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Lessons for Karachi sex workers

By Arman Sabir

Zeba Raman is a 28-year-old Pakistani sex worker. Born into the profession in Karachi’s red light district of Napier Road, she plies her trade all over the city.

I did not know that precautionary measures should be taken during sex
Nadia, sex worker

She is celebrating the launch of an initiative to promote health awareness among sex workers.

“We are now revealed to society,” says Ms Raman.

But prostitution remains illegal and anathema to many in Muslim-majority Pakistan. It is an ever-present fact of life, but never really acknowledged. Continue reading


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The Supreme Court has Summoned Musharraf

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has summoned General Musharraf to explain why he dismissed the court and imposed “emergency” rule in 2007.   One can only wonder what the good general will say but one thing is for sure,  the Army will probably not be forthcoming in allowing its former chief to be dragged into court.  The next few weeks are going to be interesting.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court today ordered former military ruler Pervez Musharraf to appear before it next week to explain why he imposed emergency rule in 2007 and sacked about 60 judges. Continue reading


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Pride and the Pakistani Diaspora

By Ali Eteraz

The Pakistani diaspora is significant, around 7 million people, and contributed almost US$8 billion into the economy last year. It is composed by and large of people who only retain a connection to Pakistan via their families. Once the recipients of the remittances pass away, or as is more often the case, themselves leave Pakistan, the financial connection is severed. At this point, the Pakistani migrant takes his place in the new country, even if it means being a second-class citizen. If he is in the West, he usually defines himself as a ‘Muslim’ or ‘South Asian’ or sometimes even an ‘Indian.’ He then ceases to have a meaningful relationship with Pakistan. This depressing state of affairs is due to the identity struggle within Pakistan itself. Pakistanis abroad don’t know who they are or how they should relate to Pakistan because they don’t know what it means to be Pakistani. Continue reading


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A Concise History of Student Politics in Pakistan


Student politics in Pakistan has had a history of mixed shades. Though extremely tumultuous, it is also a history of rich democratic traditions. Before student unions were banned by the Zia-ul-Haq dictatorship in 1984, their activities were conducted through regular annual elections in universities and colleges. Student parties that participated in these elections played an important role in looking after vital academic, cultural and political interests of the students. Event though student electoral activity was revived again soon after the first Benazir Bhutto government took over in 1989, it was banned once more by the first Nawaz Sharif government in 1992, citing growing cases of violence in universities and colleges. Continue reading

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Should Pakistan recognize Israel?

By Farrukh Khan Pitafi


Israeli citizens were among the victims of the ruthless butchery of the Mumbai attacks. Israel could have very conveniently succumbed to the Indian warmongering against Pakistan. Yet it did not. The Israeli government was really cautious and restrained in blaming any country for this open genocide. A few days after the attacks the Israeli Ambassador to New Delhi Mark Sofar made some very keen observations. Continue reading


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The Tide has Turned!


There is now a clear consensus developing in society at large not only against extremism, but also against whoever attempts to still explain it as a noble cause in the service of Islam and Pakistan.

The eruption of anti-government riots and protest rallies in Iran recently has taken even the most astute political observers by surprise. Continue reading

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Government designates 8/11 as “Pakistan Minorities’ Day”

We at PTH hail this as a very positive development and hopes to see more such endeavors from the sitting government.   Much more important than always parroting “Quaid-e-Azam Quaid-e-Azam” is to put in practice Mr. Jinnah’s liberal vision for Pakistan.  Well done PPP.  Jinnah’s Pakistan Zindabad!  -YLH

 Minorities day will be observed across the country on August 11 to highlight the vision of founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mahomed Ali Jinnah’s vision of a progressive, enlightened and moderate Pakistan.

This was decided by the leadership of religious minorities at a national consultation on the problems facing the minorities in the country held under the aegis of the Ministry of Minorities here on Monday. Continue reading


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