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A Pakistani columnist finds a home in the south of South Asia

Mayank Austen Soofi

A rare newspaper columnist from the subcontinent who doesn’t betray that widespread subcontinental pettiness while writing about Pakistan and India has found a new nest in the south of the subcontinent. 

In July, 2008, Mr Irfan Husain, an ex-civil servant, a gourmand, a bibliophile, and also a columnist with Dawn and Daily Times, finished building Thalassa, a snug family cottage, on a remote beach in Sri Lanka. 
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The Problem with Hizb-ut-Tahrir

By Taimur Rahman

Hizb-ut-Tahrir (HT) claims to be a pan-Islamist sunni organization. It proposes that the enforcement of Khilafah over the world is a solution to the miseries that afflict mankind.

Let us examine the political and economic views of Hizb ul Tehreer. If the politics of the HT is to be put a nutshell, they are reactionaries that want to take Muslim societies back a couple of hundred years. Here are their reactionary views: Continue reading


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14 years for Text Messages against the President

We at PTH have been Zardari supporters and have stood by his government in its war against terrorism and against instability.   It is therefore disappointing for us, his ardent supporters in face of the kind of criticism that is out there,  to see the PPP government doing the exact opposite of what its manifesto and liberal ideology holds up. -YLH

ISLAMABAD: It would seem that in Pakistan, there is nothing you need to watch out for more than making a joke about President Asif Ali Zardari by

Asif Ali Zardari

Zardari has been a subject of criticism since he became president. (TOI Photo)

SMS (Short Messaging Service).

If you mistakenly, or just for fun, share with a friend one of the hundreds of derisory jokes about the leader floating around electronically, you could get a 14-year prison sentence.

Pakistan’s interior minister Rehman Malik announced last week that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)  Continue reading


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Encouraging Suicide in Africa

By Anthony J. Aschettino

During his recent visit to Africa, Pope Benedict happened to comment on one of the more innocuous dogmas of Roman Catholicism: Church policy regarding contraception. Following longstanding Catholic policy, he re-iterated the Church position that the use of condoms was unacceptable. While in the United States such a comment would simply be laughed off (most Catholics would not consider themselves highly immoral for simply using a condom), in Sub-Saharan Africa this comment, and the weight carried by virtue of the person who made it, is no laughing matter. It is, in fact, encouraging mass suicide. Continue reading

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Clinton rules out military government in Pakistan, says nukes in safe hands

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has ruled out the possibility of an undemocratic or military government coming into power in Islamabad, saying that a weak government in Pakistan will be harmful for India too, according to a TV Channel in India. Continue reading

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