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Ranjit Singh : The Quintessential Indus Man

mahaeajitledBy Yasser Latif Hamdani

Today (29th June) is the 170th death anniversary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the Bismarck of Punjab and Pakhtunkhwa,  whose great Indus state was the forerunner of Pakistan.

Narrowminded ideologues – writing in the aftermath of bitter communal bloodletting accompanying the birth of  Pakistan-  have not been able to fully appreciate the significance of this great statesman to the state of Pakistan.   If they were to apply their minds to the history of the Punjab from late 18th to mid 19th Continue reading


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Michael Jackson’s Mark on Pakistan

Michael Jackson Made his Mark in Pakistan
By Catherine Maddux
IslamabadAP-Michael-Jackson-Pakistan-fans-26Jun09_210 Voice of America
Pakistani fans of Michael Jackson say they are shocked and saddened by the news of his sudden death. Jackson, who was often described as the most popular musician in the world, made his mark here in Pakistan, too.
Michael Jackson’s death led many of Pakistan’s local television channels Friday morning, knocking the near constant coverage of the military campaign against Taliban militants off the top of the news lineup, if only for a few hours. Continue reading


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Obama echoed Benazir Bhutto in his Cairo Speech


President Barack Obama’s historic address of Thursday 04 June-09 from Cairo is certainly talk-of-the-town now.  A great speaker that he certainly is, he was surely able to leave some good impressions especially in the Muslim world and the results are showing already. The elections results of Lebanon, where a pro-West coalition has been able to trounce the Hezbollah-led coalition, and those in Iran, where street protests go on with full fervor, may be termed as the testimony to the same. His speech continues to resonate all over and is already winning praises from his foes and friends alike. The pundits say, in his 55-minute address he was able to connect to the Muslim world largely because of the fact that he was bold enough to speak the truth. Continue reading


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