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This is a long war

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
By Raza Rumi

This is a critical moment in our history perhaps unmatched for its severity and its brutal reality. The experiential nightmare that our country is passing through is perhaps unparalleled for the enemy is neither foreign nor fully identifiable. At the same time, never has there been a clear backing of a military campaign against domestic agents of subversion and anarchy. Forget the doctored samples of opinion polls, often conducted by foreign agencies. That by itself should make us ashamed for our proclivity to accept what others have to analyse and determine for us. Even ignore the fringe voices of dissent led by those who neither have credibility or sagacity to comprehend the existential crisis faced by Pakistan. The army has shown vision and displayed courage in tackling a menace that alas is a home-grown cancer due to our short-sighted strategies in pursuit of phantom depths. The battle to be won is now the country itself. Continue reading



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2.3 percent of the GDP to Education, 0.7 percent to Health

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“In the newly announced budget for Pakistan only 2.3 percent of the GDP has been allocated to the education sector, which is far less than the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Meanwhile, only 0.7 percent of GDP has been allocated to the health sector despite the fact MDGs require that public health expenditure must be raised up to 2 percent of GDP by 2015.
Pakistan is lagging behind in its goal of achieving Universal Primary Education where the net primary enrolment ratio and literacy rate is far less than what has been prescribed in the MDGs. Similarly, the performance in the majority of health sectors is not satisfactory. There had been a poor performance in the reduction of the child mortality rate including the mortality rate among children less than five years and the infant mortality rate.”             Source: The News

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About Time Pakistan!

By Tania Kazi

Pakistan is fighting the world’s war against Islamic extremism in its own backyard. Granted, it was Pakistan’s own insouciance aided by America’s need of the day, that has led to the empowerment of this behemoth, however, government statistics today claim 1,300 militants dead and counting. The long awaited State level involvement to control the impetus of the Taliban has finally materialized, as we all await the outcome. Continue reading

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Next Generation Arranged Marriage

By Ali Eteraz

For the most part Muslims in the West do not engage in arranged marriages and generally consider them coercive. However, Fatema Yasmine, a London and San Francisco based socialite, noticed that a distant relative to arranged marriages called “assisted marriages” — where couples met through the efforts of family and friends — were still very popular, if not the norm. This gave the self-proclaimed “Asian Cupid” the idea to launch Yasmine Connect, a match-making service designed to connect people of Asian and Muslim backgrounds. Her aim is to bring professionalism and sophistication to an important but undervalued part of Muslim social life. Continue reading

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