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Khurshid Kamal Aziz 1927-2009

First Ahmed Hassan Dani, then Khalid Hasan and now K K Aziz.  These world class scholars, writers and historians have now all met their maker in quick succession.

Historian K.K. Aziz dead
Thursday, 16 Jul, 2009 | 06:03 AM PST |

Khurshid Kamal Aziz was an outstanding historian and a prolific writer.—White star.

LAHORE: Renowned historian K.K. Aziz passed away in a Lahore hospital on Wednesday at the age of 81.

Khurshid Kamal Aziz was an outstanding historian and a prolific writer. He authored a large number of books that opened up angles on history and culture sought to be concealed by official chroniclers. Quite aptly, one of his famous works is titled ‘The Murder of History’. Continue reading



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People’s Republic of the United States

By Ahmed Nadeem Gehla

The United States comprises approximately 4.5% of the world’s population and consumes 25% of the world resources. According to the US department of Commerce, the 2008 deficit on international trade in goods and services was $677.1 billion. This is down from $700.3 billion in 2007 but still 4.7 percent of GDP. In order to cover the deficit of past years US has borrowed $ 11.338 Trillion from international sources. According to IMF report US Per Capita income for 2008 was estimated to be $ 47,000 compared to Congo with $328. Continue reading

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On the Task of Writing Meaningful Words

By Zia Ahmad

Writer’s block is fiction, doesn’t happen, an excuse for pure dumb laziness and a supremely narcissistic and vain labored way to remind oneself of his/her pretentious talented bearings. Just as anyone can sing, cook and laugh, writing is a vocation any one can take up. Nothing to it, easiest thing in the world. Continue reading


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Peace with India is must

By: Ismail Khan

gillaniPakistan’s Prime Minister is in Egypt to attend a summit of Non-Aligned Movement. So is Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Addressing the summit, PM Gillani said that peace with India is ‘achievable.’ The truth is – peace with India has to be achieved. It has to be achieved for the stable future of the two countries.

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Why dividing Punjab is not the answer!

We at  support creation of more provinces, whether on linguistic or adminstrative basis.  However we are posting here an alternative point of view-PTH

It only took a press conference of Durrani, the former information minister, when he announced to lobby for a separate Bahawalpur province, to set in motion an argument on having more provinces. Should we have more provinces? Should we divide Punjab? Is this the right time to even float this idea? The questions started pouring in. PML-N snubbed back terming it a conspiracy of PPP to weaken the hold of Nawaz Sharif in Punjab. Although a few dispersive elements within these two major parties have announced their support for a separate Seraiki province, no conclusive debate has taken place within the party ranks or in the assembly. Continue reading


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Objectives Resolution- the first dagger in Pakistan’s heart!

by Yasser Latif Hamdani

Daily Times has commissioned a 7 part series from the former Governor of Punjab  Shahid Hamid, the first part of which appears in today’s paper.  It is about time we revisited this document and had a debate on it.  So it is most welcome but perhaps choosing a former civil servant, cabinet minister and the governor of Punjab, hence an entrenched establishment man steeped in state-mythology, was not a very good idea.    Here is an excerpt from the article: Continue reading


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A Modern Look at the Lex Gabinia

By Anthony J Aschettino

The superpower is confronted with the scourge of piracy, the corsairs threatening to slaughter all citizens of that state when and if they capture them. Sound familiar? It could be the United States in 2009; then again, it could be the Roman Republic in 67 B.C. In both cases, piracy has become a serious enough threat to their interests that the government is being forced to move against it, though with quite possibly differing end-games. Continue reading

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