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Was Benazir’s Assassination an International Conspiracy?

By  Simon Samson Sharaf

As an observer watching the events of 27 December 2007 very closely and seen the original photographs within hours of her death, I subscribe to the hypothesis that Benazir Bhutto was not a victim of any rag tag militants, but rather an international, well rehearsed plot with active cooperation from within Pakistan. Not only was she eliminated in a fail safe operation, the crime scene was also washed immediately with emergency doctors becoming mum after their first exciting disclosures. Thereafter the story kept taking twists. Continue reading


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Fighting for Jinnah’s Pakistan





By Ashfak Bokhari


There has never been so great a need to revisit Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s legacy as now, under the changed circumstances, to renew our resolve to adhere to his ideals, his principles and his vision of Pakistan. Nor has there been so much urgency to disseminate and popularise the political philosophy of Mr Jinnah — the Quaid-i-Azam to most of us — which has now largely been either ignored by the political community or hijacked by obscurantist forces and even distorted by Islamists to suit their designs.

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Obama won’t Support a Coup in Pakistan


By Tarek Fatah

In the six decades Pakistan has existed as a nation state, no elected civilian government, save one, has been permitted to survive its full term in office. Invariably, the country’s army, often with help from the country’s senior civil servants and a nod from the U.S., has overthrown elected governments.

The pattern of such coups follows a familiar template. It begins with a concerted and well co-ordinated onslaught on the character and integrity of the elected prime minister or president in which the urban elites, including media commentators and retired generals, civil servants and diplomats, take the lead role. Continue reading


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