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The Caste-System and Class Analysis of Ancient India

by Taimur Rahman

One hears time and time again that the class structure of pre-capitalist India is extremely complex. In fact, the analysis of the class structure of the Asiatic Mode of Production (AMP) in India is made theoretically simple in relation to other pre-captialist societies. Continue reading



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A Pakistani’s view of Turkey and the Turks

By Ayesha Ijaz Khan
It is my third trip to Turkey but my first to the Bodrum peninsula in the southwest of the country. Bodrum was first marketed to me in the mid-nineties by a Turkish friend, who described it as a summer retreat for domestic tourists, a Nathiagali of sorts. In the last few years, however, Bodrum has become a popular international holiday destination for Europeans and Americans and several airlines offer direct flights from London to Bodrum.

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Jamaat-e-Islami and the Chinese Communist Party

The late Samuel Huntington predicted a coming together of Chinese and Islamic civilizations for the “inevitable clash” with Western and possibily Hindu civilizations in the post cold war scenario.   With the Al Qaeda threatening to target China over the Uighur issue,  one would have imagined that this great global clash would be averted and that a general battle between civilization and terrorism could take place.   In a move that should baffle many, however, the Chinese Communist Party has inked a deal with Jamaat-e-Islami- a cadre based Islamist Party. -YLH Continue reading


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Behtullah Mehsud : Pakistan’s biggest problem

Meet Baitullah Mehsud — Pakistan’s biggest problem, and the man who has taken his country of 176 million to the center of the West’s war on terror. Once described by a Pakistani general as a “soldier of peace,” he now carries a 50 million rupee (about $615,300) bounty on his head from Pakistan and a $5 million one from the United States. Continue reading

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