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ISNA Revealed

This is a story from Investigative Project News and the Right Side News.  While one realizes that these are center right or right wing organizations,  it is important for Muslims in America to realize that some of what is being said is true and those of us who have lived in the US know the pitfalls of such organizations very well.  More importantly however Pakistanis in America should realize that such organizations are almost always dominated by Arabs and represent Arab interests in main.   Pakistani community is generally ignored or is forced to take lead from Egyptians or Saudis.  The Pakistani community in America has several communal interests only few of which are religious.  Therefore it is important that Pakistani community organizes itself as a community and not as part of a larger community of Muslims.  We already have gotten bad press and it is important that Pakistanis in America reinvent themselves as a progressive community.

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) hooked a big fish for its 46th convention starting Friday in Washington, D.C. when evangelical Pastor Rick Warren agreed to appear.

But ISNA wanted a bigger star – President Barack Obama. There’s been no public response from the White House to ISNA’s invitation. Continue reading


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Ossama in Pakistan?

Daily Times Editorial makes interesting reading:

Just as one thought that America had settled down to the formulation “Osama is somewhere on the Pak-Afghan border”, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen has told Al Jazeera that the top leadership of Al Qaeda, including Osama Bin Laden, “is in Pakistan”. He said Osama was in Pakistan’s tribal area, FATA, and the US army could not go after him as that violated Pakistani territory, while Al Qaeda was able to strike inside Afghanistan from FATA. Continue reading

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Cinema Institutionalized

By Zia Ahmad

In an effort to demonstrate a searing and incised account of film, cinema itself is identified by some as institutional. People assemble in a designated building and don’t seek to interact with one another. They pay to be silent spectators in a darkened hall. This identification of film aligns itself with obvious social as well as political and economic perspectives. However, on closer observation, going to movies can not entirely constitute a social activity. Continue reading

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Free Ahmed Sa’adat


The Organization of Solifreesaadat-latuffdarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America (OSPAAAL) addresses all friendly organizations and parties, solidarity committees with Palestine, social movements in Latin America and the Caribbean, regional governments and parliaments, progressive and peace-loving persons to express its most decided rejection of the Zionist regime in Israel because of the continued abuses and vexations it commits against the Palestinian prisoners in Zionist prisons. Continue reading


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Joint Statement or Joint Foolishness?

It seems that the joint statement itself has become a subject of scandal.  This is nothing but pettiness.   Here is Daily Times’ report on it:

India-Pakistan diplomatic duel on joint statement

* Pakistani diplomat says document ‘balanced statement addressing real issues’
* Indian diplomat stresses meeting only talked about ‘limited’ dialogue process
* Contends India has nothing to do with Balochistan Continue reading


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Spurning Non-Muslim Pakistanis, Celebrating Muslim Non-Pakistanis

By Yasser Latif Hamdani
Raza Rumi,  who is probably the most balanced Pakistani commentator out there, recently made a startling statement which surprised me greatly.  The statement made,  as obiter dicta, suggested that Maulana Azad is spurned in Pakistan because he might have thought that Muslim identity would be better protected in United India.   It is startling because it is untrue.   Every Sunni non-muqalid and Deobandi scholar invariably carries Maulana Azad’s Tafsir of the Quran.  Of all the Congress leaders,  he is the only one who is spared and is even championed. Same is the case with Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni of Darul-uloom Deoband- another opponent of Jinnah and supporter of the so-called “composite nationalism”.  Many Mullahs in Pakistan continue to take their lead from him and many of them  place him above Jinnah, our secular founding father. Continue reading


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