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Marx Shrugged: Alienation and Opiates

By Zia Ahmad


As much as exploitation is an external woe that afflicts a majority of humankind, alienation is something that simmers inwardly. More so a state of being, alienation is a sense of disconnect and estrangement of an individual from his external environment. Continue reading



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Pakistan’s Federalism


Why the division of Punjab alone should be a topic of national debate? The long due reform of Pakistan’s federal politics is an urgent need and this is a time to act

By Raza Rumi

The elites drunk on the status quo have expressed two major reactions to the proposal of creating another province within the mighty Punjab. First that this is akin to opening a Pandora’s box when we are at war against terrorism. Second, that this is a planted controversy whereby the ruling PPP wants to harm the house of Raiwind; or a conspiracy by those who want to destabilise Pakistan’s political system. Continue reading


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Why I am Gay for India’s Gays

We at PTH Welcome Aarti in this space and hope she will be a regular contributor.  She has written this piece for PTH on request explaining the significance of the recent de-criminalization of sexual minorities in India.


By Aarti Tikoo Singh

The de-criminalization of sexual minorities by the Delhi High Court is a landmark event in the evolution of modern day India. It also represents an interesting question about whether India is merely starting to ape western mores.  Most modern law descends from English Law, and ultimately from the Magna Carta. The extent to which it has penetrated non-European countries varies greatly, but there is no doubt that English law represents the fundamental distinction between the ancient and the modern. And India is looking like it’s making a big leap into the modern.

Continue reading


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Dawn Editorial: Seraiki Province

Punjab has been gripped by an extraordinary bipartisan political debate in recent weeks: should a so-called Seraiki province be carved out of south Punjab? The debate has been tempered somewhat by the attempts of the top leadership of the PPP and PML-N to quash talk of dividing Punjab, but it is continuing ferociously in the media and in sections of the political elite. Continue reading

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