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A Non-Muslim Appraisal of Islamic Sharia

By Dost Mittar

A few days back, I read in an Urdu newspaper a report by a journalist of his encounter with a father-son Sikh duo displaced from Swat and staying in an Internally Displaced Persons’ camp. The Sikhs said that they had no problem with the Nizam-e-Adal based on Islamic Sharia; the elder Sikh was particularlyenthusiastic about its application as he had seen it in action during the regime of the Wali of Swat and was quite satisfied with it. Continue reading


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Bollywood,Reality TV and Indian secularism

Bradistan Calling

Indian TV has seen numerous Bollywood reality shows, competition where common boys (and occasionally girls) have won places on movies by top directors. The Show that I want to talk about is Bollywood, blind-date and arranged (and staged) marriage all rolled into one big media circus. Continue reading


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Our Sacred Minorities

We are posting here a book review – courtesy Daily Times- which raises some very important points.  Pakistan is a multicultural and multiethnic society but often this is not represented or recognized.   It is therefore important to take a stock of the situation and make amends now for a pluralistic Pakistan starting perhaps with our national flag.  As a successor authority, the completely green flag of the Muslim League was amended and a white part was added to represent the minorities to show Pakistan’s diversity.  Unfortunately that white part has now become representative of exclusion rather than the principle of inclusion which it was to signify. It is high time that we constitutionally adopted the meanings of white and green along the lines that the original mover – Liaqat Ali Khan – suggested i.e. Green for Life,  White for Peace and Crescent and Star for Progress  -YLH

By Khaled Ahmed

The white patch in our flag are the non-Muslims. There was no one in our midst who objected to this separate white patch which means that there is a tacit Muslim acceptance of ‘separation’ of the non-Muslim. Even the Quaid did not protest who should have because he didn’t want people defined, divided or separated on the basis of religion. ‘Separation’ was something in the air after 1947. And the Muslim League flag had to be modified; so why not do it with a white patch? Continue reading


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Hindu, Sikh IDPs return to Swat

Amongst generally negative news,   there is this bit of positive that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.   We at PakTeaHouse had noted with concern the exodus of Sikhs of Swat under the spectre of Taliban rule.  Now with the Pakistan Army having won decisive victories, we note that Pakistani citizens from Hindu and Sikh faiths are beginning to return to Swat.  Daily Times reports:

First convoy of Hindu, Sikh IDPs returns to Swat Continue reading

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Provinces and Pakistan

By Shahid Hamid

Given that the creation of new provinces any time soon is not a viable option, Parliament should proceed with all due speed to devolve further powers from the Federation to the Provinces by deleting the Concurrent List of 47 subjects or at least most of this List

The issue of new provinces and provincial autonomy was also crucial and the 1973 Constitution originally envisaged these scenarios.

For instance, Article 1 of the 1973 Constitution envisaged the possible return of East Pakistan on vacation of Indian aggression. The enabling provision in this behalf was done away with by the First Amendment to the Constitution in 1974.

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Global crisis and migration

Many developing countries have been hit worse by the financial crisis that originated in the US economy. So the push factors that operated to cause international migration in search of work remain as strong as ever. The unwillingness to return in such a context may be even stronger in cases where the undocumented migrants have already developed some local social networks that allow them to survive.

Migration has been one of the more important means of greater global integration, and, as the economic crisis has gripped the developed world, many have worried about its impact on such integration, especially falling remittances. A closer examination of the nature of migrant workers’ role in the economy suggests more complex outcomes, with somewhat less of an impact than feared. Continue reading

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Pakistan-India Joint Statement

Text of Pakistan-India joint statement SHARM EL SHEIKH: Following is the text of the joint statement issued here on Thursday at the conclusion of the meeting between Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the sidelines of 15th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit. Continue reading


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