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Shaheed e Jamhuriat


Here is a Poem, I have written last year on Bibi Shaheed’s Death Anniversary but couldn’t publish it…Now on her Birthday am presenting it to PTH readers…

Shaheed e Jamhuriat…

Tumhei Bichde Hoy,
Pehla December Hai…
Kuhar Zadaa se Subhein,
Mehar bhi Zard Ru
Umeedein Aus Mey
Dhaki Hoi Hain, Continue reading

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Myths about the Taliban

By Raza Rumi

The Pakistani state policy of nurturing jihad factories over the decades is staring back at its architects, supporters and sponsors. Zafar Hilaly, a close aide of the late Benazir Bhutto, recently divulged in his memoirs that BB had confessed how the support to the Taliban was perhaps her most regrettable mistake. She could recognise it was more of a function of being out of the power ambit for nearly a decade. The compulsions of exercising power and playing it by the rules set by the national security obsessed state are perhaps germane to Pakistan’s creation as an insecure postcolonial state that was neither prepared not committed to reverse the colonial modes of governance. Continue reading


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Happy Birthday BB

Zulfiqar Halepoto from Hyderabad writes a passionate letter to Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto


Jo Ruke to

My respected and dearest Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Saheba

The finest daughter of the East

I am writing you this letters with wet eyes, heavy heart, deep compassion, profound grief and heartfelt thoughts as the revival of democratic rule in the country has failed to bring social justice, peace and rule of law in the country. Unfortunately Pakistan is trapped by mediocre and corrupt rulers again and again.


Pain of your departure: loss of identity

Since the day you went away from us to the eternal breeze of heaven, we feel that we have lost not only a leader, but Pakistan has lost its progressive, liberal and democratic identity.

Country is now a paradise for mediocres.

For some, it was not a time for you to depart from us, as Pakistan was in a need of a leader of international caliber, who could have negotiated with regional and international powers. Continue reading


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Muslim Social Gandasa in Pushto: A brief rundown of Pakistani film genres

By Zia Ahmad

Genre films are best exemplified by Westerns, Sci Fi, Musicals, Action/Adventures and any number of such labels that are designed to lump films together that share certain similarities. Such commonalities may be tonal (Film Noir, Horror), conceptual (Sci Fi, Fantasy) or textual (Biopic, Period Drama, War) in nature.

Genres enable the viewers to form certain expectations from films that work as an identifying device. For instance, with the knowledge of watching a Film Noir, the viewer anticipates the basic set of conventions and motifs that operates as a comforting and familiar visual as well as a cerebral experience. Continue reading


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