Pakistan’s Power Crisis : Zardari rises to the Challenge

Bilal Qureshi

It seems that President Zardari has finally had enough about the power shortage in the country. He has decided to directly get involved in the struggle to have the crisis of power cuts and loadshedding (load means electric load on the grids and shedding means of course to lessen the burden on the system that provides electricity) under control. The government has tried everything so far, but the demand (for electricity grew faster then anyone could have imagined or expected) has surprised everyone. Now, it is time to really think outside the box and the federal government has decided to tackle this issue once and for all. This was the good news. The bad news is that nothing would yield result any time soon because power (electricity) generating and disHribution is no simple task. It is even harder in Pakistan given Pakistan’s old and unreliable distribution network. Nonetheless, it is good news that the Islamabad has decided to put everything to work to solve the problem of electricity shortage and sooner or later, the country will see the fruits of this intense effort that has been started by Zardari.

But, what I would like to see is that everyone in the country, especially the media play a constructive role in educating people about the actual problem, the efforts that are under way to find a permanent and long term solution and most importantly, the need to be patient while the government is working to come up with answer for this problem. Electronic media especially has to resist the temptation to milk this crisis for ratings because this shortage is hurting everyone and it is a national issue. So far, electronic media has not done anything to honestly and objectively discuss this issue so that people don’t become hostile towards those who are working to help them.

Given Pakistan’s overall situation, anything can trigger a crisis and the country cannot afford to have hysterical mobs on the roads looting, burning and agitating when Islamabad is engaged in a life and death struggle against the Taliban. What Pakistan needs today is stability so that the threat of terrorism can be defeated and this is no time for political point scoring or settling old disputes. Zardari and Gillani are fighting too many fights that they did not start but were forced on them. All segments of society should play their role in stabilizing Pakistan at least for three fours years so that the country is back on track towards stability. Right now, Pakistan is bracketed with other failed states around the globe and if every Pakistani is not committed to doing what is in the best interest of Pakistan, all of us are going to regret our inaction in the future.


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  1. C hussain

    Although I was very disappointed that Zardari was elected as president because it was like putting a chor as the keeper of the house but the fact that he is elected president pressures can be put on him (th e best example was the restoration of judiciary) and he can be made to realise that he is answerable to the people.

    This democratic goverment should complete its five years because what is rampant at the moment are the consequences of Musharraf’s era and we are bearing the fruit of his disastrous policies. Obviously it would take time and I would completely agree with the above blog writer that we should not instigate the crisis as we have already lots of enemies waiting to pounce on us like those of so called Taliban and foreign forces knocking at our doors. If we dont change our ways one day they are definitely going to invade us – so we should unite and make sure we dont let them use the opportunity to dismember us.

    Zardari whatever he is should be allowed to complete his tenure. After all its our fault that he is elected as president because we the people elected those representatives in assemblies who gave him vote. What we can do is that next election we make a promise that whoever gave Zardari vote to become president we would not give him a vote. They should be made to lose the next election so that an example is set for them.