS: Are you not his grandson?

  12. Salma Nawaz Khan

    This is in response to Hossp ,someone who has probably not even mentioned his real name here and yet has the audacity to comment on someone great like rana sahib.Please sir atleast get your facts right and your research in the right place if you are to pass such ridiculous comments.I am a student of history and therefore have researched alot into pakistani history and heritage and my uncle had worked with rana sahib in islamabad. I have found Rana Sahib to be among the most respected and fearless men in Pakistan.He was a very close friend of the Bhutto family which is explained by family photographs and his having being one of the founding members of PPP.Infact he was one of the few whom Bhutto was in touch with while in prison.This explains the level of trust Bhutto put in Rana.Also his political legacy is continued by his family in Sindh.I would suggest Hossp to please find out more as obviously he lacks good resources.
    “The Rajputs believe that the head of a dead Rana should also be held high to highlight the status he held during his lifetime”these are quoted from a pakistani paper after rana sahibs death and explain why thousands of people,women and children included walked a great distance to merely catch a glimpse of this great man who gave his people his life.Thus i feel it is a shame for ignorant people like Hossp to pass comments without thinking twice.

  13. Tejvir Singh Sodha

    It is extremely heartening to read such beautiful comments about The Rana of Dhat…He leaves behind a legacy and path for not just his family to follow but every man.

  14. Narendrasinh M.jadeja

    Rana Chandan sing greatman.

  15. Narendrasinh M.jadeja

    mene rana chandansinh ki history janke bahut khush huva.

  16. Narendrasinh M.jadeja

    rana hamirsinh is greatman

  17. K.Rajendra Singh

    Its Great to know about Late Rana Sahib…He was a real Hero.

  18. ugam singh sodha

    sodha rana umerkot

  19. Virendra Singh

    “amraane ri shaan,
    chandra singh surtaan.”
    He was a true saviour of the poor and downtrodden.

  20. Virendra Singh (Jodhpur)

    “amraane ri shaan,
    chandra singh surtaan.”
    He was a true saviour of the poor and downtrodden as i have heard of him from relatives of pakistan.

  21. Shanti Mirchandani

    Late Rana Chander Singh was the BIGGEST gold smuggler of Pakistan.

  22. manish paliwal

    salam rana jee